53 Fun & Romantic Things to do in Las Vegas for Couples

Planning a trip to the Sin City and looking for the most romantic things to do for couples in Las Vegas? There are many attractions for couples in Las Vegas besides gambling and drinking. In fact, it is one of our favorite destinations for a romantic getaway. Explore the best attractions including romantic hot spots, shows, rides, animal interactions, museums, gardens, and more in this comprehensive guide to the best things to do in Vegas as a couple.
Also, find information about nearby national parks, state parks, and nature recreation areas which are perfect for hiking, camping, and road-tripping for families. 
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I will always remember each and every detail of our first trip to Las Vegas!

It was almost December and 5 months since our big fat Indian wedding in July. We had chosen to postpone our honeymoon since we both were in grad school.

But the fall semester was finally over and now it was time for our much-awaited 3-week long honeymoon to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and California. To plan a similar trip, read here and here.

Vegas was a world apart.

We swooned over the fountains of Bellagio and strolled hand in hand on the cobblestoned streets in Paris.

We admired the sphinx in Luxor, giggled like teens on Brooklyn Bridge in New York New York, and went giddy with delight on seeing our gorgeous castle turret room in Excalibur.

We were fascinated by the lions in MGM Grand (yes, the lions were still there – our Vegas honeymoon was almost a decade ago) and were delighted to see two flamingos kiss in the wildlife habitat of The Flamingo.

We threw coins into the Trevi Fountain in Caesar’s Palace and went on a gondola ride in the Venetian.

We felt like we were honeymooning all over the world and loved every bit of it!

We saw the shows, gambled, drank, partied, and celebrated our love.

We also explored Downtown Las Vegas and danced under the lights on Fremont Street. Now whenever I hear those songs, it takes me back to Vegas.

Since then, we have made it a point to revisit Las Vegas and relive the romantic memories every two years and feel like nothing has changed.

Sure, there are more budget places to eat on the Strip, the rooms are pricier than before, and the penny slot machines are almost gone but at its core, Las Vegas is a lover’s dream world.

Las Vegas strip at night

That’s the thing about Vegas.

It is very alluring and hypnotizing – even for non-gamblers, non-drinkers, and families. It is surreal to see such an extravagant display of wealth, indulgence, creativity, and freedom of expression in one place.

Also, many of the casinos and their decors are excellent examples of architecture and ingenuity, including the false sky ceilings, roller coaster rides, thematic elements, etc. 

There are so many fun things to do in Vegas for couples that in over 5 trips we have been barely able to scratch the surface.

And then there’s the outdoor Vegas: red rock desert, stunning landscapes, unique slot canyons, and a perfect base for exploring over half a dozen of the best National Parks in the country.

Stuck smack dab in the American Southwest, the area surrounding Las Vegas is a hiker’s paradise.

In this epic guide to one of our favorite cities in the country, we guide you through planning a memorable trip to Las Vegas for couples.

Because of the variety of Las Vegas attractions, you will also find this guide helpful even if you are planning a trip with the family and kids.

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Las Vegas is a city built on hopes, dreams, and a little bit of crazy
– Michael Mcdonald, the musician

Fun starts right at the Vegas airport!

Best Things to do for couples in Vegas Strip

Fun fact: after Chicago, Las Vegas is the second US city that we visited. Flying in from Chicago in winter, Las Vegas felt so warm and inviting for the holidays.

It still ranks among our top USA winter vacation destinations to escape the snow.

The main attraction of Las Vegas is off course, the fabulous Strip where the most famous casinos are located.

The actual name of this street is Las Vegas Blvd but everyone simply calls it the Strip.

Exploring the Strip itself is a wonderful thing to do in Las Vegas for couples and you can’t go wrong even if you base most of your stay on the Strip itself.

We recommend staying on the Strip in one of the popular casinos, as you will be central to the top Vegas attractions for couples.

Here are some of the absolute musts on the Strip while on your first couples trip to Vegas.

Do a casino hop and walk along the Strip

This is one of the best things to do in Vegas for couples.

Planning a casino hop is easy even if you are not heavy gamblers or drinkers.

We usually like to try our luck at a machine or two while we sipping on a drink.

Start at the casino where you are staying and spend some time at the slots.

Take a break to check out the free attractions in that casino before heading out to the next.

Here’s what we do to save money: one of us gambles at a time while the other hangs around for support so we can play for a lot longer on a smallish budget.

All of the strip casinos have lots of photo ops so we recommend dressing to the nines for your casino hop.

Here are some other things to do on your hop: observe the tables playing poker or blackjack and take free lessons if you are interested.

Step inside the bakeries and patisseries to grab little treats. And off course, window shop!

Between the slot machines, drinks & bites, photo ops, and free attractions, you can have a whale of a time on a budget.

For the free attractions, photo ops, and Vegas couple activities in most popular casinos, read our list below. 

Walk along the Strip

The strip casinos are perfect for a casino crawl.

Some of them are connected via underpasses and pathways while others by bridges crisscrossing the strip.

