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I’m Ketki, an Indian expat living in Houston, USA. I travel with my husband and our 2 children. I’m also the founder of our travel blog, Dotted Globe.

Dotted Globe is a digital travel magazine focused on life-changing road trips. We publish in-depth travel itineraries, city guides, roadside attractions, and detailed trip planning advice to inspire our readers to travel to new destinations.

Our readers love Dotted Globe because we take away the stress behind trip planning. Our in-depth road trip itineraries are filled with essential stops on the way, advice about best places to stay, and a day by day breakdown of what to do and see. Our detailed city guides are filled with cool urban exploration ideas from walking tours of historic districts, must foods to eat, and best places to photograph. Our articles are accompanied by powerful imagery that presents the destinations in their best light.


So who exactly are our readers?

Dotted Globe’s majority readers are millennials. The typical reader is a college-educated, working professional who values experiential travel and is keen on traveling abroad and exploring trendy domestic destinations through a self-driven road trip.

Our readers are interested in exploring other cultures, trying local cuisines and going on food tours, touring microbreweries and wineries, staying in luxury hotels and glamping locations, and visiting nature and wildlife areas. Most of our readers travel as couples and families and are interested in bonding through travel.

Dotted Globe’s readers also include many Asian-Americans who identify with the blog as expats, follow it closely for visa information and other practical advice and consider my recommendations when planning their travel.

How do our readers find us?

Majority of our new readers find us in the trip planning stage by clicking on our high-ranking itineraries through search engines. From there, most stay with us to become our loyal readers and follow us along our trips and are motivated to visit the destinations that we visit through social media promotions and email newsletters. 

By working with us on a campaign, you are gaining access not only to our current readers but also to our future readers as we consistently repurpose content and frequently promote useful existing content to new readers. 

How can you work with me?

Dotted Globe consistently partners with a variety of clients including Tourism Boards, Hotels, Restaurants & Tour operators to create a variety of Destination Marketing campaigns.
We are professionals who create high-quality content on time and convert our readers into your customers.

Press Trips:

On Dotted Globe we believe in exploring and understanding destinations and then promoting them in a responsible, engaging way. Email us at to request our Media Kit.

Hotels, Restaurants & Tours:

On Dotted Globe we focus on unique, boutique luxury and authentic travel accommodations. We like covering services that provide an opportunity for immersion in local culture. We like experiencing fusion and evolving cuisines and enjoy covering powerful, sensory, gastronomic experiences. We like delving deeper into local cuisines and understanding their cultural significance. We enjoy tours and activities that provide tailored experiences. If your service fits, request our Media Kit and explore ways of working with us.

Social Media Marketing:

Dotted Globe reaches its followers through 4 major social media sites: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. We offer exposure to our audience with clear mentions of your brand in the form of profile tags, links and hashtag campaigns.  Contact us to work on a customized digital marketing campaign.

Product Reviews:

We are always looking for ways to better our travel experience. Dotted Globe covers travel gadgets, travel lifestyle products, baby and toddler-friendly travel products and more.

Features and Guest Posts:

I enjoy writing in-depth, well-crafted articles that are accompanied by exceptional imagery. Every post on Dotted globe comes from personal experience and effectively relates with its readers. Here are few of our past published works and contributing author profiles:

Matador Network

Roads and Kingdoms

Sponsored Posts:

We offer businesses an opportunity for commercial posts on Dotted Globe. If your business is a natural fit with our content, contact us to discuss rates.

Display advertising:

Various formats available, contact us for more information.

Erika Witt

Wednesday 1st of February 2023


Hope this email finds you well!

I wanted to reach out to see if we could work together on guest post publishing. I would like to add more value to your already amazing blog by providing you with some well-researched, SEO-optimized content that benefits your readers as much as it benefits your website.

Please let me know if there's any interest, and hopefully, we can work together soon.

Thank you!

Abhishek Raikwar

Monday 23rd of January 2023


I would like to introduce myself, I am Abhishek. I belong to the travel and tourism industry and I do freelancing for my clients providing them Outreach and Link-Building Services.

When I was surfing the internet for great content on Travel, I landed on your website and I was really impressed and excited to see your work. Your blogs are amazing and informative.😀

The reason why I’m reaching out is that we could help each other out 😀 and we can make a long-term relationship😊. I will love to work with you if you allow my articles to be published on your website.

Gigi Fulham

Wednesday 11th of January 2023

Hi there!

I'm Gigi Fulham, and I help businesses by creating engaging content as a professional travel writer. Your blog caught my eye while I was looking for some possible article ideas, so I thought it would be beneficial to introduce myself to you in case you're interested in working with me. I am confident that your audience would benefit from a guest post from me, and in exchange for publishing it, I would be happy to include a link back to our website.

Additionally, I am curious about your pay rates for similar projects. Freelancers like me have a restricted budget, but I would be glad to work out a positive arrangement for both of us.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please let me know so we can chat about more details. Thank you! Best regards.