50+ Ultimate Gifts for Visitors going to Disney World 2023

Planning a trip to Disney this holiday season and looking to buy perfect gifts for Disney trip?

Or maybe, you are having a hard time getting gifts for adults going to Disney World!

Whether you are searching for perfect gifts for someone going to Disneyland or WDW Florida, you have come to the right place!

Find all sorts of gift ideas for Disney trip from practical and essential gifts to the most loved gifts and even hilarious gifts in this ultimate Trip to Disney gifts guide!

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Gorgeous Disney Castle all lit up for the holidays

For most families, Disney is a splurge trip!

There are some things – like guide books and Disney themed accessories – that will not add much to the cost but add the perfect finishing touches to your Disney trip!

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From awesome ‘This kid is going to Disney’ shirts to matching Disney tees for the whole fam, from Disney bags and luggage tags to Disney autograph books, you will find all sort of cool items on this list of Disney trip gifts.

Here is our list of over 50 amazing gifts for people going to Disney including fun as well as practical items that would be perfect gifts for kids and adults traveling to Disney World.

Practical Gifts For Someone Traveling To Disney World

From trip planning guides and calendars to bags for keeping everything organized, these practical gifts will make you a Disney pro in no time!

Guide Books For Making The Most Of Disney World or Disneyland

Disney World or even Disneyland may be all about magical moments but the key to making most of your Disney vacation is to have a Disney strategy in place.

Disney without a strategy is just another frustrating day of running after the kids in an overcrowded, expensive place while the Disney characters walk right pass.

That’s where the Disney Guidebooks come in.

You will find a large variety of them on Amazon – so which should you buy?

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World offers detailed and direct tips to make every WDW vacation count.

This guidebook has an insane number of positive reviews and the related app is great at planning a Disney World Trip.

The other recommended WDW guidebook is the Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World.

Birnbaum’s also has an Official WDW Guide for Kids.

Geared the younger audience, it has illustrations and interesting facts about rides that will enthrall all kids who can read.

How cool is that!

The Walt Disney World Magic guide book also has a lot of useful tips, inside secrets and planning information to make your trip smooth and easy!

Other good guides include the WDW Step by Step Planning Guide, and the Easy guide to Walt Disney World.

If you are visiting Disney California – then try the Official Guide to Disneyland or the Birnbaum’s Disneyland Guide or the 101 Disneyland Tips book.

For a Disney California guide that both kids and adults will enjoy, try the Going to Disneyland guide.

These guidebooks are the most practical gift for someone going to Disney world and work best for families.

Disney Parks Magic Band

The Disney Parks Magic Bands are officially the coolest gifts for families going to Disney World.

So what exactly is a Disney Magic Band and what does it do?

Using the Disney Magic Band, you can electronically load park tickets and room keys for Disney resorts so they never get lost!

The magic bands are worn on the wrist like a bangle or a watch.

The Disney parks look amazing in the holiday season

The Magic Bands can be used to unlock hotel rooms, redeem Fast Passes, save and purchase Disney PhotoPass images, charge food and purchases to Disney Resort hotel bill, and more!

Magic Bands make entering and switching between theme parks and water parks easier with no tickets to keep track of.

Tip – If your family is Annual Passholder or staying in the Disney Resort, you will automatically receive Magic Bands!

For everyone else, we recommend purchasing the Magic Bands to avoid hassles of paper tickets and photo tags.

The magic bands are available in a variety of colors and have a fun Mickey Mouse symbol on them.

See all available colors as well as unique patterns such as Olaf the snowman from Frozen here.

Are you worried that your magic band will get lost?

To ensure that your or the kids’ Magic Band does not fall off, get a Bitbelt to secure your bands.

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Disney Park Maps

This set contains all maps for the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks.

These are the exact maps that you get at the entrance to Disney World – having them in advance is very useful in deciding which rides to prioritize, where and what to eat, and hit the ground running at Disney World.

There are no such maps for sale for Disneyland because the California parks aren’t as complicated.

We had our maps from previous Disney trip and they proved extremely valuable while planning our trip with the kids, hence I really recommend them as gift for Disney trip.

