Welcome to the world of sleepless nights! If you are looking for Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit Reviews, then I think you are utterly, utterly, sleep deprived and looking for anything that will make your baby sleep. I get it, I was there just a few months back. But now Baby G is finally sleeping through the night and I’m not a zombie anymore. Did the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit play a part in that? Well, not completely but I do think it played a role in making her sleep on her own. Read below to find out how.

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The Verdict: If you hate reading, and are just looking to know whether you should buy it or not then here is it, in short. The thing I love most about the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit is that it is the perfect transition product between swaddling and sleeping unswaddled. I would definitely recommend it for that phase when they keep breaking out of the swaddle but the startle reflex (Moro reflex) is still there. The Magic Sleepsuit comes in cotton and microfleece versions  – I bought the cotton one and am completely satisfied. It did not overheat Baby G which is a concern for many parents. Neither did it have any impact on her developmental skills. Will it make babies sleep through the night? That depends on a combination of many factors as I mention below.

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Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit In-depth Review

Here’s everything you need to know about our experience with the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. I have discussed the pros and cons as well as information about the sleepsuit including what age should it be used and when to stop using it.

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is a swaddle transition product. Baby G loves to be swaddled as it gives her a feeling of security, this is normal for most infants. They have a strong startle / Moro reflex from birth till 3 to 4 months. You will notice this as flailing arms especially while sleeping. When unswaddled, the Moro reflex can cause babies to wake and their sleep gets disturbed. Swaddling gives babies a womb-like feeling and restricts the movement of arms and legs thus calming infants and making them sleep better.

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However, some babies start getting out of swaddle blankets before the reflex is really gone. Both my kids did this quite early at around 1 month – or maybe we were really bad at swaddling them tightly! Anyway, they kept taking arms out and hence I started using the Summer Infant Swaddle Me – which is a velcro swaddle when my son, S-Boy was a month and a half. I used them since early on for Baby G. These worked perfectly and no way could they get out of the swaddle.

However, Baby G started rolling onto her tummy quite early around the 3.5-month mark but could not roll back. Soon she rolled over in her SwaddleMe blanket and that scared me. I tried getting her to sleep without swaddling but she wouldn’t have any of it. So I started searching for something that would help her transition out of the swaddle but still be safe to sleep. The answer: Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit!

What is the Magic Sleepsuit? How does it work?

As I mentioned above, the Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is a swaddle transition product that replaces swaddling. It is like a sleep sack or wearable blanket but it has arms and leg holes. It is also lots thicker compared to sleep sacks and gives the feeling of being swaddled to babies. It is weighted and doesn’t easily allow babies to roll over.

When we started using the sleepsuit for Baby G instead of the swaddle, she loved it. She could move her arms and legs and did not have to ‘fight’ the swaddle but still was cozy enough to calm her startle reflex and give a good night’s sleep. More ever, she could not roll over in the weighted sleepsuit and slept soundly on her back – I was so happy with the sleepsuit! She did sleep better on her back for a longer time – just as the sleepsuit promised!

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Can it overheat the baby?

The magic sleepsuit is weighted plus quite thick. One of the common complaints is that it overheats babies. We did not experience this, but then Baby G does not get much hot. I would have been much more cautious with my son, S-boy who is always feeling hot and sweats buckets. I recommend dressing the baby in a thin cotton onesie, keeping the temperature cool, and checking frequently for the first few days. I always monitor Baby G over our Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor and ensure that she is sleeping comfortably.

Can the magic sleepsuit be used for naps?

Yes, the magic sleepsuit can also be used for naps. In fact, the product website suggests trying it for naps first. We could not do this since we urgently needed to stop our daughter from rolling over at night.

How easy is it to change diapers with the sleepsuit?

The way the sleepsuit is constructed, it has two zipper tabs in the front which go all the way down to the waist. After unzipping both, I can remove Baby G from the sleepsuit in under 15 seconds and quickly change her diaper if needed. However, we almost never needed to change diapers at night since I size up for night diapers and add the Sposie Diaper Liner to keep her dry.

How much does the sleepsuit cost?

The Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit in yellow color and small size cost me $40 when I purchased it via Amazon. It is also sometimes available for purchase at other baby stores but we have a Prime membership and usually shop online at Amazon because it is super convenient.

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What sizes does the sleepsuit come in? At what age should you buy one?

