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Everything you need to know about Agra, India

Agra is a city in India that lies on the banks of the Yamuna river, just 206 kilometers from the Indian capital New Delhi. Agra is the 24th most populated city in the whole of India, and India itself is one of the most populated countries in the world, with a population of 1.25 billion. Agra is possibly most well known to be the world-famous site of the Taj Mahal, along with many other UNESCO World Heritage Mughal-era buildings. Agra has a rich history of religion, rule, and battle, once serving as the capital of the Mughal Empire. Agra is already on many travelers’ bucket lists, and for good reason, there is just so much to see…

Taj Mahal (Photo – Unsplash)

How to get there

The nearest airport to Agra is Kheria and it is served only by the commercial airline Air India from New Delhi. Tourists are recommended to fly to Delhi, another hugely popular destination, before making their way to Agra. The flight from Delhi to Agra will only take an hour, which may leave you wondering if there are any other travel methods on the ground. India has a fantastic high-speed railway system that is exceptionally well-connected, making it easy to reach Agra from Delhi, Jaipur and more in a very reasonable time frame.

Key places to visit

The Taj Mahal

Whether you know it for its fascinating history, or for all of history’s celebrities that have famously had their photo taken in front of it – the Taj Mahal is a universal icon. The stunning ivory marble of this UNESCO World Heritage Site has to be seen in person at least once in your lifetime, and don’t forget to take your picture on the famous bench.

The River Ganges cruise

This cruise is an unmissable opportunity to get a unique look at the Taj Mahal and take a journey deep into India’s rich and fascinating history. It is an opportunity to make memories that you will treasure for a lifetime, and several of the cruises also provide you with a delicious meal on board.

Ganges Cruise (Photo – Unsplash)

The Agra Fort

The Agra Fort is another of India’s incredible historic forts. Not only is this fort and its striking red sandstone a feat of architecture and overwhelmingly impressive to look at, but it also offers an in-depth snapshot of the history surrounding it.

The Kerala cruise

The Kerala cruise offers a rare exploration of India’s Lake Vembanad, and the cruises vary in length, with many taking place over several nights. One of the typical ways to adventure through the lake and backwaters is by rice barge. However, there are also larger boats with bedrooms and restaurants. Don’t forget your camera; the lush greenery and shimmering blue waters forge a landscape that you won’t want to forget.

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is one of Rajasthan’s largest national parks, and most famous for its tiger reserve. Take a safari through the park and not only will you get to see tigers up close and personal, but you could also catch a glance of leopards and marsh crocodiles.

Tigers (Photo – Unsplash)

Delhi’s Red Fort

The Red Fort is a historic fort in Delhi, and one of the most popular historic sites in India. This famous fort is a short trip from Agra, and you can get there by high-speed train or car. This site is known as the location of the Prime Minister’s yearly Independence Day speech, and the Indian flag is hoisted high on the front gate.

If you hadn’t got Agra on your travel bucket list before, you probably will have added it now. India is a fascinating country, full of historical sites, rich flavors, vibrant colors and stunning weather – what is not to like? The Taj Mahal is often the reason travelers make a beeline for Agra, however, so many of them leave having seen even more than they bargained for.