Often, I am surprised to find myself in Planet Hollywood while moments earlier I was in Paris – this happens with many other casinos as well.

I am most thankful for the covered passages in winter. If it gets too cold, duck inside.

You can actually walk the whole strip without venturing outside but we recommend weaving in and out of the casinos and onto the Strip so you can see it all from the inside and take photos of the stunning exteriors and neon lights from the outside.

The Casino Hop & Strip Walk is one of the top 10 things to do in Vegas for couples both by day and night.

We often do both during our trip. In the day, you can enter a casino and feel surprised by the dark exteriors like in the Bellagio.

At night, step inside the false sky ceilings of Paris Paris or the Venetian to enjoy the feeling of being in Europe at noon.

Nighttime walk is also must to experience the full impact of the Strip in its neon glory.

Walk south to north i.e. from Excalibur to Stratosphere and take the monorail or a cab back to your hotel after painting the town red.

Do a casino hop at night

Discover the attractions of ancient Egypt in Luxor

The Luxor pyramid and the enormous Sphinx are a Las Vegas strip icon and undeniably exciting.

The resort is named after the ancient city of Luxor in Egypt and the pyramid is all glass.

Exploring Luxor inside out is one of our favorite couples activities in Las Vegas. At night, the Luxor pyramid emits a light beam which makes for great photos. 

Luxor’s only free attraction is the Egyptian theme but if you are willing to spend a few bucks, then the resort has a few ticketed exhibits.

Take your pick from the Human Anatomy exhibit called ‘The Bodies’ or a Titanic artifacts exhibit.

Luxor, along with Excalibur, is a good budget place to stay for couples in Las Vegas where you are close enough to the Strip’s main attractions. 

Explore the enchanting castle of Excalibur

Wondering what to do in Vegas for couples who like history and culture?

Enter the medieval castle of Excalibur, stay in a castle turret room, and watch a jousting tournament!

The Tournament of the Kings is Excalibur’s famous dinner show. Loved by audience of all ages, this exciting show features knights on horses engaging in swordplay – perfect to get your Medieval fix.

The other family-friendly attraction at the Excalibur is the Fun Dungeon, filled with arcade games and Magic Motion 3D rides for both kids and adults.

Be a kid for the day and enjoy gaming together. This is definitely one of the fun couple things to do in Vegas.

If you are skipping the dinner show, then the Excalibur food court has decent options including Pizza Hut and Cinnabon to grab a meal on your casino hop.

Excalibur is also a good place to stay, this budget-friendly resort combines clean rooms with aesthetic decor. 

Excalibur Castle

See the sharks at Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is well connected by walkways from Luxor and Excalibur and has an enormous shark reef, making it a perfect stop on your casino hop.

While not free, the entry to the reef is quite cheap compared to other attractions in Vegas.

Once inside, you can see everything including sharks, piranhas, stingrays, crocodiles, and turtles while you walk through the underwater tunnels in the enormous reef.

There are also touch pools which are a hit with kids. The reef is definitely one of the must-do things in Vegas for couples that love marine life and animal interactions.

Note: Since the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, Mandalay Bay has developed a bit of a dark tourism vibe. Feel free to skip this attraction if you are sensitive to the event and the vibes.

Feel back at home in New York, New York

A taste of New York City in Las Vegas!

We love seeing the skyline from the Strip and the view from the Brooklyn Bridge is especially good.

You can see skyscrapers – the Empire State Building replica is my favorite – as well as many NYC landmarks including the Statue of Liberty.

You can’t miss the roller coaster as it takes people on the ride of their lives. Take a ticket and have fun screaming your head off with your loved one!

As you explore inside you will see replicas of Times Square and the Village. Cosy up and explore the shops and more.

Step inside Hershey’s Chocolate World and take pictures with the enormous chocolates on display, one of the cool things to do in Vegas couples.

Other nearby attractions worth visiting include M&M World and Coca Cola store.  

A slice of New York!

Watch the fountains of Bellagio

One of the top 10 things to do in Vegas for couples! The Bellagio Water Show is a fabulous free show of over a thousand fountains dancing to the music and light.

This wonderfully orchestrated show has fountains of different sizes in different locations spouting water in the sky.

The central one goes as high as 460 feet into the air. There’s music too and we have heard classical music, opera, and popular songs at different times.

During Christmas, the fountains dance to popular holiday songs. The Bellagio fountains are one of the most romantic things to do in Vegas.

The best and free way to watch the fountains is to find an unobstructed viewing spot on the Strip before the show begins.

The most central areas in front of the fountains get filled up fast and if you come after the show starts, you might have to watch it from the sides.

If that happens, simply wait for it to end.

The next one starts soon enough and you can find a better viewing place once the crowds disperse.

Because of the lights, the show looks best at night but you can also catch it during the day. To see showtimes, check here.

One of the more romantic things in Vegas is staying in a fountain view room at the Bellagio.

This is perfect for honeymooners or those celebrating a special occasion.

If the Bellagio is full or expensive, the adjacent casinos also have fountain view rooms.

If you can splurge, then one of the best things to do in Vegas for the anniversary include dining at one of the Bellagio restaurants while being seated at a fountain view table.

