20 Most Famous Bridges in USA

Love architecture and looking for the famous bridges in USA?

The United States of America is famous for its engineering ingenuity and striking architecture.

Without a doubt, there are many beautiful and iconic bridges spread across the country from the East coast to the West Coast.

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Among the most famous bridges in USA is the Brooklyn Bridge that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River, the Golden Gate Bridge which spans San Francisco Bay between San Francisco and Marin County, and Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel spanning 20 miles of water between Virginia Beach and Cape Charles.

Let’s explore some of the most famous bridges in America to see on your travels across the country.

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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California – Most famous bridge in America!

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California is indeed one of the most famous bridges in USA.

This bright orange colored suspension bridge spans the San Francisco Bay and attracts millions of visitors every year.

The Golden Gate Bridge connects the city of San Francisco with the Marin headlands across the Golden Gate Strait.

The bridge is a national historic landmark and also one of the famous attractions in the city.

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge’s leading design engineer was Joseph Strauss.

The Golden Gate Bridge was completed in May 1937 after four years of construction.

At the time of its construction, this beautiful bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Golden Gate Bridge was also the tallest suspension bridge in the world.

The bridge is 1.7 miles long and carries both the California Highway 1 and Highway 101.

Visitors can experience the Golden Gate Bridge by biking, walking, or driving across it.

The bridge has a pedestrian walkway that is open for tourists.

One of our favorite ways to experience the iconic Golden Gate Bridge is by biking across it all the way to Muir Woods National Monument and Sausalito and returning via the ferry.

Several attractions are also located close to the bridge including Fort Point, Golden Gate Visitor Center, Crissy Fields etc.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Brooklyn Bridge located in New York City is, unquestionably, one of the most famous bridges in USA.

The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and the borough of Brooklyn over the East River.

This iconic pedestrian only bridge attracts millions of visitors every year.

Brooklyn Bridge has become a center for art, music, theater and entertainment since its completion in 1883.

Brooklyn Bridge is one of our favorite walking bridges from where you can see New York City skyline on foot.

Renowned engineer John Roebling designed the bridge and construction was completed in 1883.

It is a steel suspension bridge, which has four large towers with cables that connect both the shores.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a major engineering feat for its time and one of the oldest suspension bridges still in use today.

It is also a national historic landmark and one of the best things to do in New York City.

This iconic bridge is featured on countless postcards and magnets of the city.

Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

The Mackinac Island bridge is located in the Straits of Mackinac on Lake Michigan.

This suspension bridge was built to facilitate transportation between Michigan’s two peninsulas.

The Mackinac bridge connects St. Ignace and Mackinaw City and is one of the most striking bridges in the US.

The Mackinac bridge was designed by David B. Steinman, an American civil engineer who also built the famous St John’s bridge in Portland.

The magnificent Mackinac bridge connects Michigan’s carries thousands of visitors over the Straits of Mackinac every year as they enjoy some of the best things to do on Mackinac Island.

So, drive across the Mackinac Bridge and experience one of the best places to visit in Michigan.

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys is the most famous bridge in the Sunshine State.

This bridge crosses over the Atlantic Ocean and has stunning views of the turquoise water.

Seven Mile Bridge is a part of the Overseas Highway that connects Key West with mainland Florida.

The bridge was originally a part of the Overseas Railroad and carried the Flagler Rail line.

After the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 damaged the railroad, the Seven Mile bridge was reconstructed and opened to cars.

People can experience this beautiful bridge, which attracts millions of visitors each year, on their way to Key West from Miami.

The Seven Mile Bridge is widely considered by civil engineers to be a marvel of ingenuity.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Canon City, Colorado

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado is a steel suspension bridge and one of the most famous bridges in USA.

The striking structure has been photographed several times and is a recognizable landmark in Colorado.

Royal Gorge Bridge is located above the Arkansas River which flows through the Royal Gorge Canyon near Canon City, Colorado.

Royal Gorge was the tallest bridge in the world till it was overtaken by the Chinese bridge on the Beipan River.

The Royal Gorge Bridge continues to be the highest suspension bridge in the country.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa Bay, Florida is a cable-stayed bridge that is among the famous bridges in USA.

This iconic 1.34 mile bridge connects St. Petersburg and Bradenton over Tampa Bay.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge has become a must see attraction for vacationers visiting Florida.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge is approach via two causeways; Howard Frankland and Davis Islands.

Both the causeways offer spectacular views of this cable-stayed bridge and the surrounding crystal clear waters of the Gulf.

The New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia

New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia is a striking arch bridge in the Appalachian mountains.

