1. I’d also highly recommend a drive from Newcastle, WY into South Dakota, then take a left turn at Cheyenne Crossing and go through Spearfish Canyon down to Spearfish. I used to work at the Spearfish Canyon Lodge as a Summer Job in my teens – that Canyon is just a magical place . . . especially at dusk and dawn. There are a lot of places to hike, ponder and experience all over South Dakota – and the people have a “free” spirit of the Wild West and are not afraid to talk about it.

  2. I think a lot of people believe ALL of South Dakota’s beauty is ONLY the Black Hills. If one cares to maybe drive about through some rather mundane landscapes, there are some absolutely amazing islands of geological beauty though out the state. From the glacial ridges around the coteau des prairie of the east, down to the rolling hills of the missouri river near Yankton, over to the bluffs of the Rosebud/Pine Ridge and up to the Castles near the Riva Gap. South Dakota has a lot to offer in the way of site seeing.

  3. As a native South Dakotan, who has spent most of my life living in multiple other states across the U.S., I really appreciated these travel suggestions. I have visited the Badlands and Mount Rushmore multiple times. However, I was not aware of the number of lakes in Custer State Park and some of the other attractions featured in this travelogue. I would suggest that, next time, you also feature the “Walk of Presidents” presidential sculptures in downtown Rapid City.

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