What to wear in Disneyland 2021: Ultimate Guide

Planning your Disneyland vacation and looking for what to wear in Disneyland?

You want to make sure you’re comfortable, and that your clothes don’t restrict movement.

But what should you add to your Disneyland packing list?

And how do you plan the perfect Disneyland outfits that look adorable in photos?

With all the things to consider when heading into such a big tourist attraction, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

We’ve got some tips for what to wear to Disneyland and how to dress stylish yet comfortable!

Travel Tip: You can also use this Disneyland packing list for your Walt Disney World Vacation in Florida or trip to any other Disney parks where weather is similar!

What to wear in Disneyland: Clothing

Disney brings to mind cute clothes and accessories year round!

However, its not just about style and look!

When you’re packing, keep the comfort and function of your clothes at the forefront of your mind.

After all, if you’re miserable, it’s going to be hard for you to enjoy yourself in the Disney parks!

Here’s what to wear for visiting Disneyland in California.

Comfortable Disney Shoes

A good pair of walking or athletic shoes are a must; bring these along with an extra pair of socks.

Skip heels, wedges, and brand new shoes – opt for broken in comfy shoes like sneakers or walking sandals.

After all you are going to be walking for miles together for at least few hours each day and standing in long lines at the park.

If you are staying at Disneyland Resort, then be sure to pack a pair of flip flops or water shoes for poolside activities.

The waterproof shoes are also useful for water rides such as Splash Mountain.


Wear lightweight shirts or t-shirts as your base layer to stay comfortable all day long.

We recommend packing along 2 t-shirts per day at the park.

Bonus if they have Disney characters on them!


Jeans are a great choice for comfortable all day pants at the theme parks.

Yoga pants also work very well for women.

Shorts or Skirts

Shorts are okay for warmer weather too.

You may also want to consider a skirt — it’s a versatile option that’ll keep you cool and comfortable no matter where you are in the park.

Light Sweater or jacket

It’s also a good idea to bring a light jacket or sweater along for cooler weather later in the day.

Southern California weather can get chilly in winter, and you don’t want to be that person shivering as soon as the sun goes down!

Even early mornings can get quite cool and a simple jean jacket or fleece hoodie will be prove useful.

Make sure the outerwear packs down to a small size and can be stuffed into a backpack when not needed.

Backpack, Purse, or Fanny Pack

Be sure to carry a comfortable purse or backpack on your Disneyland visit.

It should be large enough to keep park tickets, hotel room keys, sun protection, own snacks and water, and phone charger.

It should be comfortable enough to carry around all day without getting tired.

Toiletries and Makeup

You should also remember your basic hygiene essentials: deodorant, soap and shampoo/conditioner, a toothbrush and toothpaste, feminine hygiene products , etc.

If you forget something crucial, don’t worry — there are stores in the park that sell all of this stuff!

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What to wear in Disneyland: Dress like a local!

Now that you have your basic Disneyland outfits figured out, you have two options.

Be conspicuous and dress like a local or go all out on Disney bling!

The locals know that an unassuming outfit is the best way to pass through Disneyland without drawing attention to yourself — and those outfits are the most functional as well!

It all comes down to layers: bare midriffs, shorts, tank tops and flip-flops will definitely mark you as a first-timer.

So what does an unassuming, locals-approved outfit look like?

Jeans or pants with a solid, neutral color are most common.

The locals tend to stick with lighter colors for t-shirts, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule.

The locals who wear brighter clothes throughout the day are typically dressed for comfort, not style — they’re walking all day, after all!

Add an unassuming jacket if it gets chilly; you can always take it off if you get hot later on in the day.

What to wear at Disneyland: Dial up the fun quotient!

This section if for those who want their outfit to scream Disney!

There are several Disney accessories that you can wear to glam up your outfit.

Disney Ears

Disney Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse Ears and the most popular park accessories.

You can buy them in advance online and take them with you to save money.

Disney Trading Pins

While not technically part of the outfit, you will see several visitors wearing lanyards with trading pins on them.

You can give them to your favorite character or trade with other park goers.

What to wear in Disneyland: Making it your own

It’s important to keep comfort, function and style in mind for what to wear in Disneyland.

But no matter how many people tell you that Disney is a “uniform” kind of place, remember that this isn’t strictly true!

You don’t have to wear a full-on costume, but you should think about customizing your outfits as soon as you take them out of your suitcase.

The first step?

Throw on some comfortable walking shoes!

Your feet will thank you for those cute flats or those badass boots.

But what’s next?

It’s time to accessorize!

You’ll want to dress like a local as much as you can, but there’s no reason why your outfit can’t be unique.

Bring some flair with a cute purse; Disneyland has plenty of cute bags for sale if you don’t have something on hand.

You might also want to bring a cute hat to shield your eyes from the sun.

Disneyland also has plenty of hats on sale if you forget!

And don’t worry about following trends — it’s fine to accessorize with Mickey ears or a Minnie bow, as long as they’re not too flashy or glam.

You want to look good, but you also want to be friendly and easily approachable.

If Minnie ears just aren’t your thing, don’t force it.

Lastly, remember to clean up as the day goes on!

What to wear in Disneyland: The bottom line

It’s okay to go outside your comfort zone when you’re dressing for Disneyland!

And wearing long, flowy skirts and bright colors is absolutely fine — it’s just not the most common style.

Don’t let anyone pressure you into dressing like a “tourist” if that isn’t your personal style.

But don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something new!

Dressing for Disneyland is about finding a balance between comfort, function, and beauty — this is something we can all strive for when we dress ourselves, so why not aim for it in your outfits too?

What to wear in Disneyland: The verdict

Ultimately, the perfect outfit to visit Disneyland depends on your style.

You might look and feel out of place if you wear the wrong outfit.

But what’s even worse is feeling uncomfortable in your clothes!

The most important thing about dressing for Disneyland is to dress for yourself and your personal style.

If you feel confident, you’ll be able to meet people and enjoy the day no matter what you put on.

So, what do you think?

What are your favorite outfits to wear at Disneyland?

Comment below!