The New River Gorge Bridge is not only famous as a bridge but also for the spectacular views that it offers of the New River Gorge National Park, West Virginia.

New River Gorge Bridge is one of the largest steel arch bridges in the US.

It is also among the tallest bridge in the state.

This state-of-the-art bridge has won several awards from civil engineers for its innovative design.

Because of it location within the park, the bridge is a famous destination for outdoor adventures such as rappelling and Base jumping.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Did you know there is a Bay Bridge on the East Coast as well?

Chesapeake Bay Bridge or ‘Bay Bridge’ in Maryland has the distinction of being one of the longest bridges in the US.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is officially called the Gov. William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge after the former governor who started the construction project.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge looks beautiful at sunrise and can be photographed from Sandy Point State Park, located on its western end.

Delaware Memorial Bridge

The Delaware Memorial Bridge, built over the Delaware River, is located between the state capitol of Wilmington and the city of Dover.

Polish-born American engineer Ralph Modjeski designed this bridge.

Delaware Memorial Bridge has two lanes in each direction for cars and trucks and is a symbol of the state.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, Louisiana is one of the most beautiful bridges in the US.

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway connects New Orleans to Mandeville and Metairie on a 24 mile causeway across Lake Pontchartrain!

This iconic bridge is one of largest bridges in the world and ranks as one of the top ten longest bridges in the United States.

Because of its immense length, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway bridge seems to never end and takes almost 30 minutes to cross!

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge is one of the most beautiful drives in Louisiana and on the way you can admire the swamps, cypress trees, and pelicans.

The bridge is an engineering marvel and worth the drive.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

When it comes to famous bridges in USA, the Bay Bridge is as much an icon as the Golden Gate bridge.

The Bay Bridge connects Oakland, California and San Francisco.

This bridge is located on the east shore of San Francisco Bay.

The Bay Bridge looks stunning at night and is a recognizable landmark of the Bay Area skyline.

We definitely recommend visiting the Bay Bridge while in San Francisco.

George Washington Bridge

The George Washington Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in America .

Located between New York City and Fort Lee, this beautiful bridge carries more than 300,000 vehicles per day.

It is also known as GW Bridge or Hudson River Bridge and is a well-known symbol of the city that showcases its beauty, power, and prestige.

The bridge is named after the first US president and is an engineering marvel.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Tacoma Narrows Bridge is one of the most impressive bridges in the US.

It connects Tacoma, Washington with the Kitsap Peninsula over the Puget Sound.

This bridge was built as a replacement bridge after the collapse of the Original Tacoma Narrows bridge four months post its completion.

The Original Bridge was also known as the ‘Galloping Gertie’ because of its vertical movement due to high winds.

Bixby Creek Bridge

The Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur is one of the most famous bridges on the Pacific Coast.

It is also one of the most photographed bridges on the West Coast.

The Bixby Creek Bridge is a three-span suspension bridge that connects the California State Route 1 from Big Sur to the Los Padres National Forest.

There are pullouts located on either end of the bridge to get down and appreciate its beauty.

The Bixby Creek Bridge has become a popular tourist attraction for its unique design and engineering among those visiting California’s central coast.

Glen Canyon Dam Bridge

The Glen Canyon Dam Bridge is a famous bridge in the Southwest US that spans the Colorado River at Lake Powell.

This beautiful bridge in Page, Arizona can be seen from many vantage points along Highway 89.

The steel arch bridge is one of the highest bridges in the country.

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge

The Roebling Suspension Bridge in Cincinnati spans across the Ohio River and connects the state with Kentucky.

The Roebling Suspension bridge is an iconic attraction in the city of Cincinnati.

This beautiful bridge has two main towers supporting a length of 1,057 feet across the river.

The unique appeal of the bridge lies in its graceful arches that soar over the river.

The bridge is open to pedestrians and bikers and is a key part of the Cincinnati trail system.

Visitors can experience its beauty and enjoy great views of the Cincinnati skyline from the bridge.

The nearby Newport Southbank Bridge is also beautiful and worth checking out.

Rainbow International Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is a beautiful bridge that connects the US and Canada near Niagara Falls.

It is one of the most famous international bridges in North America and is an important part of commerce between Canada and the United States.

Rainbow Bridge serves as a connection between the two countries, especially for tourists to travel and see the famous Niagara Falls from both sides.

The Rainbow Bridge spans over the Niagara River Gorge and has superb views of the three waterfalls.

The US Canada border line is located exactly midway on the span of the Rainbow Bridge.

London Bridge Lake Havasu

Did you know that you could see one of the most famous bridges in the world right here in Arizona?

That’s right, Lake Havasu City in western part of the state is home to the London Bridge!

