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New Orleans is the curveball in an otherwise rat raced world.

The Big Easy is truly big and easy on everything: good food, beautiful architecture, lots of jazz and soul music, celebrations, and that glorious thing called life.

Masquerading under a dozen different names, New Orleans is the original square peg in a round hole.

Named Crescent City after the curve of the Mississippi, it’s also often called simply NOLA.

Some know it as ‘The Birthplace of Jazz’, others call it the ‘Mardi Gras City’: all very self-explanatory.

And yet, there is no single thing that defines the city, except maybe, fantastically great times. 

The city has graciously accepted its Spanish Colonial history, French heritage, a past built on slavery, and the occasional hurricane or two; packaged it all in a unique culture and used it to lure unsuspecting tourists.

Why lure, you ask? Because you can never visit NOLA just once. You go again and again, sometimes for Mardi Gras, sometimes for literary festivals, sometimes for the jazz, sometimes for Christmas, and sometimes just to have a good time.

Each time you go, you wonder how amazing it would be to live in the French Quarter and as you are slowly dragging your feet away from the city, you are already making plans to return: maybe for good. 

New Orleans is perfect for everyone: regardless of age, gender, and race. It’s the city for music and dance lovers, for epicureans, for party revelers, for readers, and for cultural travelers.

It is perfect for wanderers, artists, and those trying to find themselves. It is perfect for honeymooners, bachelors and bachelorettes, baby boomers, and toddlers.

Try it on for size, we guarantee it’s a fit!  

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