The sleepsuit comes in two sizes: 3-6 months and 6-9 months. The 3-6 months is for babies between 12 to 18 pounds while the 9-12 months size is for babies between 18 to 21 pounds. I recommend buying the 3-6 months size when your baby first starts getting out of swaddles. I bought the 6-9 months size for Baby G instead of the smaller size because she was already 4 months old, however, the smaller size would have fitted more snugly and been more comfortable. Ideally, the sleepsuit has to be quite snug to perform its function well. If I had to buy it again, I would buy a smaller size.

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What colors does the magic sleepsuit come in?

The sleepsuit comes in really nice pastel colors. The cotton sleepsuit comes in 4 colors: a light baby blue, cream, baby pink, and yellow. I bought the yellow one for Baby G and it’s a nice, cheerful color. The microfleece version comes in 3 colors: light blue, baby pink, and a nice gender neutral yellow. The cotton cream version is the only color I’m not a fan of, the rest all are great choices. Check out the colors in cotton now.

Should you buy the Merlin’s Magic sleepsuit in microfleece or cotton?

As per the product website, the microfleece and cotton sleepsuits are structurally the same. They have the same inner lining and fill. They are equally thick and about equally weighted. They provide an equal amount of warmth to the baby and equally dissipate heat. Only the outer fabric is microfleece for one and cotton for the other, which according to the product website, seems to be just cosmetic difference.

Do you need to buy more than one sleepsuit?

I recommend buying just one sleepsuit to begin with. The sleepsuit costs $40 and it is not worth buying more than one before you know if it works for you. I bought one to begin with and decided to buy another if I needed, but we could easily manage with just one. Yes, it did get dirt with all the frequent night feedings and occasional diaper accidents but I washed it immediately and it was ready for the night.

How to wash the baby magic sleepsuit?

Both the microfleece and cotton versions of the sleepsuit can we washed in a machine. I machine washed my cotton one in cold water/delicates cycle and then as per the instructions laid out to air dry. As per the product website, the cotton one should be air dried while the microfleece can be sun-dried. However, the sleepsuit did not dry during the day (as it was raining, I had kept it under a fan indoors) and was still wet by baby G’s sleep time. So I just put it in the dryer on gentle cycle and it dried quite well. There was no damage to the shape or the fill and I machine dried a couple of times after that without any adverse effects.

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Will it make a baby sleep through the night?

Ah, the million dollar question. When I bought the baby magic sleepsuit, I read the Amazon reviews which mentioned ‘love this sleepsuit. My son / daughter slept for 8 hrs straight and woke up in the morning.’ Off course, I hoped for the same miracle. But no such luck. Baby G was up at her regular schedule and demanded to be fed. I believe that she was just hungry and needed the food.

So if you are looking for something that makes a baby sleep – the sleepsuit can be a hit or a miss! If the startle reflex is the only thing waking up your baby then the sleepsuit might be the miracle you are looking for. However if your baby wakes up because it is hungry or because of negative sleep associations, then the sleepsuit won’t make it sleep longer. In the latter case, I recommend the book On becoming Babywise. It’s the gold star for getting kids to sleep well and parents have had success getting 2-month-old babies to sleep through the night. I followed the book advice at about 3 months and had Baby G sleeping through the night at 5.5 months age (just about the time she transitioned out of the sleepsuit).

Overall, I think the word Magic is used in the product name to play on the hopes of sleep-deprived parents and your personal experience can vary quite a bit.

Is the magic sleepsuit useful for forming healthy sleep habits?

While the sleepsuit wasn’t enough for making my daughter sleep, it did play a role in making her sleep on her own. I had formed the habit of laying her down drowsy but awake and she used to fall asleep on her own but only if swaddled. She needed her movement restricted so she could sleep. When we transitioned to the sleepsuit, she had lots more freedom but she started associating the sleepsuit with ‘its sleep time’ and started falling asleep as soon as she was in the suit.

The main difference between swaddles and the magic sleepsuit is that baby’s hands are free for it to self soothe and learn to sleep on their own. Babies who use pacifiers or binkies or loveys are free to touch, play, or reach them unlike when swaddled. They can move their heads comfortably as well as legs. Baby G could even eat her toes in the sleepsuit. This allows the babies to fall asleep as they naturally would while at the same time providing a secure environment.

Is the Merlin’s Magic Baby Sleepsuit good for traveling with a baby?

