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  1. Good and thorough writeup.

    Was here for 5 days a month ago. Even though it was the off season the weather was great except for half a day. Went from Astoria to Florence (and back) and the highlight was the view from Ecola State Park of Cannon Beach. A lot of the other viewpoints are partially blocked but you can get to most beaches, which is fun.

    Cape Lookout was closed. Not sure if that is a seasonal thing or if they were doing trail repairs.

    All in all was great scenery and a fun and quirky place. I dont want to be too negative but I am not sure what the big deal is about Yaceta Head Lighthouse is. The beach itself is stunning and there is a great view halfway up the trail, but once you get to the lighthouse it is very underwhelming. If you go that far though you might as well go all of the way to the top as it is a pretty easy hike.

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