1. What a great post! I’m not generally a fan of long drives, but I’ve never really been on a road trip and I think it’d be worth it to do some of the ones you talked about. I think my problem is getting the time. I like to quickly get where I’m going for vacation and spend all my time there. With a road trip I’d want to take a few weeks to really take my time and enjoy all the places.

  2. There is just so much to discover in America. I have stayed in the US for 3 months, visited four states and spent so much time on the road. But I haven’t been to so many of these places. There’s just so much to explore.

  3. Goodness gracious! America is so beautiful and you can be sure that I’d love to actually do all those road trips. The landscape is so intriguing I am amazed. But I’d start with North California Road Trip and see the Glass beach.

  4. Excellent piece! When I lived in Colorado my family and I took a nice little road trip to Moab and hiked Arches National Park for two days. It was a great experience, I look forward to traveling to Zion next!

  5. Thanks for included my contribution! As Montana residents, we love the Highway 2 suggestion and also hope to make that Alaska road trip sometime.

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