The view from here is gorgeous and the dinner will be one of the highlights of your Vegas itinerary for couples.

Fountains at Bellagio from the Eiffel tower ride

See the conservatory at the Bellagio

While almost everyone knows about the famous Bellagio Fountains, not many visit the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

The Conservatory and gardens are free to visit and one of the most underrated Las Vegas attractions for couples.

The Conservatory display changes seasonally. We best love the holiday display of polar bears, frozen ponds, sleighs, and a huge Christmas tree. This is a great photo spot in Las Vegas.

And while you are inside Bellagio, don’t forget to look at the blown glass sculpture over the registration desk.

The work of artist Dale Chihuly, the sculpture is marvelous and represents the spring flowers in the Italian countryside.

Ride up the Eiffel Tower

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is one of our favorite casinos on the strip.

It is not that far from our preferred accommodations in Luxor or Excalibur plus is incredibly romantic.

The Eiffel Tower is one of the iconic structures on the Las Vegas strip while the interior ceiling which resembles the real sky is a delight.

There is nothing better than stepping inside the casino late at night and feel as if the day has just begun in Paris. 

While in Paris, you must take the ride up the Eiffel tower and see Sin City from the viewing deck.

This is one of the most fun things for couples to do in Vegas. We recommend this ride at night, the brightly lit Las Vegas strip looks spectacular from above.

The viewing deck also has a great view of the Bellagio Fountains and seeing the show from the top of the tower is a great experience. It gets quite chilly at the top, so bring along a light jacket.

This is also a great place to propose to the love of your life.

Other things to do in Paris Paris include shopping, catching a live music show, and splashing in the rooftop pool.

If you have time, watch the dueling pianos performances.

Watching the pianist duel to see who plays better and being entertained by humorous bits is one of the most fun things to do in Las Vegas for couples.

We also liked the buffet at Le Village restaurant. Their menu is inspired by 5 regions of France and is delicious.

Stroll along the streets of Paris

See the Fall of Atlantis show at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace was one of the earliest themed casinos to open in Las Vegas and is still a draw for its grandeur and attractions.

The casino is themed after the Ancient Roman Empire and the decor is stunning. Inside you will find beautiful Roman statues and the forum shops as well as the famous Trevi Fountain.

Tossing a coin in the fountain is among popular couples activities in Las Vegas.

Their pool is also said to be one of the best on the strip and aptly named, Garden of the Gods Pool.

The Fall of Atlantis show in the Forum shops is one of must-watch things for couples to do in Las Vegas.

The breathtaking show has features moving statues, fire and water effects, dragons, and narrates the story of the mythical kingdom of Atlantis. You can see animatronic statues of famous Greek Gods fight over the fate of their kingdom.

The base of the fountain is an enormous saltwater aquarium and you can watch a variety of fishes. 

Roman fountains

Play an Escape Game for two

Looking for something better than a usual date night on the Strip – how about an Escape Game for two?

Never heard of an escape room? This is an interesting game of puzzles and clues which you need to solve in order to escape the locked room.

Talk about your favorite board game coming to life!

We love playing escape games as a couple; it is a fun setting to spend quality time together.

Imagine holding hands and giggly laughs as you try to avert an impending disaster in under 60 minutes.

The games are a pretty exciting way to connect with your partner. Know another couple? Bring them along on a double date!

While there are a couple of escape games in Vegas, we would highly recommend The Escape Game.

They are conveniently located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and offer 4 different themed escape rooms including a prison break and a museum heist. Sounds fun, right? Well, then book your favorite game now!

Take a gondola ride in Venice

While not the real Venice, the Venetian does a pretty good job of transporting you to the Italian city.

Located in the middle of the strip, the Venetian is a great place to see some of Venice’s top landmarks including the Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco – Venice’s main public square, Palazzo Ducale the palace (the exterior facade), and the famous Grand Canal.

Exploring the Venetian is among the best things for couples to do in Vegas.

For ultimate Vegas couples fun, take a gondola ride and see the major attractions of Venice while being serenaded by your gondolier.

The price is not cheap but then it’s Las Vegas!

The gondola ride is one of the most romantic things to do in Las Vegas. We recommend the indoor ride over the outdoor, though you can try both as well.

When night turns into day

The Italian Renaissance-style art and architecture of the Venetian is breathtaking as is the bright sky ceiling, similar to Paris, Las Vegas and you can admire it all from the comfort of your gondola.

After your Gondola ride, step inside the Grand Canal Shoppes where you can shop several high fashion brands.

This is one of the best shopping destinations in Las Vegas.

Nightlife is one of the top Vegas couples activities.

For those looking to party, the Venetian’s Tao Nightclub is a great place to find great DJs and music. We have been to this club and love the atmosphere.

Admire Las Vegas from above at the Ferris Wheel at the Linq

Linq’s High Roller Ferris wheel is one of the tallest Ferris Wheels in the world.

From the wheel, you can get panoramic views of the Las Vegas strip in every direction.

