11th June 2017

Time for our monthly visit to the Houston Waterwall Park!

S-boy ran around on the lawn and watched older kids play ball. He’s slowly getting into the age where he’s interested in observing other children; I’m waiting for the day when he actually wants to join them in the fun!

Williams building from the Waterwall Park

Lying down on the lawn, he kept looking at the tall Williams building. I grabbed the opportunity to add to his vocabulary and explained a bit about height and buildings. Soon he was pointing at the building and lifting his hands towards the sky to show how tall it was. Then I told him that C designs tall buildings at work. I have no idea how much he understood, but he seemed pretty excited with the idea that his Dad stacks blocks all day J

S-boy loving the water mist!

Then we went to the Water Wall. He was happy to see the water gush down the sides of the fountain. He walked near the edge of the Water Wall and was thrilled when the water sprayed across his face. That’s him, happy and wet!

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