Guide to Easter Island’s Best Archaeology Sites and How to Photograph Them

Easter Island is a Chilean island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  The native Polynesian people called their island Rapa Nui while the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen who explored the island on Easter Sunday in 1722 named it Easter Island.  Today the island is also called by its official Spanish name, Isla De Pascua. …

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Exploring Easter Island Heads: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Easter Island’s stone heads have beguiled travelers, historians, and conspiracy theorists since generations. Best way to answer the mysteries is to visit Easter Island. Here are important things to know before you visit including practical information, tips and recommendations.

45 Best Things to do on Easter Island

Easter Island offers many things to do besides the Moai. We have compiled our list of 45 best things to do on Easter Island including exploring Rano Rarauku quarry, visiting Ahu Tongariki, scuba diving in the Pacific, hiking Mount Terevaka, star gazing, spelunking, getting a special passport stamp, and more.