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The Land of the Rising Sun has wooed travelers since ancient times.

The ultimate culture destination, Japan is famous for its ancient architecture and imperial castles, for its rich traditions and tranquil Zen gardens, and for its unique geisha culture and the notorious crime syndicates as depicted in Western movies.

The traditional experiences in Japan are vivid and engrossing; you can decide how much you want to involve yourself.

From merely staying at a Ryokan and eating sushi to actually dressing up like a geisha and wearing a traditional kimono, the country offers innumerable opportunities to soak in the unique culture.

In sharp contrast to the traditions of Kyoto are the modern cities of Tokyo and Osaka.

These are the cities of tall skyscrapers, stunning modern architecture, neon-lit signs of shopping centers, amazingly fast bullet trains, Hello Kitty and animal cafes, and a fast-paced vibrant life.

Japan is also blessed with abundant natural scenery and fantastic landscapes.

Its snow-capped mountains are filled with active volcanoes, dense forests, and hot springs with the historically sacred Mt. Fuji towering in the background.

The country is especially beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms take over the countryside as well as cities.

Visitors traveling during the cherry blossom season experience a different Japan.

Japan is about immersing yourself deep in a fantastic culture that goes back to the beginning of time.

Japan is about a unique tranquility present in the ancient Shinto shrines and moss-covered Zen garden sculptures.

Japan is about paying respects at the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima and admiring the phoenix that rose out of its own ashes.

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