25 Cute Comfortable Shoes for Disney Parks to buy now!

Are you planning a trip to Orlando, Anaheim, or Paris and looking for the best shoes for Disney?

The right shoes matter a lot when it comes to walking over 10 miles a day in Disney or other theme parks.

Here are our top choices for Disney shoes for babies, toddler Disney-themed shoes, best shoes for Walt Disney World for kids, best walking sandals for women, and Disney days shoes for men. 

We hope you like our recommendations for cute comfortable shoes for Disney World!

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The part that I really really hate about Disney trips?

Walking from the theme park entrance to the different attractions and rides…..

….while carrying backpacks, strollers, and diaper bags with me!

On our last Disney visit to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, we walked on average 13.5 miles for three consecutive days!

That’s enough to create blisters or painfully swollen ankles if you don’t have the right shoes to wear at Disney….

Remember the episode from Modern Family where Gloria wears heels to Disney and is utterly, utterly miserable?

We all need cute shoes for Disney!

But just having the right Disney walking shoes isn’t enough!

They have to be cute, trendy, and basically not something that the dog dragged in.

After all, you *have* to post the best shoe-selfies on Instagram!

(On that note, here are awesome tips to click the best shoe-selfie, you’re welcome.)

So how to find the best shoes to wear to Disney?

Read on..

I don’t know about you but I am always torn between wearing too-cute-to-walk shoes and sensible shoes.

I love my Teva sandals for walking around cities and hiking plus they’d be one of the best sandals for Disneyland but god, they are ugly!

At the same time, I can’t help rolling my eyes (while inwardly feeling envious) at those who manage to combine stilettos with theme parks.

Make your Disney trip memorable with the right shoes and attire!

Being a total shoe person, I have over the years managed to build a decent ‘reliable yet fashionable’ best footwear for Disney collection!

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Aaand these are perfect and cute shoes for Disney World, Disneyland, Legoland, Six Flags, Universal, or any other theme park or for that matter even for traveling to Europe!

Now that we are all agreed that having the best shoes for walking around Disney is a critical part of your surviving Disney arsenal,

here are our recommendations for best shoes for Disney World walking for women, men, babies, best toddler shoes for Disney, and older kids!

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Ultimate Guide to Best Shoes for Disney World 2021

This short, handy list is perfect for those who have less time, hate reading, just want to see the recommendations for good shoes for Disney, and then quickly buy something – DONE!

If you are more into details like me and need more information before making a well-informed buying decision, then read all the way down to reviews of individual Disney shoes!

Best Disney Shoes for Kids

Best Disney Crib Shoe for Babies: Minnie & Mickey Crib Shoes

The Best toddler shoes for Disney World: Reebok Unisex Sneakers

Best toddler girls sandals: IFans Minnie Mouse Mary Jane Flats

Comfortable and best kids shoes for Disney World: New Balance Unisex Cross Trainers

Adorable Disney Minnie Mouse Sneakers: Disney Unisex Sneakers Minnie

Best Disney Clogs for toddlers and little kids: Croc’s Kids Disney Clogs

Cool Crocs sandals for Disney World for girls: Minnie Mouse Crocs

Best Disney Shoes for Women

The Best women’s walking shoes for Disney World: Skechers Go Walk

Best Sneakers for Disney for Women: New Balance Mickey Mouse Cross Trainers

Cute + Best walking sandals for Disney world for Women: Plaka Woven Flat Sandal

Super comfortable sandals for Disney world or best sports sandals for Women: Teva Tirra Sandal

Best Walking flip flops at Disney World for Women: Sanuk Thong Flip Flops

Best Disney Shoes for Men

Good walking shoes for Disney world for Men: Skechers Go Walk

Best Sneakers for Walt Disney World Men: New Balance Cross Trainers

The most comfortable and Best sandals for walking at Disney for Men: Keen Newport Sandal

Best Flip-Flops for Disney for Men: Olukai Ohana Flip Flops

Best Disney Socks

You definitely need some awesome Disney socks to go with your shoes!

Best Disney Minnie Mouse Socks – check here.

Disney Princess socks for girls!

Charming Disney Frozen Socks – who will you be, Elsa or Anna?

