18 Cities for Best Street Art in USA

Looking for the best street art in USA?

America has several excellent destinations to see spectacular street art for art lovers.

Street art is a form of art that has been around for thousands of years, with paintings on walls that were called “graffiti” in ancient times.

In the past, society looked down on graffiti and stencil works as “vandalism.”

However, recently there has been a resurgence in street art.

Though provoking murals and graffiti are being considered the highest form of self-expression and entire outdoor art galleries are propping up in major cities.

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Tourists are recognizing that street art is an integral part of culture and put it on their bucket list for social media pictures and unique photos.

The U.S. has some of the most talented and diverse street artists in the world, like, Banksy and Shepard Fairey.

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Best Street Art in America

The best street art in USA is mostly concentrated in only a few major cities.

The best street art can be found all over the country in all sizes and styles.

New York City is one city known for its street art scene, but there are also great neighborhoods such as Wynwood in Miami and Los Angeles Arts District where you will find stunning street art.

There are lots of other great cities with good street art scenes like Chicago or Seattle.

Here are our favorite cities to see the best street art in USA.

New York City, New York

The culture of street art in New York City is unique. The streets of New York are a beautiful, colorful canvas.

The Big Apple has the most number of offbeat murals than anywhere else, and you might find artists painting while people gather around them to watch.

New York City has over 4,000 pieces of public art on display throughout its five boroughs as well as streets filled with graffiti murals from artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. 

From the large murals on walls to the small posters and stickers that you might find on a loading dock door, street art is everywhere in NYC.

It’s fascinating to see so many different interpretations of life in this city—from thoughts about politics and religion to commentary on society or even just an artistic expression from someone with talent!

Street Art tours are popular here for that reason too as they take you through different areas of New York to see the best murals in the city.

Best places to find New York street art is around the Bushwick Collective, One Word Trade Center murals, East Harlem, and Little Italy.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California has a vibrant street art scene with murals covering the downtown area that have been painted by artists from all over the world.

One of the best things to do on a trip to Los Angeles is go for a stroll around this area, admiring these incredible works of art.

The most famous murals in Los Angeles are concentrated in the Arts District.

On a self guided tour of the Arts District, you can see over 100 murals on the walls and alleys of buildings.

Famous murals here include the Elephant mural, Bloom, Undiscovered America, and the 4th Street mural.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco on the West Coast has a vibrant street art scene.

The city has over 500 pieces of installed public art, too.

The famous Alamo Square area of San Francisco not only features stunning architecture but also beautiful art work.

But to find street art on a self-guided tour, you have to take off the beaten path in San Francisco.

The Mission District in San Francisco is known for its murals.

Located in the Latin America neighborhood of San Francisco, the murals here started as a response to oppressive regimes in Latin America.

Today, the neighborhood is amazing to stroll through and admire the graffiti and street art in the alleys.

The most popular concentration can be found near Balmy Alley.

Balmy Alley is one of the top photo spots in the city.

Miami, Florida

Miami is considered to be the city with most concentrated collections of street art in USA.

At Wynwood Walls, you will find an outdoor art gallery of over 100 murals, that are created by street artists from around the world.

The street art here is stunning, making Wynwood Walls one of the most popular Instagram spots in Miami.

You can also visit areas such as Little Havana neighborhood and the Historic Arts Deco District in Miami Beach in search of murals.

Miami is also home to one of America’s most famous street art festival, Art Basel Miami, where you can see famous street artists such as Swoon and Scharf.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is a city rich in history and culture. 

It has changed over the years, but many of its traditions are still alive today. 

One tradition that is very prevalent in Baltimore is street art. 

Artists from all around the world come to Baltimore to paint murals on buildings throughout the city. 

There are so many different types of street art scattered across this historic port city, visitors will not run out of places to see the beautiful mural arts in Baltimore.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is a thriving city with beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, and plenty of culture. 

It’s also home to some incredible street art. 

Local artists have taken advantage of the blank walls that dot Honolulu’s landscape and created brilliant works for all to enjoy. 

Honolulu also hosts the vibrant and exciting Pow! Wow! Long Beach street art festival that is a great place for street art lovers.

Detroit, Michigan

When it comes to best American cities for street art, Detroit immediately stands out.

Detroit, Michigan is a city known for its industrial past and the urban ruins photography of old dilapidated buildings and empty neighborhoods.  

But in recent years, the town has found new life as a thriving hotspot for street art. 

The street art scene is taking off here in Detroit with more and more artists popping up every day; they’re using walls as canvases for their work which makes for an interesting way to see new perspectives on old buildings and neighborhoods.

On a visit, you can explore historic neighborhoods for beautiful murals on your way to restaurants and dance clubs. 

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has a thriving street art scene. 

From murals to graffiti, this city is full of surprises for the eyes and ears. 

One such place that showcases Atlanta’s downtown culture is Krog Street Tunnel. 

Located in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, it offers an interesting experience for those who love to explore what’s new and different about their surroundings. 

The tunnel can be found on the northeast side of Ponce De Leon Avenue at its intersection with Krog Street; don’t forget your camera!

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is a city with a rich artistic history. 

