1. Such an amazing place with a rich history! I’d like to explore that museum more. I’m a bit nerd for history and historical sites, too!

  2. I’m all about visiting this section of the world and your article gives me even more reason to want to visit. I hope one day it will be possible to do so. With current geo-political tensions, it’s still on my list but on hold slightly. Your article is great and your photos are wonderful!

  3. I had no idea that Hindi was spoken so widely in Qatar! Sadly I don’t speak hindi or Arabic, so no horse-petting for me 🙁 I love markets though, I think I’d be happy just wandering around!

  4. Qatar definitely looks like a fascinating place, a meeting of cultures and architecture to be sure! Some day I would love to explore the Middle East, and it’s rapidly changing cities like Doha!

  5. Wow! There is so much to see and do! Did you know that in this country, they toast with water for weddings? I learned about this years ago because I’m obsessed with weddings and I don’t drink alchohol so I thought this was the coolest ever and would love to visit!

  6. I love that the government is making such a concerted effort to preserve Bedouin heritage throughout Qatar – sounds like a really authentic destination – reminds me a lot of neighboring Dubai but without the mass tourism and western influence. The Museum of Islamic Art sounds really interesting – such a beautiful building too – I adore that staircase!!

  7. I’ve never really thought about going to Qatar, but I have been to Oman and U.A.E. The souqs are one of my favourite parts of those countries. Thanks for the detailed itinerary.

  8. Excellent artical , do you have to book hotels and tours through Qatar Airways for transit visa ? Otherwise do you require a local sponsor for visa ? The information on there website is confusing ( for Indian citizens )

    1. Sachin, if you are traveling via Qatar Airways and have a stopover in Doha then you receive the visa free of cost. You just need a ticket into Qatar and an onward flight ticket, both tickets have to be on Qatar Airways. You also need to provide a copy of passports. The entire application can be completed online at Qatar Airways website. You can book hotels/cars/tours on your own. The visa won’t apply if you have a India-Qatar round trip ticket. It is an excellent stopover if traveling from US-India.

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