Planning to buy a camera under 300 for traveling and photography? Looking for a new budget flying toy that also takes amazing photos? Read our guide on the best drones that you can buy under $300. Find detailed reviews including flight time, camera performance, and range. You might also like our guide on Best digital cameras under 300. 

As a family that loves to travel, we love drones. I enjoy having a unique vantage point over the attractions while the husband likes to fly these birds. Our kindergartener is fascinated by the entire flight control process while the toddler loves seeing the drone soar above her. However, we are also budget-conscious plus not a fan of the legalities and licenses involved in flying drones. The happy medium? Buy a budget camera drone that follows FAA weight limitations, takes great photos, and is easy to fly! And for this reason, we really love drones under 300 as they satisfy most of these requirements plus take pretty clear photos. 

If you are a beginner or a professional travel photographer who is interested in flying a drone on your next trip then you might have the same concerns as us. And if you have a budget constraint, then it becomes even more difficult to find the exact drone that suits your needs. And that’s why we have created this buying guide to the best drones under 300. We especially like this price point as there are several drone options that you can consider without compromising on camera quality or flight time. 

We are here to help you find the best drones under $300 that provide excellent value for money and become an asset while documenting your travels. Our top picks include several drones featuring different characteristics and qualities, including the best video drones under $300 to capture live shows and events. In this useful buying guide, you will find a list of factors to consider before investing in a drone, a detailed review of all the great options for drones under 300, as well as a handy comparison chart that provides a quick overview of all the drones. 

So, let’s find out the best drone with a camera under $300!

Drones 101

In case you are new to drones, here is a quick introduction. A drone is a remote-controlled flying device that can take excellent photographs and capture live scenes from the different vantage points. Travelers love drones for the unique perspectives it brings to photos and videos. The drones are not only used by travel enthusiasts and photographers but also by aviation lovers and hobby pilots. The basic toy drones which come with or without a camera are a great fun-filled gadget for kids.

Types of drones

There are several different types of drones that serve different purposes. Here is a basic guide to each type:

Toy Drones 

Toy drones are made for the children or the beginners who do not want to invest much at the beginning. In fact, many people prefer practicing flying with a basic toy drone before handling a more sophisticated version. The toy drones have the same functionality but are cheaper and easy to use/learn. They also have significantly less flight time than professional models; most offer less than 10 minutes of flight time. Some of the toy drones also come with a basic camera however the picture quality is nothing to write home about. You can easily find a great beginner toy drone in the range from $40 to $100 bucks.

Racing Drones  

These are usually preferred by the hobbyists who love to fly drones. Drone racing is a thrilling game that requires the drone to be speedy and agile. That is why the racing drones have greater speed and faster response to the signals. They come at a competitive price and have a sturdy body. The large batteries offer greater playing time.

Camera Drones 

The camera drones have tech gear that is specifically designed for photographers and videographers. These drones are capable of capturing high-quality images and filming high-resolution videos from different perspectives. They are strong, durable, and made to withstand harsh environmental conditions for outdoor activities. These models are expensive because they utilize premium visual optics and value-added features needed by most professionals. 

The camera drones come with several useful features like the gimbals that are required to pan and tilt the camera in order to capture pictures from different positions. They have powerful batteries for greater flight time. They also come with a built-in GPS through which they can navigate on their own. 

However, they also have several cons working against them. They are usually bulky and heavy and come at high price points. They often need to be registered with the FAA before flying due to their weight. Pilots also need to follow legal rules and regulations before flying these drones.

And that’s why we mostly consider camera drones under $300 in this article. The drones in this category are lightweight so they need no licenses. The camera quality while not excellent is great for hobby photographers and travel lovers.

Factors to consider before buying drones under $300

Here are the factors that you need to consider while buying drones under 300. Use these 3 basic factors to compare your choices and you will find it easier to settle upon a drone that is best suited for your needs.  

Image Quality

Image quality matters a lot when you are going to use a drone for professional photography. Different types of optical performances serve different functions; therefore, it is important to determine what kind of videos or pictures you are going to capture. That will determine whether you need cinematic quality videos and images or can work with a basic camera.

Environmental Conditions

The choice of a drone is linked to the climate you are going to operate the drone in. Some drones are just made to handle rough weather better. If you plan to use the drone in windy or rainy conditions or in extreme temperatures, then you need a drone having greater resistance to adverse weather conditions. You also need higher flight time to operate the drone in such weather. It needs to fly firmly in blowing winds or stormy weather. 

Flight Time

Flight time largely depends upon the battery time. It may be referred to as a time during which the drone is able to fly in the air. The greater the flight time, the more the price of the drone. The models with lower flight time are considerably cheaper than the models with the optimal flight time. You need to gauge what is a workable flight time for your needs before investing in a drone. We usually like a happy medium of a minimum 30 minutes to be satisfied with a drone.