Eye catching Disney Frozen Knee High Socks – perfect for a Disney costume!

Other Cool Disney Stuff to Buy for your Trip!

Disney Face Masks – It’s post 2020 and face masks are here to stay. Disney Parks requires masks for your duration of stay to keep all safe.

Here are our favorite Disney themed face masks!

Disney Ears – much cheaper to carry than buying at the park store!

Disney autograph books – these are perfect to take autographs from Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Jasmine, Belle, and other Disney characters that you will meet at the parks.

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Disney trip is always magical and memorable!

Where to buy the best shoes for Disney?

Now that’s a trick question!

You can technically buy the best shoes for walking in Disney or any other purpose at any shoe store or brand outlet or the mall.

But, how do you know if the shoe you like is good for Disney? The answer in a word is Amazon! Or rather, the reviews!!!

Before buying any product on Amazon, be sure to check out the reviews – especially, if someone has used the product for the same purpose – which here is for walking around Disney parks!

Checking Disney Amazon Reviews

Here’s a simple 4 step process to find whether shoes you like on Amazon will be the best shoes for walking at Disney :

Step 1: Click on customer reviews right below the product name. This will take you to the first review.

Step 2: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, where you will find ‘See all reviews’. Click on it.

Step 3: Now you are on the customer reviews page.

Under the ‘Top positive review’, you will find a search box that says ‘Search Customer Reviews’.

Step 4: Type ‘Disney’ here since you want the best Disneyland walking shoes and click search.


Now you know if anyone wore that shoe in Disney and whether they had a good experience!

Basically, whether they are among the best shoes for Disneyland or WDW!

Always works like magic!

You need shoes that will keep your feet happy till the fireworks!

What are the worst shoes for Disney?

Before we discuss, what shoes to wear to Disneyland or what are the best shoes to wear at Disney – let us discuss a bit about what shoes to not ever, ever, ever wear to Disney.

Or if you still want to – we suggest wearing these at your own risk – of falling, breaking a bone, or losing your shoe on the rides.


Maybe you haven’t noticed, but stilettos and theme parks just don’t go together!

In fact, we would go further and say no to wedges, kitten heels, pumps, or any other heel.

They just aren’t the best shoes to walk around Disney.

And that is not to judge anyone’s fashion choices but simply to reduce the potential for falls and injuries.

Disney has cobbled streets and a good friend of mine once fell and fractured her kneecap on the cobbled streets of Spain.

Not fun!

When it comes to the best shoes for Disney parks, comfy flats are the way to go.

Tip: If you are staying at Disney, then you can totally wear heels for dinner at night!

Flip Flops

Imagine your ideal day at Disney.

Does strollers and tourists stepping on your toes part of it?

If not, don’t wear flip flops to Disney!

Also, the thin soles of flip flops don’t offer support for walking.

Like flip flops, anything with toe thongs (the bit that goes between toe and finger) should be avoided.

Flip flops are, in general, better as backup shoes when you want to change your main footwear for water activities or other reasons.

Heelys or other any shoes with wheels

Heelys are roller shoes with removable heels. They can be either used to walk, run or skate.

These types of shoes are not allowed at Disney Parks per official rules along with any kind of skates because of their accident potential.

Brand new Minimalist or Barefoot Shoes

Minimalist or barefoot shoes while great for running, require quite a bit of getting used to – so Disney parks is not the place to ‘try them out’!

I wouldn’t have even thought of mentioning this, but we recently talked to someone who did it while backpacking Asia and so I thought it prudent to mention here!

Also, some styles of barefoot shoes are too transparent and you might not be allowed to wear them if tehy go against Disney shoe rules.

White Shoes or expensive shoes or shoes that you love too much!

Most times that I have visited Disney I have had someone stepping on my shoes or my toddler dropping ice-cream on my shoes or something similar getting my shoes dirty.

Since then I have sworn off light colored shoes or any shoes that are irreplaceable for the theme parks.


Disney like most other places has no shoes, no shirt, no service policy.

You are in public and need to act like it. That said, removing shoes for just a few minutes is fine.

I have seen many people do it – though most of them do it because they are sore from wearing the wrong type of shoes!

Alice in Wonderland Vans for Mad Hatters ride!

How to find the best shoes for Disney?

