1. Leaving next week for Jordan and Israel. Did you feel renting a car was advantageous over public transportation? Did you need an international drivers license? Did you arrange for the car prior to getting into Jordan? How much?

    1. Hi Kathy, renting a car definitely saved us a lot of time and offered flexibility for road-side stops along Kings Highway. Also the Dead Sea region is not really accessible via public transport, so having a car helps a lot. We could rent a car on our US drivers license without any issues. I booked the car for airport pickup in Amman for roughly 350/week including insurance online through either Kayak or rentalcars.com (don’t remember exactly which) How many days will you be in Jordan? Are you planning to stay in Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum? I highly recommend it after Petra https://dottedglobe.com/destinations/middle-east/jordan/desert-camping-wadi-rum-jordan/

  2. We’re heading to Jordan in the new year. You mention tha you drove and that you’d had experience driving in India. Having been to India the driving experience would have prepared you well to drive anywhere. Apart from being difficult to drive in Amman, what’s your thoughts on driving Jordan for th less experienced? Would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Hi Pablo, so apart from Amman, driving in Jordan is fairly easy. We did find school children walking along the road, sheep and goat crossing the road and even camels at one point but as long as you are driving cautiously you won’t face any issues. Driving in Amman (or for that matter in city centers of Madaba, Aqaba and Jerash) is an entirely different matter. Lanes are not followed, roads are heavily trafficked and turn indicators are not followed. You will have to be prepared for that and drive cautiously till you get the hang of it. It is doable as long as you are prepared. When are you going and have you finalized your itinerary?

  3. Jordan has long been on the bucketlist for me. The pictures are absolutely brilliant and pretty alluring. Seems like you made the most out of your time in Jordan.

  4. Oh wow….these photos are so captivating and inspiring. Jordan is on my list of countries to explore and it so steeped in history. Love your pic with the camels. I really can’t wait to visit at some point. Thanks for the push!!

  5. Jordan hasn’t really been on my radar, until now. The photos really convey how beautiful it is! You went in April – what was the temperature like?

  6. WOW! This has completely inspired me to visit Jordan, and seems like the perfect amount of time, too! Stunning Photos!

  7. I have always wanted to go to Jordan and see most of these sites! Unfortunately most of your images will not load for me 🙁 Not sure if it’s on your end or mine, but something to look into as I’d love to see the beautiful pictures you have from your trip!

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