1. Thank you for highlighting our very special community! We actually get less snow than Denver, so traveling to/from Estes generally is very easy, and it’s actually not as cold as people might expect. I am the owner of Affinity Massage and Wellness, and I thank you for mentioning our office. We are directly on the Riverwalk, with treatment rooms including windows that open over the river. We’d love to meet any of you newcomers enticed to come visit us, Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park. Safe travels!

  2. I always believe that every place can be experienced differently in different seasons. Estes park looks great in winters. That was quite an elaborate stuff. It was good to know about the Colorado Rockies, museum, sculptures, river walk, twinkling lights and more. Great pictures too.

  3. Omg Colorado sounds incredible, I never knew it is so beautiful in winter. I love snow activities and walking on the frozen lake sounds adventurous. I am definitely gonna plane a trip here in next one

  4. Pictures are so stunning. There are so many things to do and the food looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing your experience

  5. Winter is indeed an amazing time to head to national parks. Candle light dinners, hot tubs for 2??? Sign me up… I’m coming.
    Great tip about travel insurance, esp., when travelling in such unpredictable weathers.
    Colorblock sweaters are indeed awesome! We really need colors in winters to make everything better.

  6. Visiting Colorado in winter is indeed delightful. There are so many winter activities to do in Estes Park. I would love to do snowboarding. The weather will be chilling I can understand but your blog has encouraged me enough to visit the place during winter as this sight will not be available during the summers.

  7. I also love that quote from Edward Abbey.
    Yes, this is why I love hiking because the view is always worth all the effort. I have never been to Estes Park but would love to really visit soon. Thank you for this detailed post. Very helpful.

  8. What an awesome idea for a romantic getaway – its so cold that you have practically no choice but to cuddle 😀 – anyways what a great detailed guide and the pictures communicates the cold weather.

  9. Oh!.. This is just my ideal hangout spot just have everything i desire in a place, the landmark is just amazing, Just love everything about this part. And the picture are just breathtaking, They just add more life to the post. Lovely.

  10. We have been to Breckinridge in Colorado and we loved it! We’ll have to check out Estes Park too! Our favorite activities are the skiing, sledding, and snow tubing.

  11. What an incredibly detailed guide. Estes Park sounds truly amazing. As gorgeous as it looks from your pictures, I’d probably prefer to visit in the Summer when it is not as cold. I’ve been hearing wonderful things about the Canadian Rockies and this confirms it! Thanks for all the details.

  12. It winter but the sun is shining so bright :)This place looks incredibly beautiful and lots of activities to do and spots to visit. I’m in for whiskey trips especially with this cold season.

  13. I’d love to visit Colorado but in warmer weather. I can barely manage winter in the Northeast lol. Still, it is a beautiful sight in winter with the trees and the lake. I’m sure you lot had a great time.

  14. Estes Park sounds amazing and looks like out of the movie. Would be a pleasure to see it and jump from pick to another. Plus music and whiskey makes the trip even more interesting. I would go for a craft beer definitely!

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