So how do you know if your favorite pair of shoes will be good for Disney?

How to decide what shoes to wear to Disney? Here are some criteria that a good Disney walking shoe should satisfy:

Good walking support and breathable fabric

What are the best shoes for Disney World?

You absolutely need comfortable shoes for Disney World that have good foot support for the miles and miles you will be walking each day.

Breathable fabric is essential because the climate at both Orlando and Anaheim where Disney US parks are located is hot and humid.


As we mentioned above, per Disney rules – shoes must be worn at all times.

That includes water rides or anywhere where your feet will get wet.

Add to that, it almost always rains at Disney – so much so that we recommend carrying basic, cheap ponchos for everyone in your party.

That’s why we recommend wearing shoes that are waterproof.

Or get the best water shoes for Disney World for pool play and splash fun.

If you don’t want to wear waterproof shoes – then wear shoes and socks that dry fast or carry a pair of flip flops to change into for the water rides.

Excellent Fit

What shoes to wear to Disney World? Ones that fit well!

Even the best Disney walking shoes are useless if they are too cramped or too big.

That’s why we recommend wearing a pair of shoes that you have broken in and worn for at least 6+ miles and 2+ days before you think of bringing them to Disney.


This mostly depends on when and where you are going.

While both Orlando and Anaheim don’t get that cold in winter, Disney Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong do.

If it happens to be cold when you are visiting we recommend either a pair of warm boots or better yet – thick, woolen socks that you can change if it feels warm all of a sudden.

The Best Shoes for Disney Reviewed

Now that we have covered what not wear, you can see that sneakers, walking shoes, tennis shoes are really great choices for the best shoes to wear to Disneyland.

A good pair of sandals or crocs might work for some as well.

While we suggest these as best shoes to wear to Disney World, you will find them useful for Universal, Six Flags, Legoland, any other theme parks or basically destinations where you will walk a lot every day like in Paris or London or elsewhere in Europe or New York City.

Here are our recommendations for the best walking shoes for Disneyland or best shoes for Walt Disney World for the entire family:

Best Shoes for Disney for Babies

Disney with babies can be quite fun as long as you are adequately prepared for it.

We do not recommend bringing babies under 2 months to Disney because they are yet to receive their vaccines but any age after that is fair game.

We took our daughter to her first trip to Disneyland in California when she was 6 months old and plan another trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando around her first birthday.

Here are some of the best crib shoes and early walker shoes for a trip to Disney:

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Crib Shoes

These Minnie Mouse dress shoes are perfect for girls – infants as well as toddlers – who will spend a major amount of time being carried around or held.

They have an adorable real red bow and just scream Disney!

Your little girl will definitely be the star at the theme park!

If you are looking for something less sparkly then I would recommend these denim blue Minnie shoes.

However, I wouldn’t recommend these for early walkers since toddlers require much more support.

Another good option for Disney themed crib shoes are these matching Mickey / Minnie slip-on shoes for both boy and girl babies.

Shoes for early walkers

First shoes for early walkers need to be soft and lightweight plus offer good support and excellent grip.

Sneakers that dry quickly and are lightweight are an excellent choice for infants and toddlers.

I love these colorful mesh ones for both boys and girls.

These early walking shoes by Stride Lite are perfect for early walkers with really small feet.

They are comfortable walking shoes for Disney for babies.

If you prefer moccasins for your baby – I do because they are soft and easy to walk – then these are a great choice.

I bought them when my son was 10 months old (yeah, he started walking with the support that early!) and after 3 months of use, they still looked new and were very comfortable.

Plus they come in a whopping 36 color choices! Click here to check all 36 colors now!

Best Shoes for Disney for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Toddlers and preschoolers spend half the time running around from rides to cartoon characters in Disneyland and the other half sleeping in their strollers!

For this age group, you need to have the best kid shoes for Disney with great support and excellent grip to avoid falls plus they should be easy to wear and clean.

Also for this age, I feel as if the shoe should scream DISNEY and have their favorite cartoon characters.

These are our favorite Disney shoes for kids under 5.

Disney Crocs

Crocs are a good option if you are going to be spending just one day in the theme parks.

For longer durations, I would not really recommend Crocs. They are also great alternate shoes.

