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Culinary Travel is for anyone with an interest in understanding the destination through its cuisine. It involves indulging in authentic cuisine, understanding the culinary influences and reasons behind the creation of local cuisine. Culinary travel takes many forms. Culinary travelers can take exotic cooking classes, visit the local markets, or eat the local specialty street foods. It goes beyond Michelin starred guides and dives headlong into fusion foods, microbreweries, patisseries, annual harvests and more. It usually ALWAYS involves hunger pangs inducing, drool-worthy overhead shots of food. For culinary travelers, the food and drink is not a side experience of the trip but among its highlight. Culinary travelers consider local cuisine a driving factor in travel decisions and face greater emphasis on the quality, taste, value, and deliciousness of freshly prepared food rather than its presentation and traditional accompaniments. Research tells that millennials are most likely to undertake focused culinary trips from chocolate trails, wine trails and sushi classes to food tours, seafood festivals and cooking with local chefs.