This famous bridge was crafted by English artisans over 120 years ago and then dismantled and shipped to the United States.

The London Bridge, Lake Havasu is a favorite destination for people of Arizona who want to experience this beautiful bridge in-person.

London Bridge is a National Historic Landmark, which makes it one of the most famous bridges in the US.

The bridge is currently owned by the same family that purchased it from the city of London.

Mile High Swinging Bridge, Grandfather Mountain State Park

Mile High Swinging Bridge is located in the Grandfather Mountain State Park along the Blue Rudge Parkway in North Carolina.

This is one of the scariest bridges in the country because of its elevation and movement in windy conditions.

Hikers who are brave enough can enjoy panoramic views of Sugar Mountain and the surrounding area.

The bridge is very popular in the fall to see vivid colors on the mountainside.

Michigan Avenue Bridge, Chicago

Michigan Avenue Bridge is a double-decker bridge that connects the Loop and the Near North Side of Chicago over the Chicago River.

The Michigan Avenue Bridge is a national landmark because of its importance to the American history.

It connects the popular Loop area with the River North.

Millions of tourists use the bridge every year while exploring Chicago.

Walnut Street Bridge, Chattanooga

The iconic blue Walnut Street pedestrian walkway bridge in Chattanooga is a beautiful and elegant bridge in the city.

It connects one of the most vibrant parts of downtown with stores, restaurants, nightclubs, museums and other important places.

Walnut Street Bridge is an iconic attraction of Chattanooga.

It has won many architectural awards for its beauty and style.

The steel arch bridge spans over the Tennessee River and is one of the most romantic spots to go for a walk.

Ambassador Bridge, Detroit

The Ambassador Bridge in Detroit connects the city in Michigan to Windsor in Canada.

Ambassador Bridge is popular with tourists, and for commerce and transportation.

The bridge is open 24 hours a day and receives millions of visitors every year, driving over the border.

This iconic Michigan bridge has been in service for more than 90 years.

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

The Verrazano-Narrows bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the US.

This is a double decker suspension bridge and is a major route in New York City.

The bridge connects Staten Island and Brooklyn.

It is a popular attraction for tourists who want to see the sights of NYC from across the Hudson River.

Malden Bridge, Malden, MA

This historic pedestrian suspension bridge in Malden, Massachusetts is one of the most iconic bridges in New England.

The 90-year-old Malden bridge is one of the last standing bridges made by pioneers in suspension bridge construction.

The Malden Bridge suspension cables display engraved poetry, letters and messages.

This iconic pedestrian bridge has an elegant design and stunning views of Interstate 93.

Penobscot Narrows Bridge, Maine

Penobscot Narrows Bridge has one of the largest spans in Maine.

It connects Prospect and Verona Island to form an important part of Interstate 95.

The bridge represents a vital link between Northern and Southern parts of Maine.

This beautiful cable-stayed bridge is popular with tourists.

St John’s Bridge in Portland

St John’s Bridge is a historic suspension bridge in Portland, Oregon.

Portland residents and visitors alike are familiar with this iconic bridge that connects east and west side of the city.

From the bridge, you can see beautiful views of the skyline.

Because of this, it has become an attraction for tourists who come to enjoy breathtaking views of the Willamette River from high above.

Memphis bridge

The Hernando de Soto Bridge is a historic bridge in Memphis, Tennessee.

This iconic bridge spans the Mississippi River and connects Arkansas to Tennessee.

The bridge looks beautiful when lit up at night and during the holiday season and one of the attractions of Memphis.

Newfield Covered Bridge

Among all the covered bridges in America, the Newfield Covered Bridge is particularly charming.

Located in Newfield, New York, the bridge is a fine example of stone and wood craftsmanship.

This quirky bridge not only features beautiful latticework but also detailed carvings on either side.

The clapboard siding and sturdy wooden frame of the bridge have decorative intricate arches and ornaments.

Edmund Pettus Bridge, Selma, Alabama

The historic Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama is the site of infamous 1965 voting rights marches.

When Dr Martin Luther King walked across this bridge with peaceful protesters, he was confronted and attacked by law enforcement on March 7, 1965.

The Edmund Pettus Bridge is a National Historic Landmark and is a must to learn about America’s political history.

The many famous bridges in USA represent different parts of the nation’s history.

The Edmund Pettus Bridge was significant to the American civil rights history.

It is an iconic landmark and also a symbol of political progress.

Other timeless structures such as the Newfield Covered Bridge or St John’s bridge are popular because of their character and charm.

We hope you liked our post about the most famous bridges in USA.

What is your favorite bridge in America? Let us know in the comments.