30 Best Diaper Backpacks for Travel

Planning a road trip or flight with the kids and looking for the best diaper bag backpack for travel? Explore our recommendations for the best backpack style diaper bags that make traveling with kids easy and convenient. You might also like our post of The Best Baby Travel Gear for Parents who like to Travel

We have been on several trips with our 2 kids while they were 2 under 3 and have used our backpack diaper bag extensively at airports, changing the kids on the road, in restaurants, and at national park visitor centers. Now our eldest is a preschooler and potty trained but we still use the diaper bag backpacks for our daughter who is 1.5 years old and will still be using diapers for quite some time.

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I love backpack style diaper bags for multiple reasons – they are great to carry around, they go conveniently on your back leaving the hands free to manage the kids or push a stroller, and many of them are sleeker and fit more stuff than a tote style diaper bag. I especially love diaper bags that have pockets for all your baby essentials including baby bottles, wipes, baby food, and more. Some even have pockets for keys, credit cards, and other essentials making it double up as a purse. 

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Best Backpack Diaper Bag for Travel

Gone are the days when moms and dads had to carry boring, cartoon print diaper bags. Nowadays diaper bags are super trendy and actually look like fashionable purses or everyday carry (EDC) bags. They have multiple pockets and come with built-in organizers that keep all your things organized and easily accessible for travel. Here are our recommendations for the best travel backpack diaper bag:

RUVALINO Backpack Diaper Bag

This is one of my favorite diaper backpacks for travel. It is stylish, super convenient to carry, and has plenty of pockets. The main compartment is roomy enough to carry multiple changes of clothes, toys, etc while the front compartment has pockets for baby bottles and food. There is an easy pocket on the front which is good for keeping car keys, home keys, credit cards, licenses, and other IDs. The bag comes in multiple colors and is very stylish for trendy moms out there. Multiple handles ensure multiple ways of carrying from a tote, sling bag, to a backpack diaper bag. 

Mokaloo Waterproof Travel Diaper Backpack

I especially love the wide zip on this baby diaper backpack which makes it easy to reach for things. The bag has many pockets and organizing even the tiniest of baby items is quite easy. With about ten pockets and a USB charging port, this backpack is the best mini home for the baby travel needs. The diaper bag is spacious that you can keep nappies, clothes, foods, toys in the different compartments without anything getting soiled. The backpack is made of durable and waterproof material so there is no need to worry about it getting torn during travel. The diaper backpack also doubles up as a handbag, making it your perfect shopping companion.

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Chuntianli Diaper backpack

For those who prefer backpack straps but still want their diaper bag to look like a purse, then this is a great option. The backpack comes with a removable pad that can be used as a changing mat for your baby. It also has three mesh pockets so you can store baby bottles and other miscellaneous stuff. The backpack is water-resistant and has a polyester interior, which makes it is tear-proof and durable. The compartments of this backpack are spacious, so you can keep all the essentials that a baby needs.

Miss Fong Leather Diaper Backpack

The leather baby travel backpack diaper bag by Miss Fong is uber chic and trendy. You can easily use it as a backpack purse for your own needs even when you are not traveling with the baby. The backpack is made up of Pu leather as well as waterproof nylon, and it comes with a matching washable changing pad. The backpack is very functional, storing clothes, diapers, food, bottles, and other stuff is a lot easier than most bags and the items remain in place. The diaper backpack has insulated pockets to keep hot/cold feeding bottles at the desired temperature and a partition pocket for small items like pacifiers and rash creams.

HaloVa stylish baby diaper backpack

When it comes to style, fashion, and function no diaper bag can beat the HaloVa baby diaper backpack. It is a large backpack with numerous pockets. The backpack is constructed in durable material and the design ensures that there is a space for everything. It comes with separate pockets for baby wipes, tissues, pacifiers, etc. The backpack has aluminum foil pockets that keep the formula/milk bottle warm. The backpack is made up of oxford fabric, which means the backpack is resistant to tears as well as waterproof.