The 360 cabins are great to see Sin City from above and make for one of the most romantic dates in Las Vegas.

Also, the ride is pretty long compared to some other observation wheels we have been in and lasts for almost half an hour.

It is long enough to take photos, enjoy the views, and spend romantic time with your partner. You can also opt for a ticket with an open bar and drink your way through the ferris wheel ride. 

See the flamingos at the Flamingo Las Vegas

Everything about the Flamingo Las Vegas will remind you of a tropical oasis. Their staff is dressed like flamingos and you can also see real flamingos in the wildlife habitat.

The wildlife habitat is one of the most fun free things to do in Las Vegas for couples.

We love seeing the beautiful flamingos as well as a variety of other birds, including ducks, pelicans, ibis, as well as fish and turtle in the pond.

The habitat itself is lush green with palms, ferns, and tropical plants everywhere. 

The flamingo habitat

Experience the hoopla of a Las Vegas show

You can’t experience Las Vegas without attending a show.

Sin City has a variety of Las Vegas couples entertainment including concerts, magic, drama, and comedy. Attending a show is a great way to spend quality time with each other while having fun.

If you are traveling as a family, don’t worry.

While the most advertised ones are all adults, there are a lot of family-friendly shows where even the kids will have a blast. Kid-friendly shows include the Blue Man Group concert at the Luxor, Tournament of the Kings at Excalibur, and of course, the many Cirque du Soleil shows on the Strip. 

Devour a grand Las Vegas buffet

Las Vegas is known for its buffets.

In the old days, the buffet meant lots of cheap food. That is no longer the case but now you can get a variety of excellent cuisine at mid-range to expensive prices.

We have been to several buffets and think that the price is definitely worth the ambiance and food. If you are your partner are foodies, then the buffets are a must couple activities in Vegas.

At the buffet in Paris Paris, you can find food inspired by 5 villages of France. When we visited, the buffet offered everything from macaroons, cheeses, and pastries to meats, seafood, and specialty french dishes.

We also enjoyed the Spice Market buffet in Vegas. This is one of the cheaper options and has a refreshing variety of cuisines from Mexican to Japanese.

However, the one buffet that is on our wish list is Bacchanal at Caesars Palace. This buffet is said to be one of Vegas’s best and has over 500 items! Totally splurge-worthy.

Devor a Las Vegas buffet

See the Volcano explode at the Mirage

Another of the free Strip shows that promises fun in Vegas for couples!

During the show, the Mirage Volcano comes to life and spouts fire, dust, and smoke.

The show lasts for 3 minutes and is accompanied by excellent music. We recommend snagging a good viewing spot early on otherwise the sidewalk gets full closer to the show.

The show looks and feels like a real volcano explosion and is amazing to watch.

The Mirage also has a ticketed dolphin habitat attraction and a secret garden where you can see exotic animals including white tigers and white lions. 

This exhibit is another good Las Vegas couples activities for those who like wildlife.

Have a meal in the Amazon at the Rainforest Cafe

The Rainforest Cafe is our favorite place to go with the kids for meals.

In case you haven’t been to a Rainforest Cafe location before, this is an Amazon Rainforest themed restaurant and has many animatronic animals including elephants, jaguars, butterflies, monkeys, python, etc.

There is a thunder in the jungle show every once in a while when all the animals make a variety of noises.

It’s the ultimate dining experience for everyone. While you are there, don’t forget to get their volcano sundae which comes with a real sparkler. 

Have fun at the Rainforest Cafe

Catch the acrobatic acts at Circus Circus

Did you know that you can see circus acts for free at Circus Circus?

You will be able to see trapeze artists, clowns, and other acrobats perform a variety of shows every hour. This is a free, fun, best thing to do in Vegas as couple.

We enjoy seeing the breathtaking and entertaining acts performed by the artists.

Circus Circus is also home to Adventuredome, an indoor amusement park with roller coasters and other rides.

They also have arcade games and rock climbing etc and it is a great place to spend time on a Las Vegas couples trip.

Shop the latest styles and trends in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a shopping paradise. Most of the casinos have a variety of branded stores and boutiques.

Some of the most popular shopping complexes and areas include the Forums Shops at Caesars Palace, the Grand Canal  Shoppes at Venetian, the Shops at Crystal, and the Miracle Mile Shops on Planet Hollywood.

Las Vegas also has two premium outlet shopping off the strip – Las Vegas North Premium Outlets near downtown and Las Vegas South Premium Outlets near Mandalay Bay. 

Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood

Explore the Marvel Universe at the Avengers Station or shop at the Marvel Store

The Marvel Avengers Station is a must for Marvel fans!

This station located inside the Treasure Island Resort and Casino has many interactive exhibits and is the perfect way to introduce anyone to the Marvel universe.

You can see movie props and costumes for everyone from Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Antman, etc.

You can also purchase collectibles and souvenirs at the Marvel store. 

Drink your way around the Coca Cola store

The Coca Cola store located near MGM Grand is a favorite with visitors.

It’s not really hard to find the store – the gigantic Cole bottle at the entrance is a dead giveaway!

