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Dotted Globe is a USA Travel Blog that helps you explore America through Road Trips & City Breaks. We also cover outdoor travel to US National Parks & National Monuments as well as unique American roadside attractions.

The USA is among our favorite travel destinations and our home for over a decade.

Who are we? And why are we the best people to help you travel in the USA?

We are an Indian ex-pat family living in Houston, Texas. My name is Ketki and I travel with my husband and two kids.

Over the last 11+ years, we have lived in many different US states including Illinois, California, Arkansas, Delaware, and Texas. We have also visited upwards of 30 states and most major American cities. We have been on extensive road trips in various parts of the country.

Travel is a big part of who we are. We have passed on the bug to our two kids and have traveled with them to various domestic & international destinations since they were babies. We enjoy the quality time spent with our kids during travel.

We have been on several trips with friends and family. We also frequently make time for romantic couples vacations to celebrate our love for each other. We also enjoy going on multigenerational road trips with our equally keen parents.

How can we help you plan vacations in the USA?

Dotted Globe is primarily a USA travel blog that focuses on Road Trips & City Breaks. We also cover a variety of national parks and outdoor attractions.

An American road trip, with its promise of flexibility and freedom, is the ultimate summer or holiday vacation. We can help you from choosing your next road trip to creating a bespoke DIY road trip itinerary for your next vacation.

Our detailed guides provide recommendations for must-visit roadside attractions, day trips to national parks, and essential foodie pit stops.

If you are short on time, then city breaks are a great alternative vacation. Visiting a new city provides a nice break from the mundane. Our detailed city guides cover the best things to do and itineraries for most popular American cities.

We help urban tourists explore the major points of interest within a day or two. We offer suggestions to make the city getaways more affordable as well as provide detailed itineraries including DIY walking tours to make the most of your short getaways.

Our mission? To help you explore America!

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should take USA travel advice from us.

We excel at planning efficient itineraries that cover all essential attractions. We are expert users of Google Maps and have a special knack for route planning.

We do plenty of research pre-trip, condense all the information, and present it in an attractive and easy to read format in our destination guides.

We have been on many vacations in the USA: long and short, hectic and relaxed, in different weather conditions, as carefree couples, as a family with kids, and with our parents and kids as a multigenerational family trip.

We write from personal experience and make the work of trip planning easy for you. You can use our itineraries as is or customize them easily using our suggestions to suit your interests. Creating a bespoke itinerary has never been easier.

In what other ways can we help you?

Apart from road trips, we also cover family travel on Dotted Globe.

We have experienced it firsthand, traveling with babies and kids is not easy. At one time, we were a family of 2 under 3, and still, we traveled – through the diaper changes and midnight feeds.

We have traveled with our kids in every phase: from newborn baby, supported sitter, a crawler, to toddler and preschooler stages. We have road tripped, hiked, camped, and been on leisurely city breaks with them. I have also solo-traveled with the kids.

On multigenerational family road trips, we have experience of traveling with preteen and teenage kids.

We have been there and done that.

We can show you how to travel with kids without tearing your hair out. We help families plan a trip around kid-friendly destinations and activities. We help parents choose appropriate travel gear that makes outdoor focused trips and activities easier. We also offer excellent resources and recommendations on keeping kids happy on the road.

What other places have we been to? And how did this love of travel begin?

Needless to say, we love traveling. In fact, even as kids, we both traveled extensively within India. We have hiked in the Himalayas, visited the hill stations of Shimla and Nainital, and seen the temples of South India.

While road trips are mostly seen as quintessentially American, I first fell in love with them in India. Most of my childhood vacations involved long road trips, traveling through the night, sleeping in cars, and eating at roadside eateries, called dhabas.

Just to clarify, this was NOT what most Indian middle-class family in the 1990s did, and of course, there’s an interesting story right there – I have been meaning to write it since many days, and while I haven’t completed it, I have settled upon a title ‘Just Pack and Go: My Legacy of Travel.’ (When I do complete it, I will link it right here!)

We still travel to India frequently and visit new destinations while also meeting the family. We also travel internationally and have been to Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. You can read about our Overseas posts here.

Do we have any special resources for Indian ex-pats in the USA?

Yes! As Indian ex-pats, we know firsthand the challenges faced by other Indian ex-pats while traveling to the USA.

From procuring visas, learning right-hand driving, and renting a car in the USA to finding vegan restaurants and planning a multigenerational trip, we have been through it all.

We have also been through the steps involved in taking our US-born kids to India and adjusting them to the big change. We have planned lots of articles targeted towards Indian ex-pats, just somehow haven’t gotten around to publishing them yet.

We are also in the process of starting a FB USA Travel Group for Indian Expats. You can join the group now to connect with other Indian ex-pats and ask useful travel advice. 

Want to explore more of Dotted Globe but don’t know where to begin?

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