Best Drones under $300 – A Quick comparison

DronesFlight TimeRangeVideo QualityCamera QualityDrone Weight
Ruko F11 Pro 60 Minutes300-500 meters2.9k video4k UltraHd Picture520 gms/18.24  Oz
Holy Stone HS 720 26 minutesUp to 3000 feet4k UltraHd video4k UltraHd Picture16.2 0z
Holy Stone HS 700 D 22 minutes1640- 2624ft2k HD2k HD4.34 Lbs
DJI Mavic Mini30 Minutes2000 feet12 MP2.7k HD0.55 Lbs
Potensic D85 32-40 minutes2000 feet2k HD2k HD7.09 Lbs
Altair Outlaw SE 15 minutes300 meters1080 HD1080 HD3.12 Lbs
Potensic D88 32-40 minutes2000 feet2k HD2k HD5.24 Lbs
Contixo F22 RC 15-20 minutes2000 feet1080 HD1080 HD397 g / 0.86 lbs
Contixo F24 Pro 30 Minutes1700 feet4k UltraHd4k UltraHd1.14 Lbs
MJX Bugs 4W 44 minutesUp to 3000 feet2k HD2k HD4.07 Lbs
4DRC M1 Foldable GPS Drone 26-30 minutes1600M/4000ft4k HD4k HD1.21 Lbs
Holy Stone HS120D 18 minutes300M1080 HD1080 HD7.8 Lbs

The Best Drones with a camera under $300 reviewed

Buying a drone and taking it on your domestic or international trips is not an easy task. It is a huge investment – both moneywise and timewise. In addition to that, each drone has its own learning curve and the better camera a drone has, the more complex is the handling. Here is a useful drone buying guide that will help you to save money and find the perfect drone with all the features that you really need.

1.      Ruko F11 Pro

This is by far the best video drone under $300. It is among our top picks because it features all the amazing specs that you need to capture stunning images and filming high-resolution videos. It offers spectacular 4K Ultra HD picture results and an amazing video quality that makes it an obvious choice. The picture clarity, vibrant colors, and excellent contrast make it superior over most other camera drones.

In addition, the flight time is exceptional, giving it an edge over the rest featuring a large 2500mAh battery that has great battery timing. The package also contains an additional battery to increase the flight time. Ruko F11 Pro has a built-in GPS navigation system that ranges between 300 to 500 meters. It has an easy to use control panel with several functions that are perfect for the beginners. You can also enjoy a fun time with your kids with this small and techy gadget.

Ruko F11 Pro has simple operations, and you can also take it anywhere because it comes with a portable carrying bag. You can easily fold and take the drone outdoor. Furthermore, the drone is safe and wind-resistant to have a safe flight in the windy weather. 


ü  High picture and video quality.

ü  Built-in GPS.

ü  Exceptional flight time.

ü  Powerful batteries.

ü  Perfect for outdoor use.

ü  Easy to use.

ü  Suitable for both beginners and professionals.



2.      Holy Stone HS 720

Here is another best drone with a camera under $300. Holy Stone HS 720 has a 4K UHD camera that stabilizes images and results in clear and crisp images. It ensures shock absorption and takes vivid photos and videos without camera vibration. You can see the scenes with different angles by 90 degrees. Moreover, there are no chances to lose the drone because the built-in GPS equipped with intelligent flight function takes it back just with a single tap. The remotely controlled drone is obedient enough to follow your instruction and perform the way it is set to.

It delivers a long flight time of 26 minutes, assisted by a powerful battery. The motor is designed to provide excellent performance, durability, and quiet operations. The motor consumes low power assisting the battery to offer better flight time. The camera comes with carrying so that you can take it on the trips with you. It offers a cool optical gadget that enables you to capture the moments steadily. The foldable design is portable enough to take it for any outdoor activity.

It can reach up to 3000 meters high, giving you great fun and vision. It comes with an LED screen that shows you the battery level and GPS signals as well. It comes with a transmitter, battery, extra propellers, and a USB charging cable. 


ü  Great flight time.

ü  Powerful battery

ü  High-resolution videos and pictures.

ü  Powerful motor for reliable and quiet operations

ü  Suitable for all levels


ü  You need to be careful in the wind.

3.      Holy Stone HS 700 D

Let’s see the best drone with GPS under $300. This camera drone offers reasonable optical performance and results but an exceptional GPS navigation system that can enable you to enjoy the safe flight with an efficient location system. The position of the drone can be located easily when the battery becomes low, or you are losing the signals. It offers a broad view and a good range to offer great results.

Moreover, Holy Stone HS 700 D has a reliable, long-lasting motor the delivers smooth operations and high speed, which enables you to fly high with stability. The flight time is 22 minutes, which is quite reasonable at such a low price. It has a safe design that contains all the important and simple to use functions. The drone is suitable for both the beginners and intermediate level users. It offers an attractive function like you can take the perfect selfie with your friends by freeing your hands or control it as per your instruction by using the application.

