Last Sunday was pretty typical. C made pancakes; S-boy first watched him make them and then gorged a big fluffy one. That’s one of our weekend things! I amble in by the time the first one’s done and entertain S with stories as he eats. Then we went to the Zoo. That’s another one of our things J We have a family pass for the Zoo and use it frequently. We saw the rhinos, giraffes, the new elephant pavilion, the birds and sea lions. It was a hot day and S was soon tired, so out we came and drove around in search of food. We soon came to a block that looked familiar and realized it was the same eatery that we visited on our very first trip to Houston. Talk about serendipity! A new eatery had opened next to them, so we decided to try it out. And that’s how we stumbled upon Velvet Tacos.

Great outdoor seating at Velvet Taco

Guys, this place! The place screams hip and quirky with its dark walls, exposed ceilings and eclectic menu. Each taco that they serve is a wonderful inspiration from cuisines around the world. I was sorely tempted to try each and every taco on the list. We kept changing our decision before settling on the Fried Paneer Taco, Annatto shredded Pork Taco and Shrimp & Grits Taco. The ones that we passed over included Spicy Tikka Chicken Taco (with cilantro basmati rice and raita crème), Falafel Taco (with tahini and lettuce wrap) and slow roasted Brisket Taco (with chili mayo and queso). Doesn’t that tempt you to try it for yourself?

Mexican street style corn with soft cheese and lime. Just perfect!

We also ordered a side of the ‘Elote’ corn and took everything outside to the wonderful patio. The corn was charred, sweet and with the lime, perfectly sour. The creamy, soft white cheese and hot sauce were great. I love the Mexican street style corn and the Velvet Taco’s take on it is delicious. I also liked the spoon that came with it. S-boy attacked the corn and C & I had managed to squeeze a few bites in between.  

Delicious fusion tacos

And then our tacos were ready! I started with the Fried Paneer taco. The paneer was fresh and soft. It was liberally doused in tikka sauce and taco was quite nice. The Annatto shredded pork was equally good. It had grilled pineapple and came in a dark pink hibiscus tortilla. I didn’t care much for the hibiscus tortilla’s taste. The Shrimp & Grits taco was the one I liked best. The blackened shrimp were tasty and tender, the grits crunchy and the salsa cool and yummy. The taco was full of southern goodness and topped with Creole mayo. In a word, perfect!

With most tacos costing about 5 bucks, Velvet Taco is pricier than your average taco place, but the offbeat menu and great taste is definitely worth a visit. They also had egg frittatas on the menu and did I say they serve Margaritas?

Velvet Taco is located at 4819 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

I visited Velvet Taco in July 2017


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