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In Photos: Coral Castle, Florida’s Stonehenge

A few miles from Miami lies Coral Castle, popularly called Florida’s Stonehenge. C & I visited this mysterious megalithic structure in Homestead, Florida on our road trip through the Florida Keys. The coral castle is constructed from 1100 tons of limestone coral rocks without using mortar or concrete. The perfectly carved stones are precisely set on top of each other; they have weathered hurricanes and more in Southern Florida and are on the National Register of Historic Places since 1984.

The mystery of Coral Castle is closely linked to its creator Edward Leedskalnin (Ed), a Latvian who came to the US after being jilted by his fiancé. Leedskalnin built the Coral Castle entirely by himself without using heavy-duty machinery or equipments in memory of his lost love, Agnes. He carved the rocks and built the castle at night in complete secrecy; he gave 10 cents tours of the castle by day. He worked on the Coral Castle from 1923 to his death in 1951 and in that time nobody saw Leedskalnin’s construction process. Leedskalnin himself claimed that he knew ‘the secret of the pyramids’ and studied new theoretical forms of magnetism. Ed, his Castle and his methods may long remain subject to conjecture and mystery; Coral Castle today is a startling legacy of worn rocks rising from the earth and gracing the grounds of fantasy.

I visited Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida in October 2016.

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