1. You have inspired me to visit! Since COVID19 all i’ve done is take note to see what I can see next. Thanks for sharing. Do you have a list of things to do there?

  2. I like the aline themed-restaurant, totally eye-catchy! NO wonder kids love it. I also like Bismarck’s many street arts.

  3. Is this North Dakota? Wowza! Looks like anywhere in Brooklyn or the West Coast. I would totally go tho that alien themed restaurant and I’m no kid. Love the food and I’m a total foodie. I wonder if there’s bison.

  4. So many nice attractions to see in Bismarck! I like the Space Aliens Grill and Bar. That is a really unique concept for a restaurant. I wish I could visit someday. I’d never regret gaining a few pounds because I want to visit all those good restaurants!

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