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In Photos: The epicure’s guide to Jordanian cuisine

Jordanian food is incredibly diverse and draws heavily on easily available Mediterranean ingredients of olives, chickpeas, and beans, locally grown Middle-Eastern bounties of dates, pine-nuts, figs, and raisins, and Asian spices of mint, cardamom, and cumin traded since ancient times. The resulting blend of tastes is distinctly Jordanian and a delight on the palate.

Jordanian food is part Arab and part Bedouin. Travelers can feast on kebabs, falafels, fresh fruit juices, refreshing teas, delicious seafood, spicy rice dishes, roadside fruits and dryfruits. Jordanian food is not to be rushed or rationed but savored; Jordanian hospitality and meal times are as welcoming as the friendly locals. 

I visited Jordan in April-May 2015.

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