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Located in the Persian Gulf, Qatar is a unique cultural destination.

It is the richest country in the world per capita income, thanks to the oil-based economy, and has utilized the revenues to develop infrastructure and amenities.

Visitors will find the wealth reflected in the luxury cars that run on the streets, towering skyscrapers, free attractions, lavish shopping malls, and private museums.

However, the small Middle Eastern country is much more beyond its futuristic skyline and rich Arabs.

Qatari government and its people reflect a deep desire to stay rooted to their nomadic Bedouin origins and pearling past.

The country has preserved its unique heritage and displayed it boldly through public artwork displays and sculptures.

The government has put significant efforts in the revival of old street markets, sprawling city centers that reflect grand architecture, and in the preservation of age-old traditions such as wooden fishing dhow boats and falconry.

Much of what Qatar has to offer to international tourists, is concentrated in and around Doha, the country’s capital.

The city is full of a variety of cultural attractions and boasts stunning architecture.

Doha has a vibrant culinary scene and especially the restaurants in Souq Waqif are a delight to those interested in Middle Eastern cuisines.

The city also has a great collection of luxurious spa resorts and makes for a great honeymoon destination.

Qatar also has one of the least complicated visa-on-arrival programs, especially if you travel through Qatar Airways.

Our overall experience in Qatar made us realize that the country’s tourism is still developing and many of the attractions are still under the radar.

Most of the trusted tourist guides fall short when it comes to Qatar and trip planning advice beyond Doha isn’t as readily available.

All of these reasons make Qatar a perfect destination for those looking to venture off the beaten path.

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Friday 18th of August 2017

It looks amazing, I hope I'll go there one day. I need to get some money before that haha