Enjoy the outdoor fun with your friends and relatives with this cool gadget that is portable and handy so that you may take it to the outdoor trips. The one-key take-off and landing make it extremely easy to use. The drone comes with a transmitter, extra propellers, landing gears, dust guards, and charging accessories that you need to set up the device.


ü  Built-in GPS with powerful functionality.

ü  Powerful Brushless motor

ü  Simple control panel

ü  Reasonable flight time.


ü  The battery charger is cheap.

4.      DJI Mavic Mini

Complimenting the name, the drone is small in size, making it a suitable choice for those who love to travel and carry their drone with them. The drone is extremely lightweight, weighing like your smartphone adding great convenience with style. The camera is powerful enough to deliver a breathtaking performance. Capture the crisp shots with the 12MP camera and make 2.7K HD videos like a pro with this mini gadget. 

The lightweight of the camera allows it to stay in the air for a longer time period; however, it may be unsafe if the weather is windy or rainy because the camera may fall due to its lightweight. It is equipped with a powerful battery that offers a greater flight time than the ordinary models available in this price range. It is compatible with several smart devices you can connect your camera to see the results. It is extremely simple to use and suitable for beginners as well.

It is suitable for users of all levels. It comes with an incredible set of accessories that include everything you need to get started. The package includes a snap adapter, a mini DIY kit, and a carrying case. However, the model gets a bit out of our price range but offers all the needed functions a pro need.


ü  Very handy and compact.

ü  Good results.

ü  Easy to use.

ü  Reasonable flight time and battery timing.


ü  Greater price

5.      Potensic D85

If you are looking for a camera with frictionless and smooth performance with the best flight time, then this is a must-buy. This camera consists of four strong motors offering a higher flight than ever. It comes with a long-life battery with great battery timing. Moreover, the camera gives a broader view of the events from the 130 degrees FOV lens and a 2k resolution for the impressive photography.

Potensic D85 comes with a large and sturdy carrying case you can place all your accessories in. The camera is suitable for traveling due to a foldable design. It is extremely easy to control. You and your kids can easily control the drone with a one-touch button. It is equipped with a built-in GPS that follows you or the instructed mode. It returns automatically. It loses its way or signals.

The drone is useful for beginners as well as the intermediate level users who love flying high. It has a very fast speed and shows your live transmission at your convenience. It comes with a case, two lithium batteries, and a controller.


ü  Very easy to fly.

ü  Portable.

ü  Large carrying case.

ü  It is equipped with four strong motors.

ü  Exceptional flight time.



6.      Altair Outlaw SE

Altair Outlaw SE is a mediocre drone that offers reasonable optical results and strong GPS. The excellent connectivity offers greater stability and control at your device. The camera offers 1080p HD videos and live actions. It offers different simple functions that are suitable for beginners as well. So it is a reasonable option if you are starting to fly. It is equipped with plenty of value-added features like one-touch take-off and landing, automatic returning home feature when the battery gets low, or the drone loses its way, etc.

Altair Outlaw SE is a reasonable drone for the beginners or the teenagers who love to fly high and take pictures as a hobby. It offers a range of 300 meters that is reasonable for the kids. The flight time is i.e., 15 minutes, that is suitable as far as the beginners are concerned. This drone comes with a battery and a charger. 

It is a perfect little drone to give you kids who want to try something exciting in their free time. It is lightweight and compact, so you can easily take it outdoors. However, the battery timing is the downside, but if you have a limited budget, then trying it will not let you regret it.


ü  Handy and portable.

ü  Suitable for kids.

ü  Simple to use.


ü  The battery sucks.

ü  Average flight time.

7.      Potensic D88

This 2K high definition camera drone is another hot choice out of the ordinary drones available in the market. The outclass image quality, wide-angle, and vivid colors make it a must-buy in a price that is none other than the exception. Enjoy super stable photography with Potensic D88 and feel the difference. The drone is rich in value-added features like one-button control, follow me mode, and other intelligent settings you would love to use. 

It has a foldable design that is extremely easy to carry, so it is also a suitable option for those who travel a lot. Potensic D88 is equipped with a reliable motor that offers stability, high speed, and good range. Moreover, it is equipped with a power-packet 3400 mAh battery offering the flight time of 32 to 40 minutes. 

The drone is safe and convenient to use. It offers a safe operation, and the battery is also safe enough. It turns back when the signals are lost, of the battery becomes low. There are several other functions like optical flow positioning and ultrasonic altitude determination that make it a safer choice. It comes with a simple to use control panel and slim design.


ü  It is suitable for both children and the intermediate level users.

ü  Compact design

ü  Powerful motor

ü  Intelligent and safe functions. 

