1. Experienced it myself, while I worked in Dubai for a around a year. It sure is expensive and learnt a lot about the old customs. Your post refreshed those memories

  2. I really know nothing about falconry, so thank you for offering this window of insight to the culture! Maybe I’ll travel to Qatar someday?

  3. Woah! I had no idea that Falcon Souq in Doha represents Qatar’s Bedouin heritage. I had seen people getting themselves clicked with the falcons but didn’t know people still practice falconry.

  4. The Falcon Soug sounds so intriguing. It would be quite a sight, falcons sitting in eerie silence! I was not aware that falconry is alive and being practiced in these times. Quite an interesting article with a fresh perspective of Doha Quatar.

  5. I had no idea that falconry was still so popular among the Arabs and even a status symbol. Fascinating post ! I love it when I learn something new!

  6. I can’t believe how expensive falconry is! I’ve heard it referred to as the sport of kings before, and it would have to be with prices like that. Were you able to see any of the birds in action?

  7. Living in the US, I knew next to nothing about falconry–so this was really cool to read. I’d love to visit and see all of this myself!

  8. Doha must be an interesting place to visit. It is on my bucket list. An visit to the falconry must have been an interesting experience.

  9. I didn’t know they still practiced this sport today, but it would be an experience to see. Perhaps, I will add it to our itinerary. I just told my friends about it.

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