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Helen, Ga

Welcome to our first real time blog post, yay!

My FB and Insta Feed was full of everyone’s colorful food and travel photos; it looked so lovely. We also had an amazing time and it involved planes, beautiful green mountains, tall trees, quaint villages, bbq, lots of booze, miniature palatial rooms,  kettle cooked corn, fudge pops, tubing, a Bavarian Alpine village, delicious German beer and lots of wursts aka German sausages. Did you guess where we went? No, we were not in Germany. We were not even in Europe. We found all that in good old Georgia. Want to know more, read on!

Gorgeous pine cabin in the Appalachian Mountains found on Airbnb

So we flew down to Atlanta to spend some time with the extended family. There were 6 of us and we booked a gorgeous pine cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. It was nestled amidst tall trees and had a beautiful porch with hammocks, some furniture and grill. What else does one need? The porch with its tall trees, many birds, and insects was a natural distraction for a charged up toddler and we all relaxed as S entertained himself.

Porch with hammocks, some furniture and grill. What else does one need?

We had a cookout on the porch; it was delicious. There was a LOT of booze involved, heck we started the day with a couple of beers. There was a thunderstorm the first night and we played some card games as we listened to the rain beating down on the roof. We went out on the porch to feel the intensity of the storm; bad idea! We all came in right away – escaping the cold, the wind and the whooshing trees. The lights flickered for a moment, the lightning could be seen outside. Did I say the cabin doesn’t have cell reception? It was a fun few moments, but nothing else happened. It felt great to be in the warmly-lit, wooden cabin as the storm raged on outside. The rain continued throughout the night and we could all hear it pitter-patter on the roof. S, off course, slept soundly through all of it!

Blairsville GA historic Union County Courthouse

We went to Blairsville on Sunday. Blairsville is a town located in Union county amidst the Appalachian Mountains. The road to Blairsville was beautiful and we could see the mountains of Blue Ridge along the way. The town held its annual Spring Arts and Crafts Festival that weekend in the historic Town Square and we had fun going through the various artist stalls and the miniature houses. We had lunch at Cabin Coffee and S pretended he was riding a ‘horsey’ as  he sat on one of their saddle-shaped stools. 

S pretending he’s astride a horse at Cabin Coffee, Blairsville GA. Isn’t he spot on?

We went to Helen on Monday. Helen is a beautiful town located along the Chattahoochee River and resembles a Bavarian Alpine village.

Helen is perfect for road-trips, motorcyclists, families, adventure seekers and almost everyone!

The town is gorgeous with some of the quaintest shops and restaurants. We got some excellent German food and beer in Helen. Tubing is one of Helen’s most popular activities.

Helen is a gorgeous Bavarian town nestled amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I swear those clouds are real. It was a very overcast day and led to some gorgeous photos. Isn’t Helen the most gorgeous town you have seen? Leave me a message in comments below. My Guide on visiting Helen is coming up soon if you want to see this picturesque town for yourself.

Helen has all kinds of quaint little shops.

In all it was a great weekend. And so the tradition of amazing Memorial Day weekend travels continues. Past Memorial Day weekends we have visited Indian Dunes State Park, Starved Rock State Park, New Orleans, Houston and India; this one ranked quite highly on relaxation and fun. Proof enough that much needed family time and small towns make great weekends.

How was your Memorial Day Weekend? Where all did you go?

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  • crazytravelista

    Wow Helen is gorgeous! I’ve never seen quaint towns like this in the states before. I think I need to explore my own country more haha. Great pics!

  • Anisa

    Helen is such a cute town. I had never heard of it before so I am adding that to my list.

    For memorial day, I was in England visiting my boyfriend. It was such a nice break.

  • mapsandmuses

    Wow! Can’t believe that’s in Georgia! I need to check it out. I went down to the Florida Keys (only an hour away from me in Miami) and had a great time on the boat. 🙂


  • Charmaine

    Love the colors! Looks so picturesque! 🙂

  • Alaine

    The cabin looks so nice and it looks like you had a good getaway weekend.

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