1. Could you give us the lodging that you used for this itinerary or the lodging recommendations for this itinerary. We could like to do this trip but have no idea about lodging.

  2. I have been researching the area, trying to narrow down the many choices on our 9-day roadtrip; and found your article the most helpful! I really appreaciate the details & your opinions on options. I am bringing my 19-yr old daughter, her best friend & my 9-yr old son (single momma) on this trip – which adds a little stress on satisfying both ages, interests, etc. Thank you for writing/posting, I really appriciate it!

  3. Thank you! We just got back from a Zion-Bryce-Grand Canyon loop and your information and advice was really helpful. It was pretty cold, but snowy, beautiful and quiet!

  4. Thanks for the helpful tips! Curious what company you went through to score the convertible for less than $200 for a week? Or how you went about? Planning this trip now!! Thanks!

    1. Hi Kristen, We booked through Enterprise, several months in advance. I recommend checking prices with different rental agencies for a couple of days before booking one. Also, you will get the best rates if you are traveling outside of major holidays.

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