BabyX Diaper Backpack

While it is similar in design to many other diaper backpacks, the BabyX has the advantage of being very competitively priced. The best part of this backpack is that the weight distribution is pretty even and carrying a heavy backpack will not harm your shoulders. Made of durable oxford fabric, this backpack is waterproof as well as tear-resistant. It also a dual slider zipper. The extra zip on the bag allows easy access to essentials at the bottom of the bag. It is a multi-pocket backpack that allows you to keep everything in place. The backpack also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Hafmall Diaper Backpack

This baby backpack for travel comes in trendy color block designs and unique patterns like a stylish chevron. It is water and tear-resistant backpack which comes with strong zippers. In other words, it is going to last you for years. The backpack has about 13 pockets and two insulated pockets – which is exactly what traveling moms need. The backpack has a pocket that is specifically designed for wet things. This backpack can be used as a tote as well as a handbag. It comes with clips that will help you in attaching it to the stroller.

BAMOMBY Baby Diaper Backpack

I especially love this bag’s studded texture and gold zips. This backpack comes with a changing pad and can hold everything that a baby needs. It also holds an insulated pocket for keeping hot and cold drinks. This backpack is made up of oxford as well as polyester, which means it is water and tear-proof. It comes with huge compartments for keeping all the baby items in place, and the weight gets distributed evenly. The backpack is available in neutral colors and can be carried around everywhere like a regular bag or a purse.

Beaulyn Diaper Bag

Another diaper backpack that looks more like a purse or a tote but in stylish leather design! This backpack has everything that you need including an insulated bottle holder, a stroller strap, a shoulder strap as well as a changing pad. It has got about 11 pockets, out of which six are external. It also has waterproof pocket storage and an anti theft mobile pocket. I especially love this secure pocket and use it for my credit cards, id, and other things as well. The backpack is available in many pleasing colors. Lastly, this backpack is made up of water-resistant leather and should last you well.

Ticent Tote Diaper Backpack

I really like how sleek this tote style diaper backpack is. The backpack’s large-sized pockets are handy for keeping everything in place and still have a slim backpack. It can easily fit all that a baby needs while traveling from clothes to diapers to toys. It is available in seven colors and can be easily wiped clean, so you don’t have to get worried about it getting dirty during travel. The backpack is designed in such a manner that it has wide openings so that everything is accessible. The shoulder straps distribute the weight easily to your waist, so you don’t end up getting a backache.

Cosyland Diaper Backpack

Another good option for a diaper backpack with multiple pockets which means all your baby’s necessities are in one place. The backpack has wide and adjustable shoulder straps, so you are not going to face any discomfort. The backpack has a USB charging port and a separately designed case for keeping the baby’s bottles. The backpack is available in three basic colors and is insulated. This backpack is ideal for shopping and travel trips with the baby.

SUNPOW Diaper Backpack

I especially love the leathery top panel on this diaper bag. The backpack comes with a whopping 18 pockets so that you can store literally everything in this bag. The pocket makes it easy to organize and traveling with the baby is just that much more manageable. It also comes with insulated bottle pockets and USB charging port, which will help you in charging your phone on the go. It comes with stroller straps and a belt that will keep the backpack in place. The backpack also has a zipper and removable compartment, which, if taken out, provides a lot of extra space.

Maman Quilt Diaper Bag

This bag is made of a puffer quilt material which looks really stylish and is convenient. It is available in four unique colors – I especially love the blue and green versions. The backpack comes with a gathered pocket which is to be used for keeping wet wipes and diapers safely tucked in. It is made up of wipe clean material, so you don’t have to worry about your bag getting dirty while on the move. The backpack has adjustable straps and buckles that can be used to hang the bag on any stroller. 

KILAMAL travel backpack for kids

The white, cream and brown color block design version looks ultra-chic. This cute backpack is also functional so you are instantly going to fall in love with it. It is made up of vegan leather and has a lot of space, so moms can easily keep everything in place. The stitching of this backpack is very strong and durable, and so are the zippers. The backpack can be cleaned easily, so you don’t have to worry about spills and sticky foods. It can easily be used as a shoulder bag, making it convenient on trains and planes.