Well as a travel blogger, you knew I had to get this in right? As it happens, the magic sleepsuit was an essential part of our travel gear while Baby G still slept in it. The sleepsuit takes up space to pack, what I ended up doing was rolling it and packing it in a large packing cube – we have the Travelwise packing cubes. That saved up a lot of space and the sleepsuit fluffed back up immediately when I unpacked it.

The baby sleepsuit was quite useful when we traveled. We visited New Orleans and San Antonio during that time frame and I packed the sleepsuit for both trips. The hotel room and hotel crib was new to her but bundled up in the cozy sleepsuit, she fell asleep on her own even in the new environment. Which was awesome, because I did not want to end up every night consoling a baby who refuses to sleep. The magic sleepsuit is really a helpful product for sleep training your baby. Though, again, if you are looking to sleep train and form healthy sleeping habits, I would recommend the Babywise book far more than the sleepsuit.

Here’s why I love the Babywise book: It taught me to create a dependable sleep routine for both my kids. Ours is: wear a night diaper and pajamas, then last feeding of the day in our nursery rocking chair, then pack Baby G in her SwaddleMe / Merlin sleepsuit / unswaddled while she is still awake, place her in the crib, read Goodnight Moon baby book, sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, kiss her good night, and then turn off the light. That’s it – she sleeps on her own after that without any crying. The routine is small enough to be completed in 5-6 minutes and simple enough that I can do it anywhere – I just need to pack her sleepsuit and the Goodnight Moon book if we are traveling. The Babywise book taught me to layer sleeping cues by creating a routine so that by the last cue, Baby G knows it is time for her to sleep and starts yawning. And let me tell you, it works!

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Can the Merlin’s Sleepsuit be used to sleep on tummy?

The answer is a big, big no. The sleepsuit is designed only for sleeping on the back. The sleepsuit restricts babies movement and so you should never, ever place a baby on its tummy in the sleepsuit. If a baby who previously slept well in the sleepsuit, suddenly starts rolling over then it is time to say goodbye to the sleepsuit. Baby G did this recently, and I was almost in tears! How fast they seem to grow.

Transitioning out of Merlin’s sleepsuit

We used the sleepsuit for a solid 45 days before Baby G started to roll over in it. The first few days she could roll over only on her left side, so instead of keeping her in the crib center, I kept her near the edge so that there was no place to roll over to her left. That worked for about two days, and then she started rolling onto her left side too. So out she came off the sleepsuit! But her startle reflex is completely gone and she took to sleeping without the sleepsuit like a duck to water. Now at 5 months stage, she rolls onto her tummy and goes to sleep. She can roll back as well and so it is completely safe. We did not have any issues with the transition.

Are there any cheaper alternatives to Merlin’s Sleepsuit?

As I mentioned before, Merlin’s sleepsuit cost me $40. That is quite a significant amount. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend $40 on something that might not even solve our problem, so I searched for other similar products.

Here’s what I found.

While most of these products are also advertised as miracle sleepsuits that help babies sleep better, most of them are just some forms of wearable blankets for bigger kids including toddlers. The Swaddle UP seemed to perform the same function as the sleepsuit but it did not have the separate legs feature which is what I wanted. There were only 3 notable exceptions. One was this sleepsuit by CribCulture but it cost about the same as Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. Besides, it did not have as many fantastic reviews as the magic sleepsuit. The second was the JK Unicorn sleepsuit while the third was the Royal Baby Sleepsuit. Both were quite cheap but lacked reliable reviews – if you buy them, it is at your own risk. That’s why I recommend purchasing the tried and tested Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit, it is definitely worth its price.

While we were able to use the sleepsuit only for 45 days, it was worth every penny spent. I had complete peace of mind in that critical phase when she could roll onto her tummy but then ‘got stuck’. Also, how much mileage you can get with the sleepsuit varies from baby to baby. Some babies roll over when they are 8 months old and can use the sleepsuit for much longer. Not to mention, the Merlin’s Baby Magic Sleepsuit is one of the most wanted baby products and I have no doubt that I can easily sell it for a good price on Craigslist or over FB Marketplace.

Overall the sleepsuit is a quality product. When brand new, it smelled clean and fresh – no weird chemical smells. The zippers are of excellent quality and never got stuck. There are covers over the zipper so that they don’t scratch the baby. I would definitely recommend it enough to put in on your Baby Registry.

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