1. I had that same question and couldn’t find much info to help. Here’s my experience. We rode in the Presidential car which has comfortable chairs (except for a few armless Parson’s chairs) for about 12-14 people and was sufficiently roomy. The Parson’s chairs had no window to look out of specifically since they were at the end of the car. Seats face the center aisle so you view is whatever is behind the person in front of you. In late December, was nothing much to see in terms of scenery, but the dome car would probably be great during spring or fall. The website does not provide info on number of passengers or seating arrangements per car but Dome seating is probably roomy as well. There are no extra amenities (not even water offered – lactose intolerant, too bad) for Presidential, so at $95 per ticket, I’ll rethink that if we do the PE ride in the future. Overall enjoyable — just don’t expect Disney level of magic and your expectations will be met.

  1. Such a great post <3 Hope that one day I could have a chance to visit Texas. I`m sure that my experience there will be one of the most memorable moments in my life. Thank you

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