BabbleRoo Back Backpack

How cute is the matching pacifier case on this baby diaper backpack?! Moreover, it comes with a foldable machine-washable changing pad. It doesn’t have too many pockets, but the seven pockets are smartly so that you can store everything in place. You can also carry your 15 inches laptop in this bag. What else do you need? It is made up of water-resistant material and tear-proof fabric. It comes with an added back panel, which will distribute the weight equally across both shoulders.

Itzy Ritzy Baby Diaper Backpack

An expensive but durable baby diaper backpack option. It is made up of vegan leather and is available in seven cool colors. It comes with 17 pockets! Which translates into you carrying your world in this backpack! It also has additional baby bottle pockets. The backpack comes with a diaper changing pad and stroller coordinated clips. The backpack has extra cushioning at the backside, which provides comfort while carrying. The lower side of the backpack has a rubber that protects the bag from all the dirt and grime when placing it on floors or pavements.

Skip Hop Diaper Backpack

This is the perfect diaper backpack for travel for those who are fans of Skip Hop brand for kids. This is a luxurious looking backpack and is available in four earthy colors. The best part about this backpack is it comes with multiple pockets, and it is made of vegan leather, which can be wiped clean. The backpack has an adjustable strap as well as a stroller strap so that you can take it anywhere without any discomfort. The pockets will store all the essential items, which means you don’t have to worry about anything. Lastly, this backpack has a washable changing pad. As always, it is a durable and quality item by Skip Hop.

Sable Diaper Backpack

This is the perfect small, convertible backpack for traveling moms. It can fit almost all of the baby’s needs without making the bag too big or lumpy to carry around. The bag pattern is very cute while the design is comfortable. The inside and outside pockets make it easy to organize the bag and there is a spot for everything. The material makes it easy to get stains out of the bag. The bag color is also gender-neutral making it a perfect gift for baby showers.

Sensyne Multipocket Backpack

This travel diaper backpack by Sensyne has a whooping 9 pockets and a laptop sleeve! And all of these pockets are smart pockets, which means everything is going to stay in its place. You can keep all your dry and wet stuff in different places. It also has a mommy pocket for keeping keys, iPad, and wallet. The backpack is made up of textured fabric and has a convenient USB charging port. You can use this backpack as a handbag, and you can even attach it to the stroller.

Pipi Bear Diaper Backpacks

It is a very stylish and versatile backpack that is available in 5 different colors. The backpack is made up of water-resistant material and oxford cloth, which means it is durable. The backpack has a lot of pockets, which means you can keep all your things in place. It also has an antitheft cell phone pocket. The backpack comes with adjustable shoulder straps that are padded for extra comfort. That means it is not going to hurt your back. It also has dual zippers and stroller straps, making it convenient to carry.

Best unisex travel diaper backpacks

Eddie Bauer Traverse Backpack

This diaper backpack by Eddie Bauer is a great unisex option. It is great for those who like to keep their baby travel essentials organized in a stylish diaper backpack. It has got 11 pockets and two side pockets for keeping baby bottles upright and easily accessible. The bag is spacious and is the answer to all your storage needs. The backpack also comes with a removable changing pad so you can change your baby’s diapers on the go without any hassles. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps, a top handle, and stroller loops making it easy to be carried in multiple ways.

Mancro Baby travel backpack

This is one of the best unisex diaper backpacks for travel. Both moms and dads can easily carry it, and the straps can be adjusted to suit multiple heights. This backpack comes with insulated pockets, which means bottles stay at the same temperature for a long time. You can keep all your baby’s necessities in the bag’s pockets without worrying about the spillage. The zippers of the backpack are heavy metal and the bag has many anti theft properties. It is a very versatile travel diaper backpack and can easily fit on to the stroller and even trolleys at airports.

Bag Nation diaper backpack

While expensive than most other diaper backpacks, this diaper bag from Bag Nation looks more like a rugged hiking backpack than a baby travel bag. This handsfree backpack is made up of twill polyester and has strong zippers. The backpack has about 14 pockets for keeping all your baby’s necessities. This one backpack is going to last you for years because of its thoughtful design. Need more guarantee? It comes with a lifetime warranty! That alone makes it worth the extra price in our opinion.

