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Dotted Globe is launched!

Hello, I’m Ketki and Dotted Globe is my travel blog. I planned my first trip with my partner C in 2008 and since then we have been traveling during holidays and whenever we can make time. We married in 2010 and had a baby boy S in 2015 and have continued traveling through the years.

True to my nature I dithered over the years on whether I should start my travelogue. Early 2017, I finally took the plunge and have taken to it like a fish to water. Reminiscing and writing my thoughts and musings while traveling feels so natural. Occasionally you might wonder why something sounds just a bit different; I’m a non-native English speaker who grew up in India where we learn obscure UK English words which the Britishers themselves have forgotten. Something like veranda, gallivanting around the town, dungarees, rawl plug and draconian! Also I read way more bygone and old-world books and novels than contemporary work and that takes its toll.

April 28th 2017 I finally launched Dotted Globe on social media. On Dotted Globe you will find a mish mash of travel stories, destination overviews, adventures in all sizes and shapes, culinary delights, seemingly pointless road trips, rambling but thought-provoking perceptions, and generally anything and everything that I find interesting or stimulating or funny.

Thanks for being with us in this new adventure.

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