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India was once the land of the Maharajahs or the Kings. Regional dynasties were all powerful and ruled over large swaths of the country.

These dynasties ushered in an era of rich architectural monuments in the form of intricate stepwells, elaborate gates, rock-cut caves, religious monuments, carved tombs, majestic forts and royal palaces.

Then came the British, bringing with them an era of impressive colonial architecture.

The result is a vivid collage of archaeological ruins, UNESCO sites, and temple complexes scattered throughout the country.

Inextricably blended in India’s rich culture are elaborate handicrafts that can be found in local markets, regional dialects and languages, vibrant folk dances, and fast fading art forms that are handed down from generation to generation.

Visitors will encounter India’s rich traditions wherever they go, especially the biggest of them all, colorful festivals and their extravagant celebrations!

India’s rich heritage and contrasts go hand in hand with it’s natural and geographical diversities.

From the snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges to the plains of Central India, the land has shaped the people and their traditions.

Nature and wildlife lovers will find much to experience and explore in the pine-forested mountains, great river deltas, flower valleys, dense forests, tree and coffee plantations, rice fields, rocky coasts, and sandy beaches.

The Indian experience cannot be complete without a taste of the country’s regional cuisines.

Perhaps the largest culinary destination in the world, Indian food is sumptuous, diverse, and captivating.

Snack on Mumbai’s popular vada-pav, savor the taste of Chaat snacks and indulge in mouth-watering kebabs. Try delicious tropical fruits including the famous mangoes, lychees, guavas, and coconuts.

Gulp down a glass of iced sugarcane juice to beat the sweltering heat.

India is a big, beautiful, and bold country, you will love it here. Welcome to my motherland.

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