You can always buy regular toddler or preschooler crocs in vibrant, bright colors but for added fun, check out these Disney Crocs for kids aged 1 yrs to 8 yrs.

Toddler and Preschooler Sneakers

Sneakers are the best choice for toddlers at all times.

No stubbed toes, no slippery soles, and no heels to break. Plus toddler and preschooler sneakers come in nice fashionable styles.

Reebok fans will love these Reeboks for kids ages 1 year – 12 years.

They are available in multiple colors and one of the best sneakers for Disney world for preschoolers.

For a great budget-friendly option in nice pastel colors, check out these shoes with fake laces and easy pull-on tab closure.

Another trendy laceless option is these slip-on sneakers by Chillipop.

They look like adult sneakers with eyelets for laces and it is easy to create twinning outfits with these – another reason they are best shoes to wear in Disney.

For breathable toddler running shoe, I love these casual mesh ones in grey – my son uses them for playing football at the YMCA.

Best Shoes for Disney for Older Kids

It’s a little tough shopping for the older kids because one day they want to buy literally everything that looks like their favorite character and the next day they think that everything they own is ‘stupid and lame’.

I have enough nieces and nephews in this age group and can attest to the fact!

So here’s a mix of Disney-themed as well as regular shoes for this ‘too cool for Disney’ age group:

Crocs Minnie Mouse Sandals

These Crocs Minnie Mouse sandals are perfect for pre-teen and teenage girls.

The Minnie- Mickey mouse crocs for Disney World are super girly and instantly noticeable and would be perfect for a young Disney fan on her way to meet her favorite characters.

Since they are open-toed they are perfectly comfortable sandals for Disney for hot summer days at the same time they can’t fall off because of the strap that goes behind the ankle.

Aren’t they the best sandals to wear to Disney World?

Minnie Mouse Sneakers

These sneakers featuring iconic Minnie and Mickey Mouse patterns are made by Disney – so they are officially the most comfortable shoes for Disneyland walking!

And they come in 3 interesting designs.

They look super cute plus are great shoes to wear to Disney.

Imagine all the cool social media pics your kids will be able to take!

New Balance Kids Cross Trainers

Every bit as sturdy and comfortable as the New Balance Cross Trainers for adults, these are the best trainers for Disney World for kids.

They come in a variety of nice colors, are unisex, and even have a cute Disney variant.

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with these! Best tennis shoes for Disney for kids, if you will!

Know of any other best shoes for kids at Disney? Let us know!

Best Shoes for Disney for Women

When it comes to the best women’s shoes for Disney World, it’s really hard to find a balance of fashion and comfort.

Thankfully, nowadays, sneakers and sports shoes come in trendy styles and vibrant colors and an overall profile that looks good with skinny jeans.

I love matching my many sneakers with a pair of comfy jeans and adding a stylish blouse or shirt to complete the outfit.

Most of these sneakers also look good with shorts, skirts, or as per the latest trends with dresses.

Here are some adorable, comfortable, as well as durable recommendations for sneakers, flip-flops, and the best walking sandals for Disney :

New Balance Cross Training Shoes

I am a huge fan of New Balance shoes for women’s theme park shoes because of their awesome fit and comfort.

While I don’t run, I walk a lot every day and even more on holidays since we like to hike and explore places on foot.

That’s why I often buy good running shoes – my logic being that if others can run marathons in them, then I can definitely walk an entire day!

And that’s how I came across the New Balance brand.

These cross-training shoes are just perfect for everything from running, jogging, gym – and they make good shoes for Disneyland.

The best part? They even come in a Minnie Mouse variant, which is a must for theme park visitors!

I love the part about no laces (slip-on) and their ultra-lightweight nature makes them perfect for the entire day at Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

Skechers Walking Shoes

When it comes to shoes, you can never go wrong with picking any Skecher.

These shoes have memory foam shoes, offer great support plus are extremely durable.

They are also breathable, absorb moisture, and keep away foot odor.

Truly one of the most comfortable walking shoes for Disney World.

What else do you need?! You could keep on walking forever in them or go from ride to ride at Disney without feeling any discomfort.

They are honestly the best women’s walking shoes for Disneyland.