There are lots of memorabilia inside the store. To impress your date, buy a flight of soda.

You will get about 14 different iconic coke drinks from the world over and have fun sharing them, one of the unique couples activities in Vegas.

Go on the thrilling rides at the Stratosphere

At the North end of the Strip, you will find the Stratosphere Resort and Casino with its iconic tower.

The best part about the Stratosphere is the observation deck at the top and the thrill rides.

The view from the tower is really something. The hotel is at the northern end so you can see the entire strip right before you.

They also have a bar and lounge area on a trip where you can enjoy drinks while taking in the view.

The rides on the top of the Stratosphere tower are legendary.

Most of them are exciting and gravity-defying plus scarier than their ground counterparts due to their height.

Rides on top of Stratosphere

Watch the marine life and mermaids at the Silverton aquarium

The off-strip Silverton casino has a huge free aquarium that will make you forget that you are in the Nevada desert.

In the aquarium, you can see colorful tropical fish, stingrays, and sharks. But the key attraction here is the mermaids!

You can see costumed mermaids swim underwater and even have a meal with one. It’s a cool experience and one of our favorite offbeat Las Vegas anniversary ideas.

Get a sugar rush at the M&M Store

Located adjacent to the Coca Cola store, the M&M store is a must-visit.

The entrance is pretty attractive and great for a photo op. It’s literally candy, candy everywhere inside the store and most visitors are delighted with the colorful M&Ms they see everywhere.

The store is 3 floors long and has lots of souvenirs and memorabilia. Snap a picture by the M&M rainbow and create your own M&Ms. 

Eat animal fries at In-N-Out burger

California’s famous In-N-Out burger is on the Las Vegas strip.

In case you didn’t know about this famous chain, they are most popular for their secret menu… things that you can ask for and they’ll customize for you.

One of the secret menu popular items is the animal style fries – regular fries topped with cheese, spread, and onions!

You can also opt for the animal style burger. 

Try your luck at the slot machines

Enjoy relaxing spa time

There are many splurge-worthy best couples spas in Las Vegas that offer a variety of massages and relaxing treatments.

Some of the spas have everything from Turkish style hammams and sweating rooms to the best masseuse.

Some of the best spas are the ones at Encore, Bellagio, Aria, Cosmopolitan, and the famous Roman-style spa at Caesars Palace. 

At many of these resorts, you can also opt for an in room couples massage in Las Vegas.

Get married or renew your vows

Getting married in Las Vegas has been over-romanticized by the movies but it is actually quite popular.

On almost every visit to Vegas, we have seen wedding photo shoots, wedding parties posing on the strip, and even an actual wedding in the Red Rock Canyon area outside of Vegas.

We have also seen many pretty chapels that would be just perfect for an intimate wedding. There are companies that rent dresses and tux in case it’s a spur of the moment thing.

And even if you are married, you can just renew your vows if you are visiting Vegas on an anniversary. 

Unique architecture inside the casinos

Best Couple Things to do in Las Vegas downtown and nearby areas

Las Vegas also has plenty of things to do beyond the Strip.

While Strip is the main attraction, we recommend venturing out to see Sin City beyond the glamour of the Strip.

One of the best areas where the locals and frequent visitors to Las Vegas hang out is in Downtown near the Gold Nugget casino and Freemont Street.

Here are some of the best things to do beyond the Strip in Las Vegas.

Take a selfie with the Welcome to Las Vegas sign

The ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign is an icon. You obviously cannot visit Sin City without taking a picture with this famous sign.

The sign is located at 5100 Las Vegas Blvd South and while this is technically the southern end of the Strip, it is too far away from the popular casinos and you need a car or a cab to reach the sign.

The sign is located on the median but has plenty of parking to get out, pose, and take epic pictures for the ‘gram. The sign looks best when it shines neon at night.

The iconic Las Vegas sign

Have fun at the Freemont Street Experience

Freemont Street Experience (FSE) is a pedestrian mall in downtown Las Vegas. The best part of the mall is a huge canopy screen that is 4 blocks long.

The display screen shows music videos as well as light and sound shows and is great for dancing under the neon lights.

Freemont Street Experience also has three stages where free concerts and other shows are held.

The mall also has a zipline where you can zoom from one end of the FSE to another above the dancing people. 

Many casinos, bars, and souvenir shops are also located along the Freemont Street Experience.

The FSE is best to visit when a concert or show is happening or during the holiday season when a giant Christmas Tree adorns one end and the holiday songs blare out from the 220 speakers of the canopy screen.

This is also the place to enjoy a free New Year’s Eve party and fireworks on the overhead screen in Las Vegas.

If you want to try your hand at gambling without spending a lot of money the nearby casinos of Golden Nugget and The D Las Vegas are said to have penny slot machines and much better odds of winning than at the Strip casinos.

Freemont Street

Collect as many Las vegas souvenirs as you can

All around Freemont Street and at most places in Vegas, you will find shops selling a variety of Las Vegas souvenirs.