They also work great in a Disney trip surprise reveal!

Disney Daily Agenda Planner

This book really exists!

If you don’t want to leave anything in your Disney Trip to chance then you absolutely need the Disney Daily Agenda Planner book.

Perfect for Type A personalities, this vacation planner has 14 days worth of planning pages.

There are separate pages for different activities and things you need to track of such as dining plans, reservations, must-dos, and more for each day.

It also has planning lists, planning tips, a plastic sleeve for storing maps, tickets, and more.

Disney Tip!
Definitely add some of these practical must-have items as gifts. Buying anything inside Disney is very expensive!

Disney Backpack for Kids

Every kid needs a Disney Backpack to do Disney the right way.

Chances are you are going to be carrying the backpack for the better part of the day.

But carrying Disney travel gear is almost the rite of passage for anyone going to Disney.

This Disney Mickey / Minnie Mouse backpack is the perfect gift for toddlers while the drawstring Disney backpacks work great for older kids.

The drawstring ones easily fit water bottles, snacks, and other small items.

Or get this Disney vacation gift set with matching Mickey / Minnie backpacks plus Mickey / Minnie lanyards!

The ultimate gift for someone going to Florida Disney!

Sturdy Daypack

Finally, a gift that doesn’t scream Disney! A day at Disney is busy and tiring but so much fun!

A good daypack is essential to pack snacks, water, hats, sunglasses, souvenirs, change of clothes, swimsuit, diapers and more.

I love waterproof daypacks with lots of space and wide, padded comfortable straps like this budget Outlander daypack.

It has multiple compartments and folds down into a compact pouch. I also like that it comes in a variety of colors like the bright orange.

The VenturePal Daypack is another great budget option.

Otherwise, you can always go for a reliable brand like Osprey or Teton Sports.

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Rain Jackets, Rain Coats and Ponchos

When we first visited Disneyland Anaheim in December a few years ago, it rained both days we were there.

We had to buy a Disney poncho from the park store and boy, it was pricey at ~$25/each!

If you know someone who has been to Disney for more than 2 days and didn’t have to get wet in the rain, then they are super lucky!

You can save so much by buying them online – this Poncho Family Pack of 8 Is dirt cheap and perfect to always keep in your travel bags!

While I personally like ponchos, I prefer raincoats for my preschool age kids since they are too small for most kid-sized ponchos!

We have the toddler raincoat by Columbia – excellent quality and works 100%!

Make sure to buy rain gear that’s lightweight and folds easily.

Keep a waterproof wet bag to stash the wet jackets away when it stops raining!

Also, it is always better to pack rain gear while planning a Disney Trip even though rain is not forecasted.

Water Bottles

Since we started traveling with the kids, food and drink-related items top my packing lists and gift registries.

Disney World and all Disney Parks are enormous and water bottles are absolutely necessary.

Sure you can buy one – but at $4 per bottle, it’s not cheap!

I make it a point to fill up whenever we pass a food joint or water spout.

Plus if you have pre-schoolers or toddlers then they ARE GOING TO WANT that Mickey Mouse bottle in the Disney Store.

It is much cheaper to buy them in advance and save a few bucks.

For toddlers, this Mickey Mouse sippy cup with silicone spout is just perfect while pre-schoolers will love the Disney straw cups.  

You can also gift these 32 oz Mickey, Minnie, and other Disney character water bottles for adults.


Checking the Disney App for ride times and wait times, taking photos with Disney characters all take their toll on smartphone batteries.

Gift a power bank to your Disney going children or grandchildren and keep them connected and happy!

I have this portable Powerbank by Anker and it works excellently for my smartphones, iPod and more. It makes a nice Disney park gift.

Hand held USB Fans

The weather is always hot and humid in Disney World. These mini USB rechargeable hand-held fans are life-savers.

They are lightweight, fold-able and have 3-speed settings and perfect as personal fans.

We attach them to strollers and the kids are happy as clams.

Misting Fans

Portable or handheld misting fans are great alternatives to USB fans.

The misting fans will spray water and help keep the kids cool and entertained on Disney trips.

You can even put ice in the water compartment of some fans so that the water is really cool.

