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In photos: The exhibits of Museum of Islamic Arts

The Museum of Islamic Arts (MIA), designed by architect I. M. Pei of the Louvre pyramid fame, is Doha’s most famous tourist attraction. The stunning architecture is an exciting blend of modern features and ancient Islamic style. When seen from a distance, the museums with its strategically placed air vents looks like a veiled Qatari woman looking at you. The museum is built on reclaimed land. Museum interior is equally spectacular and offers sweeping views of the turquoise Doha bay and the city skyline.

The museum’s vast collection spans Islamic artifacts found across Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Intricate patterns and motifs in Islamic architecture are well represented as are astrolabes and ancient mathematical instruments. Variety of everyday objects and antique jewelry is available to view. Exhibits are made from range of materials including textiles, stone, ceramics, wood, glass, enamel and metals. This is a virtual tour of some of the beautiful exhibits from the MIA collection.

I visited Museum of Islamic Arts in Doha, Qatar in January 2017

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