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17 Delicious Vegan Restaurants in New Orleans French Quarter

Are you looking for Vegan Restaurants in New Orleans French Quarter?

You have come to the right place. Now that Dreamy Weenies has closed (Gasp, you didn’t know?) the options have reduced.

It’s not easy being vegan in New Orleans – the city of Louisiana’s great crawfish boils.

Worry not, we have a comprehensive list of the French quarter vegetarian restaurants.

The restaurants included here are vegetarian-friendly, have lots of vegan options and the servers are knowledgeable about vegan dietary restrictions.

Some of them will even prepare a special meal if you call up ahead.

So roll up your sleeves and get ready to eat vegan po-boys, vegan hot dogs, vegan platters, and vegan gumbos.

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Meals From The Heart Café

Meals from the Heart café is located inside the historic French Quarter’s Farmers Market in Booth number 13.

This Vegan Restaurant in New Orleans French Quarter is focused on healthy food.

All of their meals are low in sodium and sugar and contain no trans-fats; they also don’t serve red meats.

They also serve delicious vegan fare – by delicious, we mean great taste, lots of options, and separate vegan kitchen grill.

Try any of their vegan dishes including gumbo, crab cake, and blueberry pancakes – you won’t be disappointed.

Their vegan pancakes come with many vegan topping options including blueberries, strawberries, walnuts, vegan butter and vegan syrup and are especially popular with kids. 

Must Try: Vegan Okra Gumbo, Vegan Crab Cake Tacos, Vegan blueberry pancakes with walnuts and vegan butter, Vegan cheddar grits

Address: 1100 N Peters St Ste 13 New Orleans, LA 70116

Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian-Friendly

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Bennachin Restaurant

Bennachin Restaurant is a little known French quarter vegetarian restaurant (- and a BYOB gem) serving delicious soul food. Their menu has distinct West African culinary influences.

While not a specifically vegan restaurant, they have really good options for vegans and vegetarians.

Jama Jama is an excellent dish with sautéed spinach and black-eyed peas cooked in tomato base gravy and flavorful spices. This vegan meal is served hot and is big – it comes with coconut rice and plantains.

Other items to try include plantains with tomato-and-onion gravy, black-eyed pea fritters and tomato sandwich, lentil soup, eggplant curry with couscous.

They can make most of the meat dishes vegan by substituting vegetables.

Bennachin is a great place to swing by for some excellent and authentic vegan African cuisine.

Remember, it’s BYOB with no corkage fee.

Must Try: Jama Jama, black-eyed pea fritters, and tomato sandwich

Address: 1212 Royal St New Orleans, LA 70116

Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian-Friendly

Vegan Restaurants in New Orleans French Quarter

Credit: photograph by Zeetz, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license

The Crepe Cart

The Crepe Cart is located in the open-air French Market at the end of the French Quarter.

Their crepes are just yummy! The Crepe Cart is very vegetarian-friendly and all the crepes on their menu can be made vegan or gluten-free.

The crepes are light, big and tightly wrapped so they can be eaten on the go too. Vegan crepe batter without the egg and gluten-free batter is tasty and appealing. 

Vegan crepes are cooked on a separate cooking station. Their vegan special crepe has broccoli, cashew cheese, and pesto – delicious!

Must Try:  Savory crepes: The Lower Garden crepe, The Uptown crepe, The Amour

Sweet crepes: Vegan chocolate crepe, Beignet Crepe

Address: The French Market New Orleans, LA 70116

Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian-Friendly

Nine Roses Café

Nine Roses café is an excellent Vietnamese Vegan Restaurants in New Orleans French Quarter that serves some great food.

Most of their vegan/vegetarian dishes are inspired by tofu: fried tofu spring rolls, tofu sliders, lemongrass tofu w/vegetables and brown rice, Lemongrass Tofu Banh Mi and vegetable dumplings.

They also serve ‘Chegan Pho’ or cheating vegan pho. The Pho has lots of tofu pieces and a very flavorful broth.

Nine Roses café uses fresh vegetables and authentic sauces. Most of their dishes have excellent presentation.

Must Try: Fried tofu spring rolls, Chegan Pho

Address: 620 Conti St New Orleans, LA 70130

Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian-Friendly

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen French Quarter

Are you craving a vegan pizza or two? Make a beeline for the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen in the French Quarter.

Their menu clearly notes which pizzas and other items can be made vegan. The vegan options include roasted garlic and tomato pizza, vegan chicken pizza, vegan chicken Caesar salad, vegan calzone and even vegan desserts including cheesecake.

Their vegan pizzas and gluten-free pizzas and pastas are topped with vegan sour cream and daiya vegan cheese.

The food tastes delicious and the servers are friendly and helpful.

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen has great ambiance and is highly recommended among French quarter vegetarian restaurants.

Must Try: Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza, Vegan cheesecake

Address: 95 French Market Pl New Orleans, LA 70116

The Green Goddess

The Green Goddess is a vegan/vegetarian paradise in the French Quarter.

This popular Vegan Restaurant in New Orleans French Quarter has many Vegan options for delicious meals like melon salad, Muhammara vegan dip, Tofu Po’Boys, South Indian uttapams, and more.

It is also great for mixed parties of vegans and non-vegans since the Green Goddess has options for everyone.

Must Try: Lemongrass Tofu Po’boy, South Indian uttapam

Address: 307 Exchange Pl New Orleans, LA 70130

Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian-Friendly

Killer Poboys

If you come to New Orleans you must try poboys. Killer PoBoys serves delicious vegan poboys, made to your liking.

The vegan Roasted sweet potato Po’boy with black-eyed pea and pecan spread is delicious.

