Most visitors to Easter Island stay for a few days and base themselves out of Hanga Roa, see the main archeological sights on the island including Rano Raraku, Rano Kau, Ahu Tahai, Ahu Tongariki and Anakena Beach, and return to Santiago. Since C & I were visiting Easter Island for almost a week we decided to stay outside of Hanga Roa for few days to fully experience the Easter Island magic and learn the local customs and traditions. As I have mentioned before, C & I love staying in unique experiential accommodations and we were super happy to partner with Lemu Lodge on Easter Island. Lemu Lodge Rapa Nui is located in the Vaihu sector of Easter Island and the property has a group of 6 bungalows near the sea. I had fallen in love with the gorgeous photos of their accommodations on the website and was eager to experience the eco-friendly bungalow myself.

Full Disclosure: We stayed at the uber romantic and eco-friendly place Lemu Lodge on Easter Island as guests of the hotel. All opinions are our own.

Like most accommodations on Easter Island, Lemu Lodge also provides guest pickup complete with flower leis from Mataveri Airport but since we were already on the island and renting a car we simply drove to Vaihu. Lemo Lodge is roughly located opposite the Vaihu Moai and the white roof of the bungalows can be seen from the main road. Finding the access road to Lemu Lodge is a little tricky since they don’t have a sign promoting the entrance; we were able to ask a couple of Rapanui men on horsebacks for directions to the lodge. On arrival we were warmly welcomed by Claudia, Andre and other Lodge staff. The reception is located in the Club House which also doubles up as a restaurant for breakfast and dinner. We were asked to remove shoes before we stepped in to respect the local custom. We were pleasantly surprised by this tradition; being Indian we follow the same custom in our home.

After checking-in, we were shown to our bungalow and we immediately fell in love with our accommodations. Our bungalow was a big, airy, open suite with a large sitting area and a king-sized bedroom. A unique rustic sink adorned the bathroom and an outdoor shower completed the relaxing experience. Our bungalow also had a very pretty terraced patio; we enjoyed sitting outside and experiencing a beautiful sunrise over the sea. We were served welcome snacks and fresh fruit juices on arrival; the meal was a perfect mid-day snack to sustain us while we visited Ahu Tongariki in the afternoon and then went to Anakena beach for dinner.

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Lemu Lodge advertises itself as eco-friendly bungalows where one can commune with nature so C & I went to find out exactly how green are they. Turns out, a lot! The cabins don’t have a heating/cooling system so that reduces the carbon footprint a lot. Even without the system, the bungalow is cozy and we were uber comfortable under the thick comforter though we visited in winter. The commune with nature part is also true. From the lodge, guests can view the sea and horses roam around the property. There are few other properties nearby and except for the staff and other guests; one can have the area to themselves. We were there on a full moon night and the moonlit sea sparkled in the distance as silhouetted horses danced on the pastures. It was surreal and beautiful. (We had planned to photograph the Milky Way but the moon spoiled our chances.)

The staff at Lemu Lodge was very friendly and served delicious daily breakfast spread during our stay. They were very accommodating of special requests and arranged boxed breakfast sandwiches for us when we went to see the sunrise at Ahu Tongariki. On more than one occasion, I had to request a small sandwich for S-boy since there weren’t many restaurants nearby and always received a filling meal including fresh fruit juices which is a lot more than what some hotels provide. Once we also requested a dinner in the restaurant. The dinner request was a very informal affair, there was no menu and the staff verbally confirmed with us whether chicken would be fine. On the other hand the dinner itself, cooked by Chef Marcos, was a very elaborate and traditional Chilean three course meal with vegetable soup, chicken with peas and potatoes and a banana-caramel-cream desert. It was delicious and just the thing we needed after hiking for miles in Rano Raruku.

Lemu Lodge also has different spa programs for its guests; visitors can enjoy a relaxing massage by the rocky coast. The management can also arrange for guided tours to various archaeological sites on the island on request. One of our fellow guests was going on a traditional fishing experience with one of the staff; we also had an option of a horse back excursion on the many horses that roamed outside the property. However the best feature of the property apart from the friendly staff and unique cabin is its unique location. It was incredible to experience the remote side of Easter Island where fallen Moai and crumbled ahus were too common, wild horses frequented the roads and wildfires shone brilliantly in the night after living in the town of Hanga Roa with its cafes, shops, tourists and WiFi zones. Also the popular archaeological sites of Rano Raraku and Ahu Tongariki are just 10-15 minutes drive away from Vaihu making Lemu Lodge a perfect base for exploring eastern and north eastern side of the island.

Full Disclosure: We stayed at the uber romantic and eco-friendly place Lemu Lodge on Easter Island as guests of the hotel. All opinions are our own.

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Lemu Lodge Rapa Nui / Website / Address: Caleta Vaihu s/n, 2770000 Hanga Roa, Chile / Phone: +(56 9) 9299 6722

I visited Lemu Lodge, Vaihu in September 2017.


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