You can actually buy Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse handheld misting fan with Florida written on it for the kids.

For a non-Disney version for the adults, get the deluxe misting fan which is big enough to keep ice or the super small but efficient keychain misting fan.

The foldable handheld cooling fan is also a great option.

Hand Sanitizer

Disney World is so big and so crowded that you don’t even want to start thinking about the germs in there.

Add to that, we are in 2021 and the pandemic is still here!

Gift some hand sanitizers for peace of mind plus get an award for thinking of the most hygienic of Disney vacation gifts!

Off course you don’t need Disney but these matching Minnie and Mickey hand sanitizers with holders are so cute and cheap plus attach to backpacks and purses.

Disney Face Masks

Speaking of the pandemic, Disney Parks require face masks for all visitors.

That doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon, especially during the busy holiday season.

Get nice Disney themed face masks to set the mood!

Disney Suitcases

Just imagine how much fun packing for Disney World trip would be in a Mickey Mouse suitcase!

Well, they exist!

American Tourister has some great Disney themed suitcases that would make any Disney lover smile – bit of a Splurge but so worth it!

The luggage bags top my list of cool Disney gift ideas for kids.

Put your family or loved ones in a great mood before the trip by gifting the Disney themed suitcases.

If you are looking for toddler sized Disney luggage, there are amazing options including Mickey Mouse, Finding Dory, Elsa and more.

Check all options for Disney themed luggage here.

Disney Luggage Tags and baggage locks

Ever taken ages finding your luggage at baggage carousels?

Even if you have a Disney themed suitcase, there might be other similar ones if you are landing at Orlando and your luggage is going straight ahead to Disney World Resort.

Do everybody a favor and just give these Disney luggage tags as gifts for people going to Disney World.

They are great at keeping your suitcases safe till Disney World and are a time-saving Disney resorts gift.

Get a matching Disney luggage lock to go with your baggage and tags!

Walt Disney World is the ultimate family vacation ever!

Disney Beach Towel and Swimsuits

Disney World theme parks have many water rides and chances to get wet while Disney World Resorts have great pools.

The Mickey Mouse and Gang Beach towel is perfect for Disney trips and to keep in your backpack or diaper bag.

You can also check other great Disney Beach towel designs.

On a related note, Amazon also has an incredible collection of Disney swimsuits for girls which will make great summer Disney vacation gift ideas.

Disney Games to play during traveling

If you don’t live in Florida or California then traveling to Disney means either a long road-trip or red-eye flights with stopovers.

Travel Games are perfect to keep kids occupied and the parents will thank you for years to come.

Of course, a Disney vacation needs Disney themed games.

We have this dry-erase sketchpad for the kids and they love to draw on it while traveling.

I also like the Disney stickers and activity books and magnetic game sets.

We also enjoy playing the Mickey Eye Found It card game while on road trips.

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Be sure to save those tickets from the trip!

Sunscreen, Lip-balm and Band-Aids

All of these items are must on any Disney World packing list.

Why not gift them in Disney themed packages and add to the packing excitement?

This Disney Frozen sunscreen lotion will be loved by all little girls.

Disney Princesses Lip Balm 8 pack is a great gift with 8 different flavors and pictures of princesses.

These Disney Band-aids come in 24 different styles and include Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Planes, Princesses,  Finding Dory and more.

Mickey Mouse Crocs

A typical day at Disney World involves lots and lots of walking.

Comfortable, quality walking shoes are absolutely essential to survive Disney without blisters and band-aids.

While I love almost all crocs for walking, the many options in Mickey Mouse crocs make them absolutely perfect for a Disney World trip.

You can gift Mickey Crocs that light-up, Crocs that have Mickey design all over them or crocs with Mickey band, or Crocs with Minnie Mouse design.

They come in toddler, kids as well as adult unisex (men & women) sizes.

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Check out our recommendations about Disney shows now!

Fun Gifts for Kids going to Disney World

Finding the perfect gift for the most excited travelers is fun.

I love taking the time to shop and search for the most unique gift for my family.

All of the items below make perfect Disney World gift ideas.