It comes with pickled shallots and sautéed greens – an interesting take on the classic sandwich!

Another option is the vegan cauliflower Po’boy which is equally delicious. The staff is super friendly and accommodating.

The servers take the time to explain vegan options and the vegan sandwiches are cooked on different grills.

They also serve vegan red beans and rice.

Must Try: Roasted sweet potato Po’boy, Cauliflower Po’boy

Address: 219 Dauphine St New Orleans, LA 70112

Vegan Vegetarian-Friendly

Gumbo Shop

Gumbo is one of the must eat foods in New Orleans.

Yet not all places serve vegan gumbos and so many visitors can’t try it.

The Gumbo Shop is an exception – its vegan gumbo or the gumbo z’herbes is plant-based, yummy and full of Creole flavor.

At $9 per bowl it is not cheap, but then French Quarter has very few cheap eats.

The vegan gumbo is warm and comforting, served with fresh bread, and perfect for winter nights.

Other vegan options include vegan rice and beans, a vegetarian dish of the day, vegan spinach artichoke dip and chips.

If you ask for a vegan menu, the staff will walk you through it and help you in making a selection.

They also have separate gluten-free menu.

Gumbo Shop is a popular French quarter vegetarian restaurant and always has long lines so be prepared to wait.

Must Try: Vegan Gumbo

Address: 630 Saint Peter St New Orleans, LA 70116

Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian-Friendly

Olde Nola Cookery

Olde Nola Cookery is a great location on Bourbon St in the French Quarter for good food.

They don’t have a big vegan menu but their Eggplant Po-boy is quite good.

The eggplant is chunky and fried and tastes delicious with barbeque sauce and the crumbly Po-boy bread.

The sandwich is accompanied by seasoned fries.

Olde Nola Cookery can also make a few pastas vegan on demand. We recommend consulting with your server to fully understand this eatery’s vegan options.

They also have a small separate gluten-free menu.

Must Try: Eggplant Po-boy

Address: 205 Bourbon St New Orleans, LA 70130

Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian-Friendly


Sylvain is an American gastropub located in the heart of the French Quarter.

They cater to vegans unlike most restaurants, the chefs will whip up something vegan for you inspired by the menu.

Some of the dishes they have created in the past include vegan pasta, vegan stuffed tomato, vegan roasted beet bruchetta, pickled veggies, vegan soups, and vegan salads.

Must Try: Consult with the server and chefs

Address: 625 Chartres St New Orleans, LA 70130

Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian-Friendly

Nola Restaurant

Nola Restaurant serves great Cajun and Creole food in the French Quarter. They are very accommodating of vegans.

We recommend calling up ahead and informing them that you are a vegan.

Staff is super friendly and helpful with menu selection; the chef often dishes up special, not on the menu, vegan meals.

At this French quarter vegetarian restaurant, the chefs can also prepare delicious 4-course vegan meals including salad, appetizer, entrée, and dessert upon request.

Must Try: Consult with the server and chefs

Address: 534 Saint Louis St New Orleans, LA 70130

Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian-Friendly

Other Vegan/ Vegetarian-friendly Restaurants In The French Quarter

Camellia Grill In The French Quarter

Camellia Grill is an American diner in the French Quarter serving great home cooked food.

Their menu is filled with comfort food and great atmosphere.

Camellia Grill caters to vegans and has decent menu options for vegetarians and vegans including breakfast omelets and more.

Address: 626 S Carrollton Ave New Orleans, LA 70118

Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar And Bistro

Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar and Bistro has limited options for vegans but a host of gluten-free options.

Many items on their menu are GF or can be prepared gluten-free. They are also vegetarian-friendly and accommodating of vegans.

Address: 720 Orleans Ave New Orleans, LA 70116

Vegan Restaurants in New Orleans French Quarter

Credit: photograph by rusvaplauke, distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license

Muriel’s Jackson Square

Muriel’s is located in an iconic red building overlooking Jackson’s square.

They have over a dozen gluten-free menu options.

This Vegan Restaurant in New Orleans French Quarter caters to vegans too.

Vegans can choose between entrees like roasted vegetable pot pie, asparagus, and sweet potato sides, and more.

Vegans can also order vegan meal platter with a sample of vegan dishes, vegetables, and sauces.

Address: 801 Chartres St New Orleans, LA 70116

Brennan’s Restaurant

Brennan’s, a French Quarter favorite, has a great reputation for being vegan-friendly.

They also have gluten-free options.

Most of their sides are vegan/ vegetarian-friendly but the kitchen also prepares an entrée of carrots and red wine sauce with roasted winter vegetables.

However, most of the salads and fruits dishes contain butter, so don’t order them!

Address: 417 Royal St New Orleans, LA 70130

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GW Fins

The seafood specialty restaurant, GW Fins, may not seem like an ideal choice for vegans but it has many vegan and gluten-free options.

Their menu changes daily, based on the catch of the day, but there is always at least one vegan entrée on the menu.

Last we checked they had plenty of vegetarian-friendly salads, sides, and desserts as well.

GW Fins are great for mixed parties, but not so great if you can’t stomach the sight of seafood.

Address: 808 Bienville St New Orleans, LA 70112

Restaurant R’evolution

Restaurant R’evolution is exceedingly popular and ranks among top restaurants in the French Quarter. 

It has many vegan and gluten-free items on its menu.

This restaurant is very accommodating of vegans; however, the menu is meat-centric so those expecting a separate vegan menu will be left disappointed.

Address: 777 Bienville St New Orleans, LA 70130

Being a vegan in New Orleans is not easy. Hopefully, we made it a bit less frustrating.

Do you know other vegan restaurants in New Orleans French quarter that we missed out on? Let us know in comments!