Awash with mysteries and enigmas, Easter Island, for most people, is the trip of a lifetime.

The most remote inhabited place on earth will leave you overwhelmed with its vast archeological treasures, fantastic legends, an ancient civilization, and a surprising natural beauty.

Surprising because the beauty of the volcanic landscape strikes most visitors as an afterthought; usually after the Moai have been observed, photographed, discussed, and their presence thoroughly dissected.

Located 5 hours from Santiago by air, this tiny Polynesian island is full of incredible activities including beautiful hiking trails, biking to the archeological sites, riding majestic horses, driving an ATV, and driving around the island.

Easter Island may not have the big sandy beaches of other Polynesian islands but its rocky coastline is perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, exploring from a boat, fishing, and surfing.

Hanga Roa, the main town on Easter Island, is perfect for exploring on foot and absorbing local culture including Rapa Nui arts and music, Polynesian dance performances, and even getting an indigenous tattoo.

Rano Raraku, or the nursery where the Moai were created, is an astounding place.

The famous stone statues are everywhere on the slopes of this volcanic mountain. Some are buried neck deep where they stood centuries ago, some lie flat on the ground broken at their necks while some others are still half carved and attached to the bedrock.

The collapse of the Rapa Nui civilization has intrigued archeologists, historians, anthropologists, and even conspiracy theorists.

How can the tourists be far behind?

Visiting Easter Island is like stepping back in time and coming face to face with a powerful civilization.

With rising sea levels and climate change threatening to erode the statues far quicker than estimated, the time to visit Easter Island is right now.

Take a flight, then another, then another, and land on the most remote airport in the world to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Just go!

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