ü  Great flight time



8.      Contixo F22 RC

Contixo F22 RC is a perfect toy drone for you if you are a hobbyist and love flying in the air. You can give it as a present to your kids because it is not heavy on your pocket. You can enjoy a safe flight with this super-affordable drone that is very simple to use and equipped with the best drone GPS under $300. It is suitable for all levels of users who love to play with drones.

It is equipped with several interesting features like the expensive drones at a competitive price. The features include follow me function, Gesture control, Auto hover, and much more. It also comes with a built-in camera with 1080p HD results. Take photos and connect the drone with your smartphone app to see amazing results.

Contixo F22 RC has a compact design that can be carried easily on any outdoor trip. It comes assembled and ready to start flying. It is the best drone for adults and kids who have a hobby to fly. It comes with a sturdy storage case that makes it convenient to carry around. 


ü  Compact design

ü  Easy to carry

ü  Reasonable camera

ü  Suitable for kids.


ü  It is not a professional gadget.

9.      Contixo F24 Pro

Contixo F24 Pro is another best drone with a camera under $300. Holy Stone HS 720 has a 4K HD camera that offers sharp images. It offers a wide viewing angle and stunning picture quality that makes a great difference in your photography. It offers a reasonable flight time of 30 minutes, assisted with two powerful batteries.

The built-in GPS offers stable signals and connectivity that ensure a safe flight. It has a range of 1700 feet with clear live transmission and images. Contixo F24 Pro comes with a strong brushless motor that delivers smooth performance. It is rich in several additional modes, including Follow me, Orbit mode, and gesture control, to take the selfies smartly.  

It is compact and foldable, so suitable for travelers as well. The camera and flight time is great for professional purposes. However, the control panel is user-friendly and can be used by the kids as well.


ü  Professional camera

ü  Great flight time

ü  Strong motor

ü  Reasonable range.



10.   MJX Bugs 4W

MJX Bugs 4W comes with all the intelligent functions and features the competitive drones in the price range have. It comes with a powerful 2K HD camera for better pictures and videos with a wide viewing angle. Other additional features include auto-return, point of interest, altitude, and so on. It has a strong propulsion system assisted by the two powerful 3400mAh batteries offering 44 minutes of flight time.

The responsive brushless motor makes it more stable and delivers better performance than the rest. The drone works great with the smartphone-friendly application. The drone is safe to charge and store. It is small and foldable, so you can travel carrying it around easily.

It is suitable for both the kids and adults who are playing with it as a hobby. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, the drone serves you the best. It is a super reliable option for those who are looking for a durable device in a few bucks.


ü  Powerful motor

ü  Great flight time

ü  Easy to use.

ü  Powerful battery



11.   4DRC M1 Foldable GPS Drone

This foldable GPS camera is the best choice for buyers. It has a 4K camera, having the shock absorption ability along with a 90 degrees adjustable rotation lens. Also, the 5G fluent FPV will help you to experience the entire view before your eyes. One more unique feature that it comprises is the 4D M1 follow me feature that will cover you no matter how fast you run.

Make sure that you choose a point of desired height and radius so that you can quickly get the display video of your favorite area even anywhere from the center of the world. Moreover, there is also an optical flow positioning, which is making use of a double stable system that uplifts the drone up to a certain height.

The drone also consists of a headless mode that sets itself to the direction of the pilot. The chance of losing the direction will be very less, and this function is convenient for both kids and beginners. You can even plan the flying route on the map, which is already built-in in the app. With the help of GPS mode, the beautiful scenery of the entire point can be recorded and will also send the exact position details of the drone.


ü  Powerful Battery

ü  Intelligent operation

ü  Compact design

ü  Easy to use


ü  The drone flying ability is not strong

12.   Holy Stone HS120D

The holy stone drone camera consists of an enhanced 1080p full HD camera that ensures excellent image quality.  Also, there is a wide-angle of 120 degrees that clears and widens the entire view. There is a GPS that tracks down the path you will cover by merely following you and catching you wherever you go.

There is a first-person view function that allows you to enjoy the full view from even a more extensive distance. It is a perfect gadget for beginners and also consists of a headless mode that will not lose its direction. The drone will be hovering at a certain height so that the beginners won’t lose control.

You can even design the pathway and also can fly under your control wherever you tap. It has a compact foldable design that makes it convenient to be carried to places and easily gets stored. The operation of the drone is quite satisfying and smooth.


ü  Highly recommended

ü  Easy to learn

ü  Easy to use

ü  Longer flight experience


ü  The camera is not good

The drones are a useful and fun-filled tech gear for several reasons, and those who love playing with drones or the professional photographers find them inevitable to buy, so this article is of great value for all you drone lovers out there. We hope that our comprehensive buying guide and the impartial reviews will help you to find the perfect gear under the limited budget.