Walt Disney World Autograph Book and Pens

The Walt Disney World Autograph Book is the perfect gift for young Disney visitors to collect autographs from their favorite characters – one of the best gifts from Disney world.

I was sure S-Boy would love handing it over to Mickey Mouse and his friends to sign, so we bought one – but it got stolen before we reached Disney… it’s a long story!

The autograph book is great for breakfast with the characters and makes an excellent trip souvenir.

Or you can buy the Disney Princess Autograph Book Plus Photo Album for little girls.

This book also has a photo sleeve to hold photographs with characters. You can also gift the Disney characters pen set to make it complete.

Disney World Vacation Gift Sets

Instead of buying individual gifts, why not buy sets that make great gifts by themselves?

This Mickey Mouse WDW travel gift set has an autograph book, mouse headbands, autograph pens, lanyards, and stickers. There’s also a matching Minnie mouse vacation gift set for girls.

There are quite a few such sets: try the Minnie backpack one or Mickey backpack one or the Mickey + Minnie backpacks + lanyard + autograph book one.

Children’s camera

What better time to gift your child his or her first camera?

We bought the V-Tech Toddler Camera for our preschooler and he loves using it.

He has already mastered the buttons and even frame options and loves taking pictures of his baby sister and everything else!

On our California trip, he was taking photos from the moment we reached the airport and especially loved taking pictures of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck – it was the perfect Disneyland gift!

Instant Camera

Instant Camera makes a super fun gift for kids going to Disney World.

The recent versions of instant cameras take bright pictures and have loads of smart features.

I especially love the Fujifilm Instant Camera as Disney gifts for teens or younger kids since it comes in bright colors including blue, green and pink and also has a selfie mirror.

The Polaroid Instant Camera is also a great camera with 4 scene settings.

Kids can take instant photos with characters and get them autographed as keepsakes – it’s easily the best of Disneyland trip gift ideas.

Disney World Pressed Penny Album

Have you ever lost your pressed pennies during a trip?

The pressed pennies and quarters make great little Disney mementos but are really hard to keep track of, especially during an exciting day at Disney Parks.

This Disney themed pressed penny passport book keeps all the pressed pennies safe and is one of the best gifts to give someone going to Disney World.

Disney Trading Pins

Disney trading pins are stamped with the Disney Logo and are trade-able at all Disney World Parks with the Disney Cast Members.

Kids love trading the pins for the ones they want with cast members.

Buying the trading pins in advance saves a lot of money as the pins are very expensive at Disney World.

I really like this set of 25 trading pins that includes hidden Mickey and other unique pins.

Alternatively, a set of 50 trading pins will be enough as gifts for kids going to Disney World as well as big families.

These pins are the perfect gifts to get everyone in Disney mood pre-trip.

Also, did you know that you can actually give Disney characters gifts?

While the characters can’t accept anything big they can accept letters, trinkets, and small things like honey for Winnie the Poo from their little fans.

These trading pins also make the perfect gifts for your favorite Disney characters.

Lanyard with Coin Purse

These Mickey and Friends Lanyards with Coin Purses are great companion gifts to Disney trading pins.

The pins can be attached to the lanyards to easily trade with Disney Cast Members.

A great alternative to the Disney Backpack, they are also excellent additions to Disney themed travel gear and make excellent gifts for an upcoming Disney trip.

The coin purse can be used to store Disney Resort room keys, IDs, park tickets and passes, souvenir pressed pennies, trading pins, chap-stick, etc.

Princess Dresses and Disney Costumes

How adorable are the photos of Disney character princesses with a toddler or pre-teen princesses at the princess meet-ups?

Princess Dresses are the ultimate going to Disney gifts for little girls! If you know a little girl who loves Disney, she will adore a princess dress of her favorite character.

You can choose among Belle or  Elsa or Ariel and more among Disney’s favorite princesses.

You can also buy Disney costumes for boys including pirates, Mickey and friends – these are great gifts for child going to Disney world.

However, remember adults can’t wear costumes inside Disney!

This kid is going to Disney shirts

Buy the ‘this girl is going to Disney’ or ‘this boy is going to Disney’ shirts for your kids for a fun twist.