Skechers Disney shoes are available in multiple types: try the colorful Go Walk slip-on Skechers for ease of wear, the Skechers Performance slip-on walking shoe for the ultimate comfort or the trendy bungee lace vibrant Skechers for spot-on style.

Those who prefer a bulky profile will love the original lace-up Skechers sneakers or get the fashion sneaker with a slimmer profile.

Skechers may be a bit expensive but are totally worth the money for quality, comfort, and durability.

No wonder that they are regarded by many as the best women’s shoes for Disney World.

Fashion Glitter Sneakers

Another fun, fashionable, and comfortable choice is the fashion glitter sneakers by Roxy Rose.

They are good for walking all day plus the glitter doesn’t fall off and stock everywhere.

I especially like the white color with blue glitter – sparkly and very pretty.

It reminds me of Frozen landscape and would be just perfect for Disney. The Dusty Rose color is also really pretty – a sparkling rose gold that would go perfectly with denim.

Best Sandals for Disney – Teva Walking Sandals

When it comes to women’s walking sandals for Disney, none can beat Teva.

I have owned a couple of Tevas over last 10 years: I have hiked Petra in them, worn them as a water shoe in the Arabian sea in India, walked on sand dunes in Qatar, have hiked in the Zion Narrows wearing them, baby worn in them, and used them for biking across Easter Island – not were they ever uncomfortable.

They have excellent grip, are super comfortable, and the open toe structure is great for hot and humid climate or those who hate shoes.

The first Teva I owned was the Teva Original sandal which while amazing to walk is NOT fashionable.

Since then I have loved the Teva Tirra Sandal which is cute enough to be paired with denim, dresses, skirts, and shorts plus comes in vibrant color options.

Another great option is the Teva Verra walking sandal.

The best part about Teva sandals is that they are waterproof.

Whenever my sandals get dirty, I wash them in the machine and then air dry them – they always look like new.

Other best women’s sandals for Disney World

Gone are the days when walking sandals were dull and meant only for the senior 60+ age group.

Many companies now make fashionable, eye-catching walking sandals that are great for walking miles every day like at Disney or other theme parks.

Blowfish Sneakers for Women

I love the designs by Blowfish. This is a California brand and the shoes reflect that airy, chic Cali vibe.

Their Granola Fisherman Sandal is uber chic and just perfect to show off your freshly manicured toenails.

The straps don’t pinch or dig and the shoes are comfortable straight out of the box.

Blowfish also offers some of the best walking sneakers for Disney: try their Play sneaker or Marley Sneaker or Fruit Sneaker.

Plaka Sandals – Fashionable and Excellent Utility!

But our favorite option for walking sandals that are waterproof is the Plaka Woven walking sandal.

I’m thinking of buying another of these for our next Disney trip  – they look ridiculously cute for walking sandals!

Plus the many color options in turquoise, red, aquamarine make these sandals one of the best choices for those who *need* fashionable footwear!

I recently discovered another best footwear for Disney World, these meshwork sneakers.

I have been using it for air travel and it is so comfortable since it is slip-on.

It saves my time at security in half and the mesh structure is perfect for the hot and humid climate of Florida or Anaheim.

Plus they pass the Disney walking test! They come in various colors, are cheap, and look nice!

If you are combining your California Disney Trip with a trip to the national parks in Mojave desert like Death Valley or Joshua Tree or with a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway and want to carry just one footwear for the trip, then combination walking and hiking sandals are a great option.

These are comfortable enough to wear all day long, have excellent grip for trails, plus are waterproof for water fun.

The Keen walking sandal is great for all adventurous activities from hiking, scrambling, walking about cities, a day in Disney, and even for biking.

Plaka also has a great cute but tough hiking sandal which they say is good even for kayaking.

The Ecco Walking / Hiking Sandal is good for everything from walking around Disney, riding roller coasters at Six Flags, and even for beachcombing.

Teva Flip-Flops

Can you wear flip flops at Disneyland or WDW? Well, that depends.

You can wear Teva – the flip flop that doesn’t act like a flip flop!

Cute, fun, many different colors, excellent grip, and a T-strap that doesn’t hurt your toes – the Teva Olowahu Flip Flop is honestly too good to be called a flip-flop.

