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“There are no bad road trips and Road Trips are the only way to travel.”

Dotted Globe has excellent road trip planning advice and travel tips to our favorite destinations. We write for road-trippers who enjoy being on the road, learning in-depth about their destination, getting off the beaten path, and being flexible with their itineraries. Dotted Globe firmly reflects our individual travel interests and is a cultural exploration, ecotourism, and culinary travel website encouraging perceptive and responsible travel. 

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Meet Ketki – The Girl behind Dotted Globe

Hello. I’m Ketki and I started Dotted Globe in 2017 to figure out how this whole start a website and earn a six-figure income’ thing works.…okay, just kidding!

None of the corporate jobs I had suited my entrepreneurial soul and so I decided to earn a living doing what I love….which is…..traveling with my completely slightly crazy family – my husband Chaitanya and toddler son Samar. 

We are Indian expats living in the United States since 2010 and love traveling with our Indian passports. We have had some crazy adventures on the road and enjoyed them all!

Want to know more about us? You can check out all the quirky details including the time when Samar ate a grilled Iranian pigeon on our Who Are We page or follow us on our favorite social media channels to know our latest weather-eclipsed shenanigans. You can also read all about our amazing road trips or start by going through our favorite travel experiences like floating on the Dead Sea in Jordan.

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14 Best Travel toys for toddlers on airplanes

Traveling with a toddler? Worry not! Having a good collection of travel toys for toddlers goes a long way in having a pleasant, stress-free, and tears-free trip. This list of toys will keep your kids entertained on airplanes and during road trips.

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5 Day Pacific Coast Itinerary: Big Sur and beyond!

Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most scenic drives in the world. Explore essential stops on California State Route 1 road trip in our 5-day itinerary. See the dramatic landscapes of Big Sur, visit famous McWay Falls, and drive through the vineyards of Santa Ynez Valley on an unforgettable road trip along the coast.

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7 Day South Dakota Road Trip Itinerary: When to Go and What to See

Explore SouthDakota must-see tourist attractions and plan the ultimate road trip through Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, & the Black Hills using our 7 Day South Dakota Road Trip itinerary. Drive through the tunnels of Iron Mountain Road & Needles Highway, see the bison at Custer State Park & visit Crazy Horse Memorial.

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12 Best Places to visit in Chile

Chile is among South America’s underrated destinations. From the arid Atacama desert to the snow-clad Patagonia mountains, from the beautiful street art of Valparaiso to the mysterious statues of Easter Island, here are some of the best places to visit in Chile.

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2 Days Los Angeles Itinerary: Explore the highlights!

2 days in Los Angeles is a perfect time to go explore the city’s highlights and decide whether you like the LA vibe. Follow our Los Angeles 2 Days itinerary to plan your trip and see the most popular attractions: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Vence Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Museum Row etc.

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