TETHYS travel diaper backpack

This diaper backpack looks more like a regular college backpack and is made for travel. It has a wide zip at the bag that provides easy access to the main compartment. It comes with insulated pockets for keeping your things safe and dry. It has got about 18 pockets, so you can legit carry all baby essentials including a host of diapers, wipes, formula, baby bottles, food, feeding spoons, bowls, bibs, diaper creams, clothes, and toys. The backpack has an ergonomic design, which means it will not hurt your shoulders. It also has a convenient laptop pocket which is perfect for working moms. All the pockets are easily accessible, which means everything is right there in front of you. This backpack easily turns into a makeshift handbag when you are traveling by yourself.

Meinkind Unisex Travel Backpack

The Mienkind diaper travel backpack is perfect for both moms and dads. It has a large, spacious main compartment that fits all the kids essentials, toys, gadgets and snacks. It is made up of waterproof and tear-proof material and has a sturdy zipper. There is a separate pocket for wet/soiled clothes or food pouches and a separate insulated bottle bag. The design is stylish and trendy – and the bags looks more premium than the affordable price.

Best backpack for travel with a toddler or older kids

The needs of a toddler or preschoolers are quite different than infants. They do not need milk bottles or formula. Both our kids were able to drink from straws and used regular straw bottles when toddlers. They also ate regular food, so I didn’t need to carry as much food or snacks. On the other hand, they need more entertainment options like toys or tablets. For the older age group, I prefer a backpack that is not a regular diaper bag but still has lots of pockets and holds a lot of stuff. Here are our recommendations for the best backpack for travel with kids that can also be used as diaper bags:

Shangri-La Convertible Tote Backpack

This multi-purpose backpack can be converted into a shoulder bag, a backpack, or a handbag. The material of this bag is very strong as it is made from mix leather-cotton-canvas material. The backpack has many compartments and can easily fit a 14-inch laptop, and the sleeve is padded so your laptop will stay protected. It has got front and back side pockets for keeping your toddler essential including a spare set of clothes, a few snacks, kid’s tablets, books, small toys, etc. 

UTO Backpack Purse

This is my go-to purse since a year and a half. I have used it while traveling to India with my kids and couldn’t have been happier. This backpack is made up of soft synthetic leather, and the zippers of the backpack are heavy duty. It has a top handle as well as a shoulder strap plus comes with two back straps. That makes it quite easy to travel on planes and by cars. The structural design of the backpack is amazing. It is fully lined and the stitching is streamlined. It can easily fit a 14-inch laptop as well as basic toddler and preschooler stuff including snacks and water bottles. The backpack is available in so many vibrant colors and easily catches everyone’s eyes.

Kah&Kee Polyester Travel backpack

This backpack is perfect for traveling moms because of its capacity. It comes with a laptop compartment and other compartments for keeping all your and the kid’s stuff in place. It is available in many amazing colors and designs that one of them is sure to catch your eye. The backpack has a back pocket design so you can easily hold things for 2 kids. The many compartments can fit a change of clothes, changing pad, diapers, and wipes, snacks, etc. 

Pincnel Anti-theft travel backpack

This backpack, apart from being anti theft, has durable properties as it is made up of PU leather and has a nylon lining. The backpack has a huge number of pockets making it perfect for commuter moms. The backpack easily fits a Kids Fire tablet or iPad or a 10-inch laptop. The backpack has two adjustable straps and one single strap which can convert this into a handbag. The pockets included are two exterior side pockets, one mobile phone pocket while the main compartment can be used to hold a range of kids essentials during flights and day trips.

Cheruty Women Anti-theft Backpack

This backpack is made up of PU leather and waterproof material. The functioning of this backpack is anti theft, which means you don’t have to worry about your things getting stolen while traveling. It is medium-sized, very functional, and can easily fit a range of essentials to accessories for kids. The backpack has one huge interior zipper pocket which can hold clothes, toys, and food for 2 to 3 kids. Even after that, you will have enough space for keeping an umbrella, water bottles, and other miscellaneous items in the side pockets. The bag can be converted into a tote, making it more flexible to carry.

We hope you liked our post on the best backpack for baby travel and the best backpack for travel with a toddler and older kids. Do not forget to check out some of our other baby and kids’ travel posts to make travel with the littles easier!

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