An epic destination for nature lovers, Chile has a multitude of fascinating landscapes from the arid and otherworldly Atacama Desert in the North to the glaciers and grasslands of Patagonia in the South.

The Andes mountains have soaring volcanoes, a beautiful lake district, and important archeological sites while the Pacific coast is full of hidden gems including the colorful city of Valparaiso, culinary delights of Vina del Mar, and beautiful vineyards in the wine belt.

Chile is especially popular for soft adventure travel and offers travelers variety of adventures including hiking over ice fields and glaciers in Patagonia, surfing over the huge swells of the Pacific in Arica, sandboarding over the dunes of the Atacama Desert, skiing in the Andes near Santiago, and scuba diving off the coast of Easter Island.

Considering all these epic adventures, it’s hardly a surprise that Chile has been consistently named the world’s best adventure tourism destination.

However, the country is not just about scenic places and the outdoors but is also a great cultural destination.

Chile’s heritage and traditions are rooted in its indigenous people, especially the Mapuche tribe.

The age-old traditions have blended with Spanish colonial ways and have resulted in a unique Chilean culture.

Chile’s capital, Santiago, is modern, cosmopolitan, and big on international cuisines and beautiful architecture.

Santiago’s majestic colonial buildings, big museums, and distinct neighborhoods will delight the soul of cultural travelers.

No trip to Chile can be complete without visiting its famous islands.

The island of Chiloe is famous for its distinctively painted 16 churches which are a UNESCO Heritage Site and it’s traditional fishermen houses.

Juan Fernandez Archipelago is famous for being the inspiration behind the book, Robinson Crusoe and for its abundant wildlife.

However the most famous of them all is Easter Island and it’s mysterious Moai or the stone heads.

Over 880 ancient statues placed all over the UNESCO Heritage site enchant and intrigue visitors into learning more about the Rapa Nui civilization that flourished on this tiny island in the middle of the Pacific.

Breathtaking every step of the way, Chile!

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