S-boy will soon turn 2 years old! Considering his age, S-boy is the most well-traveled member of our family. C & I have decided to allot him his piece of prime real estate on Dotted Globe, our travel blog. More of his travels coming soon!


S-Boy’s Travel Stats

S-boy has some seriously enviable travel stats. He has been traveling even before he was born; I traveled to Jordan and India while 5-months pregnant with S-boy. Till date he has been on 16 flights and spent more than 87 hrs flying. He has traveled to 3 countries: India, Qatar and Chile. He has been on many road trips within the US. He has visited Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta, New Orleans, Austin, Tampa, and Key West and seen many picturesque communities and towns. He has been on short cruises and traveled in auto-rickshaws while in India. He has camped by the beach, AirBnB-ed and stayed in unique hotels and luxury resorts.

S-Boy loves travel-n-more!

S-boy is a foodie in making and has tried varied cuisines including American, Middle-eastern, Qatari, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Creole, Chilean and seafood including ceviches. He has eaten plenty of weird things including camel, pigeon, and alligator as well as the regular fare of shrimp, chicken and red meats. He loves chocolates, ice-creams and sno-cones. He has bobbed his head to jazz blues in New Orleans and tapped his feet to Islamic music in the souqs of Doha, Qatar. He has marveled at the Moai on Easter Island. He loves pumping his hands in the air and dancing to Bollywood (India’s film industry) songs. He has traveled to the beach, mountain, desert, villages and more.


S-Boy’s Travel style

S-boy’s idea of travel is very simple. Spending time in the backyard, going for a walk in the neighborhood, driving to our local park, flying to beautiful destinations; it’s all travel to him. When C & I tell him that we are going out, he expects us to be ‘out’ within the next few minutes. Or he pushes us while saying ‘go’! On the road, S-boy is a very happy and no-fuss traveler. He has taught us many things about being flexible and enjoying the journey.


  • Violinkit

    Wow, S-boy is a very lucky little man. I’m quite jealous of his great travels and adventures. Also his taste in cuisine especially his love of sno-cones. I hope to do some travelling soon and maybe someday i’ll catch up with S-boy. x

  • Aditi

    That’s a really lucky little champ. I hope his travel endeavours keep on growing and then we can hear more stories from him. 🙂

  • annaszoke

    I think this is the biggest gift that you can give to your child. To see the world, to encounter with different cultures, to experience all this helps him to be a better, tolerant and more understanding citizen of our world. You are doing great and also lucky a bit, my son can’t stand traveling for long, he cries even after an hour in the car. But he is still little hopefully he will grow out of it and soon starts to enjoy exploring the world.

  • Laura Dove

    Ahh what a lucky boy he is! Its so great for little ones to travel and explore our world, I think it’s hugely educational too!

  • simplysensationalfood

    Introducing small children to travel at an early age is education in its self. Your little one is well traveled and learning so much. He is very lucky child.

  • Dogvills

    You have quite a traveler right there. I am amazed that he does not fuss during trips. That’s such a relief for parents. I am glad that he is not a picky eater and is open to try new food. He’s got the world as his learning tool, thanks to great parents like you!

  • DecoPix (@TiinaTibs)

    He is a brave little traveller! Everyone who has the chance to show the world for kids is absolutely the best idea. Seeing something else than just the neighbouhood in young age certainly makes a difference when they grow up.

  • Stringsofheritage

    he is definitely lucky

  • Anjali Chawla

    S-boy is a lucky one to have you guys as his parents. Travel is the best gift you as a parent can give to your child 🙂 Bravo!

  • Via Bella

    I would love to hear more about your travels to Qatar. I interviewed at their embassy here in the states.
    XO Via Bella Blog

  • Jhilmil

    Lucky boy travelling the world and exploring his own life. Would love to know your experiences in india:)

  • Yukti

    S Boy is lucky to be the most traveled boy of your family. As travel provides most of the practical knowledge, he have got so much knowledge in such a young age. Best of luck S-boy for new exploring horizons

  • Nicole Anderson

    It’s sometimes can be a little difficult when you grow up living in different countries as I and some of my friends have. However S Boy is at least doing this as a tourist and is learning different experiences while having a solid home in a single place. It should give him great perspective as he continues to grow.

  • Ana De-Jesus

    Aw what an absolute dream. Amazing that S has already visited two countries and has been able to explore different cultures. I wonder where he will go next? x

  • hal

    s boy travel..u could make this into a series its like a story already and we wanna know where too next! travel is the ultimate life experience i believe

  • Sajad

    He should be having more experience and this will definitely help him in the future travels.

  • toastycritic

    Sounds he has quite a life being able to travel so often. It’s good to go to other countries and see how others live. It’s good to experience life out there living it.

  • Margarette Puno

    He is so lucky to travel a lot. Traveling is one of the best thing in life. One of my dream is to travel the whole world.

  • dee

    Encouraging our children to see the world and learn about others is so important. Experience is so much more important than material things

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