One way you can experience Cincinnati’s creative legacy is through street art. 

From buildings and alleyways to old factory walls, there are hundreds of murals throughout the city that provide interesting stories and insight into Cincinnati’s past as well as visual beauty of the community.

Reno, Nevada

Tourists in Reno, NV are often taken aback by the street art that they see while exploring the city. 

The artistic expression is not limited to spray paint on walls or canvases; it’s also found in the murals, sculptures, and mosaics that decorate many of downtown Reno’s buildings. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pa is a city with many layers of history. 

In addition to being the birthplace of America, it also has an great street art scene that rivals any other in the country. 

Philadelphia’s artistic heritage can be found all over the city and its streets are no exception. 

Whether you’re on your way to explore Independence Hall or just looking for an Instagram-worthy spot in Rittenhouse Square, there are plenty of opportunities for some good photo ops in Philadelphia.

We definitely recommend visiting Philadelphia, Pa for art lovers.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago easily ranks top among the best cities in America for street art.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Chicago is the art that decorates its streets. 

Street art can be found on every building, street corner, and alleyway throughout this Midwest metropolis. 

The Wicker Park neighborhood has become popular for its street art and graffiti. 

The pieces are often colorful and imaginative while also being socially conscious about issues like climate change or gentrification. 

If you’re looking for an authentic experience when visiting Chicago, look no further than its graffiti-laden buildings.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The streets of New Orleans are a canvas for the artists who call this city home. 

There is art everywhere, and it’s often in plain sight. 

From graffiti to murals on walls and buildings, there is something to see at every turn.  

Some of our favorite pieces are located in the French Quarter, Magazine Street, Frenchmen Street, and the Central Business District.  

Nashville, Tennessee

The Music City is big on all kinds of public art including murals, graffiti, and and street art.

Street art has become one of the most popular forms of expression for artists in this city, with murals popping up on buildings all over downtown.

The I believe in Nashville mural and Angel wings mural are some of the most popular ones.

Memphis, Tennessee

Visitors to Memphis will find themselves surrounded by many murals throughout the city.

Memphis, Tennessee is home to the “Beale Street Historic District.” 

This area is known for its rich musical history, and it’s also a destination for street art. 

The district features over 100 murals of all different sizes throughout the neighborhood. 

Artists from around the world made these paintings to represent Memphis’ colorful culture.  

Some of these paintings depict iconic Memphis landmarks such as Graceland or famous musicians like Elvis Presley or B.B King; others show more abstract images that aim to inspire visitors with new perspectives on their surroundings. 

There’s even a mural honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a growing city for art, as evidenced by the many different street artists who flock there year round to showcase their work.

Two of the most popular places to find street art in Dallas is the Bishops Arts District and Deep Ellum.

The large murals and sculptures in the upscale Bishops Arts District are more artistic and thought provoking while those in Deep Ellum reveal the gritty, rustic underbelly of the city.

You will find public art and graffiti on diverse subjects such as Texas, food, music, politics, and more in the city.

Nearby Fort Worth also has an excellent outdoor art gallery at Inspiration Alley in Foundry District.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is a cultural melting pot. 

Tourists can visit the Denver Art Museum, walk through Larimer Square, or explore the pedestrian mall.

There’s no shortage of art in this city – you’ll find street art on just about any corner! 

If you’re looking for an upbeat, bright street art mural, try the RiNo Art District or the Highlands Neighborhood. 

If you want something darker and more reflective of Denver’s industrial past, head over to Five Points.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City is one of our favorite American cities to visit. Las Vegas is a city of contrast. 

The lights, the sounds, and the people all come together to create an experience unlike any other in the world. 

It has everything – casinos, glamor, free attractions, shopping, and even some of the fabulous and best street art in USA!

One way you can get a taste of that culture is by taking a walk through Las Vegas’s most famous neighborhood: Fremont Street Experience. 

Here, on neon lit streets lined with restaurants and bars is where you will find some of Las Vegas’ most iconic street art that pay homage to this unique city.

The streets are lined with murals from world-renowned artists like Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, and more.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a highlight of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The city has a thriving art scene and you can see new murals all the time.  

There are a few notable ones downtown that tourists can see after their tour of the Biltmore Estate or other attractions.

The first is Dolly & RuPaul mural which showcases the music history of the region.

Other is the Hello Asheville mural.

Austin, Texas

When it comes to best cities for street art, Austin is one of our favorites.

Austin is a vibrant city with lots of art, music and culture. 

Though Austin may not be as famous for its street art as other cities in the United States like New York or Los Angeles, it does have some beautiful pieces that are worth checking out. 

Most are located downtown near the University campus, 6th Street, Rainey Street and the Capitol building.

Street art is a form of expression, but it also has the potential to create community and interaction. 

Street art is what helps make cities livable and interesting, rather than just grey buildings and sidewalks.

When we lose street art, we lose a piece of our culture.

And that’s why, nurturing the best street art in USA is an important endeavor.

We hope you liked our guide to the best street art in USA. Did we miss any cities with an amazing downtown arts scene or a vibrant neighborhood?

Let us know in the comments!