We saw a few kids wearing the shirts on the tram from Mickey and friends parking lot to the park and they got a lot of smiles.

These shirts also make the perfect gift for child going to Disney world on a surprise trip.

Books on Disney World and Disney Characters

Young readers will devour these books that tell them more about Disney World.

The Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters has fun facts, trivia, and quotes from Disney’s 150+ heroes, princesses, and villains – while it’s not for older kids, it is one of the perfect Disney gifts for toddlers.  

The Disney Book has excellent information on Disney’s incredible animations, live-action movies, park attractions and more.

Disney A to Z: The Official Encyclopedia has trivia and anecdotes on all things Disney. Disney Who’s Who is a great book with information on all of Disney’s characters including the latest movie characters and more.

All these books make perfect gifts for kids going to Disney.

Fun gifts for Adults going to Disney World

Use these lists to find the best Disney World gifts for adults – these folks are honestly the hardest to buy since so much of Disney stuff is mostly geared towards toddlers and pre-teens – though really does a Disney fan have an upper age limit?!

So many of my friends love Disney plus I’m a huge fan so Disney world gift ideas for adults are always on my mind!!

Disney World Dining Guide Books

Did you know that Walt Disney World has over 300 dining choices?

The Disney Dining Plan has to be utilized properly to maximize its value while advance dining reservations are not that easy to figure out.

Luckily there are detailed dining guides to Disney’s food carts, eateries, restaurants, and dinner show that is bound to make life easier for the adults.

You can purchase separate guidebooks just for WDW dining plans – one of the best Disney trip gift ideas for foodies!

The Walt Disney World Dining Guide has a wealth of information on almost all food stations and the Disney Dining Plan.

It also includes advance dining reservation tips, menu recommendations and more.

Alternatively, you can gift the Dining at Walt Disney World: The Definitive Guide – a book describing ‘must-do’ character meals and other tips and tricks to have great meals among other DisneyWorld gifts.

Another good one is the Disney Dining Plan 2019. On another note – are you excited about all the new things coming to Disney in 2019 – you can check them all here!

Books that reveal Walt Disney World Secrets

Make the forthcoming Disney World trip more interesting for adults by giving them something new to look forward to!

Disney World has over hundreds of secrets, juicy tidbits and information that visitors generally miss on their first trip to Disney World.

Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets is a great book to that has 6 scavenger hunts for the adults in your party to make them search for Hidden Mickeys and more – one of the best Disney parks gift ideas or as gifts for someone going to Florida.

The Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World is another great book with scavenger hunts, hints, clues and more.

The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World is a great book that reveals over 600 secrets while The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World Trivia is a treasure trove of Walt Disney World trivia.

All of these are perfect Walt Disney World gifts.

Matching Disney T-shirts

What better way to celebrate your inner child in Disney World than by wearing matching Disney Tshirts?

Buy these t-shirts as gifts for family going to Disney world and make amazing memories at Disney Parks.

The matching Disney T-shirts look great in photos.

These matching shirts on Amazon come at a great price and quality and fit great.  

I also like these matching Tshirts with the Vacation year printed on them plus they come in a great variety of sizes.

Or you can check out these for a different graphic. They really are the perfect gifts for Disney trips.

Disney Travel Pillows

Disney World trip is a bucket-list experience and often involves long flights and layovers.

These Disney character travel pillows make perfect gifts for adult Disney fans.

The pillows are officially produced by the Disney Store and come in lots of characters and options including Mickey, Minnie and more.

Really comfortable and convenient Disneyland gifts for adults.

Matching Mom & Dad Caps

These Disney Mom & Dad caps are great fun, useful gifts for adults.

The Dad cap has Mickey Mouse while Mom gets Minnie Mouse’s cap for the vacation.

There are also other great caps including the Mickey Mouse Ears cap or the Minnie Mouse Ears Cap.

Minnie Mouse pouch or makeup bags

If your girlfriend or wife loves Disney, then get her the Minnie Mouse makeup bag.

There are so many varieties of these bags and most of them are under $25, making them fun budget gifts.

I especially love the Disney polka dot makeup bag which fits a ton of toiletries and has separate compartments for brushes.