You can collect from funny shirts, shot glasses, Vegas sweatshirts, casino chips, magnets, and hundreds of other souvenirs. You can also pick up entire poker chips sets.

Another unique souvenir is Native American jewelry or dream catcher or sand art.

You can buy these from Native American trading post style shops. I especially love buying turquoise or silver handmade jewelry.

Other memorabilia include uncashed chips, show tickets, playing cards set, etc. 

Take the Ethel M Chocolate factory tour and see the Cactus Garden

For a more unique and interactive chocolate experience than the one at M&M World, visit the Ethel M Chocolate Factory.

Ethel M is also owned by Mars, the brand who also owns M&M, Snickers, etc.

The chocolates are made on-site in Henderson, a few miles out of Vegas. You can tour the factory and try/buy a variety of gourmet chocolates.

The factory smells wonderful – the smell of chocolate is all around you – and the kid in you will love visiting it.

You can see the chocolates being made and packaged as well.

There is also an on-site cactus garden which is spectacularly decorated at Christmas.

The tour/chocolates are expensive but overall the experience was worth the trip. 

Don’t leave Vegas without a few drinks!

See the brilliant display of lit-up signs at the Neon museum

At the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, you will find a variety of old neon signs in every shape, size, and color in the Neon Boneyard, which is the main exhibit area.

Some of the signs still work and you can learn about the history of quite a few at the museum.

The museum also hosts special exhibits.

We recommend visiting during the day as well as after dusk to see the signs in action – if you had to pick one time, it should be after dusk when the signs light up. 

Take a helicopter ride over the Strip

The most romantic way to experience the Las Vegas strip? To fly over it in a helicopter!

On this thrilling and memorable ride, you will fly high over the iconic symbols of Las Vegas, including the New York New York roller coaster, the Eiffel Tower, the High Roller Wheel, the Circus Circus tent, and so on.

You can watch the Bellagio Fountains from above and see the Stratosphere Tower in the distance.

The tour is best after sunset when the city lights shine bright. Most tours include pick up from your hotel and narrated tour as you fly over the Strip.

Click here to book your Vegas Strip night helicopter tour for two and get a head start on one of the most romantic things to do in Las Vegas for couples.

Catch your favorite sport at a bar

See the wax figures at Madame Tussauds

Vegas has its own Madame Tussauds at the Venetian.

We love visiting Madame Tussauds to see the lifelike statues of the rich and famous including movie celebrities, musicians, politicians, sportspersons, and more.

You can pose with your favorite celebrities and try on a variety of props – this is our favorite part of the visit. We enjoy making silly faces and poses for the gram!

However, all Madame Tussauds locations are a bit similar and if you have visited another one then you can definitely skip this one. 

Explore the Downtown Arts District

The Las Vegas Arts District is the place to visit for art and culture lovers.

The district is also known as 18b because it originally comprised of 18 blocks of Downtown Las Vegas.

Here you will find a lot of art galleries, studios, theatres, performing venues, antique stores, eclectic boutiques, and museums.

The district also holds a variety of events including the First Friday of the month block party, art fair, art walks, etc.

There are also many hip and trendy bars and restaurants in the district as well as bars and pubs which are perfect to enjoy romantic things in Las Vegas beyond the Strip.

You will find unique artwork everywhere in Vegas

Play pinball at the Pinball Museum

The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas is dedicated to the iconic 60s arcade game.

Here you can play vintage pinball games as well as older versions along with other classic arcade games like Mario, Pac Man, etc.

The games cost just as much to play today as they did when they first came out which means for under $10, you can have hours of gaming fun.

This is a must for families as well as anyone who loves retro gaming. 

Check out the dinosaurs at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum

You wouldn’t associate a Natural History Museum with a place like Vegas but this one is pretty cool.

It has everything from Dinosaur exhibits to Egyptian tombs and is a great place to spend a few hours for history fans.

There are also a lot of taxidermy animal exhibits.

The museum also has a live shark exhibit with baby sharks, crabs, and other fish.

Overall, it is a pretty cool place to take the family and kids if you want a break from the typical Vegas things.

See Vegas from above

Take the kids to the Children’s Discovery Museum

While not as awesome as some other children’s museums we have been to, the Vegas Children’s Discovery Museum is a fun place to play for the kids.

They have lots of educational toys, games, and exhibits for the kids.

There is something to do for kids of all ages from toddlers to teens and is one of the most kid-friendly attractions in Las Vegas. 

See the muscle cars at the Shelby Heritage Museum

At the Shelby Heritage Museum, you can see a variety of vintage Shelby muscle cars including Cobras, Mustangs, etc.

You will learn a lot about the history of the cars as well as see mechanics working on the cars.

They have free tours at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm every day.

The museum is a must for Shelby fans. After your visit, you can also buy a lot of souvenirs including T-shirts, etc.

We would recommend keeping an hour aside for the experience as it is one of the most off-strip fun things for couples in Vegas.

Learn about the Mafia at the Mob Museum

The Las Vegas Mob Museum is a true local gem. Not many people visit this underrated attraction and hence, you will get to experience the history of organized crime in a thrilling, intimate setting.