You can wear them for hours, walk as much as you want, and still, you’ll experience zero discomfort.

They don’t slip even when it’s wet – a huge plus compared to other flip flops.

Sanuk Thong Flip-Flop

These amazing little Sanuk Thong sandals / flip-flops have a squishy thick sole with excellent support like sneakers, has comfy fabric straps, a T strap that doesn’t hurt, look super cute on your feet, plus comes in multiple colors.

A total winner.

The fabric strap that goes behind your ankle keeps it firmly on your feet and your feet will sing and dance all the way through Disney parks.

You can honestly order this flip-flop with your eyes closed (not really, you need to choose from several colors!) and it will be perfect for Disney.

Birkenstock-style Minnie Mouse Flip Flops

If you must wear any flip flops beside Teva or Sanuk inside Disney, then wear these!

While not original Birkenstock, these flip flops offer similar style fo soft sole and great support.

They are quite comfortable and good for walking around at Disney World.

However, remember to break them in and apply some body glide on the toe straps so they don’t chafe or rub. Check out these super adorable Minnie Mouse flip flops now.

Best men’s shoes for Disney

When it comes to finding the best men’s walking shoes for Disney World, things get tricky.

You see, the hubby owns about 4 to 6 pairs of footwear at a time.

The reason I can give so many excellent recommendations about women’s walking shoes is that I own more than 30 pairs of footwear!

However, for putting this part of the post together I made him sit and work with me, plus took recommendations from guy friends, colleagues, cousins, and at times even random strangers…well not any random stranger…shoe salesmen!

But, you get the idea!

Here are the best shoes for Orlando theme parks or comfortable shoes for amusement parks the world over:

New Balance Walking Shoes

These New Balance walking shoes are my husband’s fave recommendation for best men’s shoes for Disney World.

Yeah, we are big New Balance fans and happen to think they’re better than Skechers – plus budget-friendly!

These walking shoes offer perfect support for the heel plus are lightweight and breathable making them excellent for options for best walking shoes for amusement parks.

Add to the fact that they look good on the feet and the color goes with everything. Best Disney world shoes alert!!

Another great option for men’s theme park shoes is the New Balance cross-trainers.

They provide lots of cushion to the feet and are extremely comfortable.

They are wonderful for family trips and one of the best shoes for walking at Disney World.

Nike Cross Trainers

The Nike Cross Trainers have excellent traction and arch support; they are great as best tennis shoes for Disney World.

They come in a nice selection of colors plus are trendy. I especially love the all-white ones and plan to get one for the hubby!

For similar comfort and style of best men’s shoes for Disneyland at a lower budget, you can also try the ASICS Running Shoes.

Even though they are running shoes, they work great as street shoes and are one of the best shoes for walking around Disney World.

Skechers Go Walk Slip-on Shoes

These Skechers Go Walk Shoes are the counterpart to the women’s go walk shoes.

They have a super cushiony, comfortable, memory foam sole and offer great support.

They are also lightweight and great for those who suffer from knee or back problems related to walking long distances.

You can also check out the slightly narrower, 3rd edition Go Walk Shoes here.

They are the best shoes for walking all day at Disney world for those who prefer comfort over fashion.

Skechers Sneakers

Looking for the best sneakers for Disneyland or WDW?

If you want the comfort and walkability of the Skechers Go Walk but don’t like their ‘hospital shoe’ look, then get the Skechers Sneakers.

They also have the soft, memory foam sole and excellent support but are lace-up walking shoes.

They will be good for all the walking around you will need to do at the theme parks.

Keen Men’s Shoe

For a walking shoe that is classy, low profile and feels more like a walking sandal – consider the Keen Walking Shoes.

These are designed like oxfords for a classy look and the rubber toe is great for avoiding stubbed toes.

The Keen Shoe is also waterproof and lightweight and would be great for a day at Disney.

Men’s Quick Drying Water Shoes

What are the best shoes to wear to Disney World that are also waterproof?

While these quick-drying shoes by Aleader are technically water shoes, they do have excellent support and are great for lots of walking in Disney theme parks when worn with socks on dry days.

You can also use them at the poolside in Disney resorts or at the Disney water parks – that means carrying a single pair of comfortable, breathable shoes for your entire trip, making them one of the best shoes to wear at Disneyland.

