The ancient Nabataean city of Petra, carved in red sandstone cliffs, has captured the imagination of visitors the world over since it’s rediscovery in early 19th century. The walk through the Siq to the Treasury is cherished by all travelers to Petra and the first glimpse of the Treasury through the Siq is its most popular and revered view. Here are 5 ways to capture the beautiful Treasury from different angles.

1. The quintessential view
Hike the mile long natural passage between two towering cliffs opposite the Treasury (the Siq) for your first view of the Treasury at Petra. This quintessential photo of Petra, a glimpse of the magnificent rose-red edifice framed between the tall stone walls of the Siq, has been captivating millions through the ages.

5 Best Ways to photograph the Treasury at Petra

First glimpse of the Treasury from the siq

2. Through the Bedouin’s eyes
Bedouins are an inseparable feature of Petra; they act as tourist guides and sell souvenirs, trinkets and refreshments inside the heritage site. Bedouin stalls and cafes line the wall opposite the Treasury facade. Grab a bench and contemplate the Treasury and its history as you sip on a cup of hot Bedouin tea. Reflect on the life of the Bedouins and capture the view that is a part of their daily lives.

3. Camel and Treasury at Petra
This is the popular postcard view of the Treasury at Petra. Bedouin tether camels in front of the Treasury so visitors can take their photo in a picture perfect setting. The Treasury is almost always crowded and taking a photo with nobody in sight is a challenge. Reach the Treasury early in the morning around 7 am to have this view to yourself.  

5 Best Ways to photograph the Treasury at Petra

Camels in front of the Treasury at Petra

4. Capturing the activity around the Treasury
On a typical day a thousand visitors come to see Petra. Bedouin guides try to sell camel, horse or donkey rides, horse-drawn carriage tours, guide services, and trinkets and souvenirs to the tourists. Capturing the transient interactions of the visitors and the Bedouins against the backdrop of the age-old Treasury lends an interesting dimension to the picture.

5 Best Ways to photograph the Treasury at Petra

Tourists milling around the Treasury

5. The secret view from above
Visitors have to hike the Al-Khubtha or Treasury Overlook Trail to see this view of the Treasury. This 2 hour round trip trail starts from the majestic Royal tombs, curves around cliffs, climbs up a long staircase and offers visitors awe-inspiring and breathtaking views of the Treasury from above.

5 Best Ways to photograph the Treasury at Petra

View from the Treasury Overlook Trail

Petra in Jordan is among the Seven Wonders of the World and often appears in traveler’s bucket lists. Petra is 3 hrs away from Amman, Jordan via the highly scenic King’s Highway and can be easily done on a week long Jordan road trip.

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