This is one of the unique Vegas ideas for couples.

The museum has three floors worth of history and exhibits about the Mafia Families and their exploits.

In addition to lots of written information, the museum also has short video clips and graphics about the Mafia.

They have a speakeasy-style bar in the basement which is great to grab a couple of drinks and is perfect for a Vegas date night.

Younger kids can get bored at the museum, but older kids will enjoy the unique exhibits.  

Cool off at a pool in the heat

Visit the National Atomic Testing Museum (NATM)

Thinking about what to do in Las Vegas for couples who like science and technology?

The National Atomic Testing Museum is a Smithsonian Institute and is one of the most underrated attractions in Las Vegas.

The museum is devoted to America’s nuclear program and the Nevada Test Site.

It has many rare exhibits related to the atomic program including nuclear reactors, missiles, and small atomic weapons.

The walk through the museum is an educational and enlightening experience.

At the end of the tour you will leave knowing a lot more about the Atomic age and weaponry and its contribution to world stability.

While the museum is intense, it is a great learning space to unwind. 

Experience the adult side of Las Vegas

If you are visiting Las Vegas for simple fun, then skip this and check our next section which is all about outdoor things to do near Las Vegas.

But if you are up for the spicier things in Las Vegas, then this is for you.

You’d have to be blind to not notice this side of the Sin City – after all, the posters are everywhere, right from the moment you land at the airport.

There are couples clubs in Las Vegas and a variety of adult-only shows.

Most of the shows on the Strip are tastefully choreographed and sensuous rather than corny and cheap.

We would recommend sticking to the popular on strip shows to be on the safer side.

Here is what to see and where to go.

For bachelor parties, check out the show Fantasy in Luxor. This lights and music show is seductive and sultry and a strip favorite for years.

For couples, you can see Zumanity at New York New York – it’s Cirque du Soleil with a seductive twist.

While I visited Vegas with my girlfriends, we loved checking out Thunder From Down Under male revue show. 

For more information on planning a girl’s getaway to Vegas, read this post.

Male revue shows at fun for Bachelorette parties

Best Outdoors Things to do around Las Vegas

There are so many natural attractions near Las Vegas that you are spoiled for choice.

Many of these make a great day trip from Las Vegas while several of them can be combined on an epic long road trip from Las Vegas.

Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities for couples in Las Vegas.

See the Seven Magic Mountains Art installation

The Seven Magic Mountains is a unique art installation in the Nevada desert.

The artwork features colorful and vibrant limestone boulders stacked together to create 7 upright towers. The towers are over 25 feet high and create some pretty interesting pictures.

The art installation is designed by renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone and is one of Vegas’s most Instagrammed places.

There is no public transport to the Seven Magic Mountains and you need to drive or take an Uber to the attraction. In spite of that, the Seven Magic Mountains should be high on your Vegas bucket list. 

Seven Magic Mountains (Photo – Pixabay)

Explore the Valley of Fire State Park

Wondering what to do in Vegas for couples that like hiking and spending time outdoors? Visit the Valley of Fire!

Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park is a wonderland of unique rock formations of the bright red Aztec Sandstone.

The park is just about an hour away (~50 miles) from Las Vegas and makes the perfect day trip out in Nevada’s desert. In some ways, Valley of Fire reminds us of Sedona and is definitely worth a visit. 

We recommend taking the Valley of Fire Road through the park which is a Nevada Scenic Byway.

Attractions along the road include seeing various rock formations, rock scrambling, hiking, seeing ancient Indian petroglyphs, and taking stunning Instagrammable photographs in the park.

The pink, red, and orange colors of the rocks look especially brilliant in bright sunlight, at sunrise, and at sunset, giving the park its name.

The park looks beautiful at this time and a must for incurable romantics.

Marvel at the Hoover Dam

The horseshoe-shaped Hoover Dam built across the Little Colorado River is considered an engineering marvel.

This concrete arch-gravity dam is located an hour out of Las Vegas and is a must stop when in the area. 

Hoover Dam

The dam was built in 1935 and took over 4 years to complete.

It was built to divert the flow of the Colorado River to the southwestern states and since it’s completion, the dam has been instrumental in supplying water to these states.

The dam reservoir Lake Mead is popular for recreation. 

You can either visit the Hoover Dam Visitor Center and take a photo on the top of the dam which is the state line between Arizona and Nevada or you can complete a guided tour that takes you inside the dam and its passageways.

We have taken the tour and would recommend it to anyone interested in knowing more about the technical features of the dam.

Also must visit is the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge from where you have an amazing birds-eye view of the dam.

There are many guided tours to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas in case you don’t have a car. 

Have fun on the water at Lake Mead

The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is one of the top spots for water sports near Las Vegas.

You can rent kayaks or boats and explore the lake from the water.

There are many secluded coves and beaches which are perfect for picnicking.

You can also take a cruise on Lake Mead which takes you deep inside the Black Canyon. 

Lake Mead

There are also many hiking trails, scenic drives, beaches, and more along Lake Mead.

We recommend taking a drive along the Northshore and Lakeshore Road for the best views.