How awesome is that?

Keen Men’s Newport Sandals

This men’s hiking / walking sandal from Keen’s is great for Disney days.

It has excellent foot support, is lightweight, the open structure makes it perfect for hot days, plus it drys it out fast.

Since it is a hiking sandal it has excellent traction and is good for cobblestone streets or walking long distances.

Plus it comes in a nice variety of colors and is trendy.

While not as good-looking as the Keen sandal, the ECCO Yucatan sandal is also great for walking, hiking, and water activities and offers great support.

Men’s walking flip-flops

These flip-flop sandals by OLUKAI may not be as cheap as your Old Navy flip flops but they have excellent arch support and are great for walking miles in them.

Wear them to Disney and you will have painless days and will literally jump from Fantasyland to Adventureland with your kids!

The best part – if they get dirty, you can wipe them with a damp cloth and they will look as good as new.

Best Disney-themed add ons for your shoes

We get it – not everyone wants to buy Disney themed stuff for a visit to the theme parks but at the same time want to wear something that shouts Disney from the rooftops!

Here are a few fun things that you can add to regular shoes for the added Disney bling:

Shoe charms for Crocs

Dress up your plain crocs with these unique shoe charms for a visit to Disney.

The charms fit over croc shoes perfectly and don’t harm the shoes in any way.

They can be easily removed after your visit and reused for the next one. Isn’t that just super? Check out the charms here.

Good pair of socks

Wearing the best socks for Disney is as much important as best theme park shoes.

We recommend wearing a pair of comfortable socks that absorb sweat and will keep your feet dry.

While I’m not a runner, I love wearing running socks for their moisture-wicking abilities.

My husband loves his from Saucony while I recently tried a new pair of Bering socks – scored a limited time deal at Amazon – and totally in love with them!

I especially love all the extra cushion they offer for my heel and the easy to pull heel tab.

For my son who is a preschooler, I love these easy to pull up, anti-skid grip socks – they are available in many sizes from baby to pre-teens.

For baby and toddler boys under 2 years, you can also try these super cute Disney socks set – I bought the similar matching girls Minnie Mouse set for my infant daughter.

Disney Leggings, Stockings and Tights

If you are wearing the most comfortable shoes for theme parks that don’t scream Disney, you can always dress them up for the occasion in Disney print leggings, stocking, and tights.

These Disney Minnie Mouse leggings are perfect for infants and toddler girls, while older girls will enjoy these Minnie & Mickey leggings.

I also love these stretchy, fashionable Mickey Mouse tights for women.

Other tips to avoid blisters or painful feet

Anti Chafing Balms

Even if you have the best shoes for theme park walking, you might still experience discomfort.

Some people are simply more prone to blisters due to the shape or size of their feet.

If you are one of them, then anti-chafing balms can be a life-changer to having comfy shoes for Disney.

You simply rub these balms on heels, toes, or wherever maximum friction occurs and it prevents rubbing with your unique Disney shoes.

Just like that!

We love the Body Glide band – I bought a 1.5 oz pack about 2 years ago for our Chile and Easter Island trip – and there’s still so much left!


If in spite of your having the best shoes for amusement parks, you still get blisters then don’t pop them, please.

Nothing hurts a blister more than popping it plus the open wound can lead to infections.

Instead, cover it up with a bandaid – bandaids is one of the essentials of our Disney packing list.

We love taking the super cute Finding Dory bandaids to Disney – they just go together!

You can also pack along some special blister band-aids that are made to cover heels, ankles, and come in special shapes.

These will let you have even more comfy walking shoes at Disney world. Click here to see all Disney themed band-aids and find your favorite character!

We hope you liked our post on the best shoes for theme parks including sandals at Disneyland and the best flip flops for Disney world.

Do you have a pair of favorite Disneyland shoes to wear that we haven’t included here?

Let us know so we can add it to our epic list of best walking shoes for theme parks!

How about a Disney shoe selfie idea-fest? Drop us your favorite in the comments and we will picture them right here! Come on, send them now!

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  1. FYI, Disneyland has band aids at the first aid station and most gift shops (for free) in the event that you need one.

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