Some of these bags come in the form of small backpacks and can be used as standalone wallets too.

Mickey / Minnie Mouse Ears Headband

The Mouse that started it all! You simply need to have these Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse headbands while you visit the most magical place on earth.

Buying these headbands inside Disney is super, super expensive. We stopped inside the Mad Hatter’s Shop in Disneyland and most of the bands were starting at $40!

It feels so great to know that you scored yours online for under 10 bucks – among the best of budget hunter’s Disney world presents!

DIY Disney Gift Baskets for Someone going to Disney World

Are you looking for a basket of gifts for someone going to Disney World?

These DIY Disney World gift baskets or Disneyland gift baskets are perfect ways to combine gifts for extra fun and give to grandchildren, children, parents, nieces and nephews.

You can create your own gift basket by adding extra items like chocolates, candy, Disney movie DVDs, greeting cards and gift cards to make the most of a Disney World trip.

These DIY Disney gift baskets also work well if you are planning a surprise Disney trip reveal for the kids.

Also, did you know that you can get Disney gift baskets delivered to the hotel? But still, nothing beats the charm of a hand-made gift basket!

Toddler / Pre-schooler First Disney World Visit Gift Basket Ideas

Perfect for toddlers or anyone in elementary school, these gift bag ideas for Disney trip is excellent to build excitement for the first time they meet their favorite characters.

Gift the Mickey Bandana Bib, Disney Autograph book, Disney sippy cup or Disney Straw Cup and Disney stickers in a convenient Disney toddler backpack.

Pre-teen / Teen Disney World Trip Gift Basket Ideas

Perfect for pre-teens or teens going to Disney World, these gifts for a Disney trip are wonderful ways to make the older kids look forward to their trip.

Gift the Disney Water Bottle, Disney Scavenger hunt book, Disney Encyclopedia book, Instant camera, and in a Disney drawstring backpack.

Disney Gift Baskets for Adults

Perfect for Disney nerds, Disney fans and simply adults who love Disney, these kits will get the adults excited even about their tenth or twentieth Disney World trip.

Gift the Disney World Agenda Planner, Mickey Mouse Ears Cap, and Disney Trivia book in a Disney tote or hiking backpack to create Disney themed gift baskets for adults.

You can brainstorm many such Disney gift basket ideas for adults – just combine a few of Disney themed things that they can use on the trip and put it all together in a Disney bag or purse and gift wrap in Disney paper! Bingo!

Adult ‘I survived Disney’ Kit Gift

What about adults who are not really looking forward to a Disney World trip?

Make the perfect ‘I survived Disney’ kit for them with some band-aids for blistered feet, sunscreen, sunglasses and a Mickey / Minnie cap, mini USB fan to keep cool, Disney Hidden Secrets book to get them excited in a Disney tote or hiking backpack.

You might also like to check out some of these amazing Disney souvenirs which go perfectly with the I survived Disney gift basket.

Disney Tickets and gift cards

If you haven’t yet finalized the trip, then buy Disney tickets as gifts!

Surprise tickets are one of the best birthday or disney world christmas gift ideas.

Then you can even plan a disney trip surprise reveal gift basket by buying a whole bunch of things on this list including Disney luggage and backpacks, Disney character autograph books etc.

Gift cards are also great pre disney trip christmas gift ideas.

What not to gift someone going to Disney world

Not all gifts are created equal.

While most of these things seem like the perfect Disney travel gifts – they are in fact not allowed inside the Disney parks.

Here’s a list of what not to buy as Disney world trip gift ideas.

Selfie sticks

Selfie sticks are banned inside Disney World which totally makes sense considering the number of people in there.


Though drones usually make the coolest gifts for travelers, they are banned in all Disney World Theme Parks.


Wagons are super useful to carry children as well as snacks and other items but they are banned inside Disney Parks.

Masks or Adult Costumes

Disney World Theme Parks ban masks or adults wearing costumes because they can’t be easily distinguished from the staff.

Did you like our list of gift ideas for someone going to Disneyland or WDW?

Do you have any other great ideas for gifts for Disney world trips? Let us know in the comments!