You can also combine Northshore Drive and Valley of Fire for a great day trip.

There are also biking trails in the wilderness areas. Lake Mead and its surrounding areas are also good for birdwatching and wildlife viewing. 

See the salt flats at Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is one of the aridest, lowest, and hottest places on the continent.

While this national park is in California, it is barely a 2 hour trip from Las Vegas and can be easily seen as a day trip or camping in Death Valley for the night. 

The most popular thing to see in Death Valley is the salt flats: a large landmass covered in salts and other minerals left after the water has evaporated.

The salt flats are a natural phenomenon formed from thousands of years of deposition of salts.

The salt and other mineral reflects the sunlight and look very shiny like a mirror from the distance.

The Badwater Basin salt flats in Death Valley are located 282 feet below sea level and are fascinating to visit.

Other popular things to see in Death Valley include the beautiful Mesquite sand dunes, the view from Zabriskie Point, the badlands and beautiful color formations as seen from the Artist’s Palette scenic drive, the gorgeous desert wildflowers in spring, and hiking to see historic structures and geological structures.

Death Valley National Park

Visit the Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is located about 20 miles away from the Las Vegas strip.

The best way to see Red Rock Canyon is by driving around the one-way 13-mile scenic drive.

There are many trails and overlooks along the way and we would suggest keeping aside a minimum of 2 hrs for the drive. You can also bike the drive. 

See the majestic Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most famous natural attractions near Las Vegas.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the premier attractions in the country and can be easily visited from Las Vegas. 

There are many ways to see the Grand Canyon from Vegas.

Our favorite is an epic American Southwest road trip that takes you through several other nearby attractions including Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, etc.

Another popular way to see the Grand Canyon in a day is by visiting the West Rim. 

You also can tour the Grand Canyon in a helicopter ride from Las Vegas – the canyon looks stunning from above.

Some of the helicopter tours also take you to the bottom of the Grand Canyon for a unique experience. 

Views of the Grand Canyon

Explore the Nevada desert on an ATV

There are many ATV tours that pick you up from your hotel on the strip and take you out into the Nevada desert on an ATV.

This is a great way of exploring the Mojave desert.

You can climb over the desert dunes and drive around the washes with the sand blowing all around you – expect to get dirty!

Most tours also provide free lunch included in the price. 

Hike the Zion Narrows

Utah’s Zion National Park is a two-hour drive from Las Vegas and a must-visit.

The park is gorgeous year-round with its two hikes of Angel’s Landing and the Narrows bringing in the most visitors.

Angel’s Landing is a 5-mile challenging hike that will take you up the mountain ridge to a ledge with amazing views of the valley while the Narrows hike will take you deep inside the narrowest section of Zion canyon.

On the trail, you will be wading through the waters of the Virgin River and experience the canyon walls get really close together to create spectacular views.

While in Zion, we also recommend taking the Zion Scenic Drive which has great views of the national park. 

Drive to Zion National Park

Drive on the Loneliest Road in America

The Nevada portion of US Route 50 is known as the Loneliest Road in America.

On this road, you will be surrounded by the Nevada desert, cacti, and wildlife like bobcats and foxes but few other cars.

In fact, you are likely to not see anyone else on the road for hours together.

While Route 50 stretches throughout the state, you can travel as much as you want along it, the entire trip might take about 2 to 3 days.

Some of the most important attractions along the road are Great Basin National Park, the town of Ely, Reno’s nightlights, and the Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area. 

Visit a ghost town in Nevada

There are many fascinating ghost towns to explore near Las Vegas.

We recommend visiting the ghost town of Rhyolite if you are making the trip to Death Valley from Las Vegas.

Rhyolite is a former mining town that has everything from abandoned houses, banks, train depots, salons, and even ghost sculptures!

If you are looking for something nearer, visit Nelson Nevada which is just an hour away from the Strip. You can take a mining tour, photograph urban ruins, and even see a wrecked plane. 

The surrounding landscape is fascinating

Experience the enchanting Antelope Canyons

Located in Page, Arizona, the world-famous Antelope Canyons are a type of slot canyons that are on almost everyone’s bucket list.

The canyons are most popular for their vivid colors and patterns of red sandstone and the beautiful light beams that penetrate into the canyons. 

The canyons consist of two separate sections Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon.

Both the canyons are located in Navajo Nation and can be seen only via guided tours.

To decide which canyon you should visit, read our post on Upper Vs Lower Antelope Canyon: Travel Guide.

The Antelope Canyons are about 4.5 hrs away from Las Vegas and can be easily seen on a weekend. 

Upper Canyon is vividly colored than the Lower Canyon (Credit – Pixabay)

In short, Las Vegas is truly amazing. The city is a paradise for couples and has many romantic couples activities.

With all the endless entertainment, shopping, and dining options you are spoiled for choice.

Add to that, the nearby natural areas and you can easily spend weeks in Sin City.

We hope you like our comprehensive guide to the best things to do at Las Vegas for couples.

This is a sponsored post by The Escape Game. All opinions expressed in this post are my personal.