Being parents has changed our life in so many ways. Before S-boy arrived on the scene, C & I crashed in just about any motel or hostel and couldn’t care less. Now we prefer to stay in hotels and resorts that offer a minimum level of comfort and love it if we can enjoy an immersive experience in the local culture. During our trip to Easter Island, Chile we stayed in two fabulous hotels, Hanga Roa Eco Village & Spa in the main town and Lemu Lodge in Vaihu sector of the island, both of them enhanced our Easter Island experience.

Full Disclosure: We stayed at the luxury Hanga Roa Eco Village & Spa on Easter Island as guests of the hotel. All opinions are our own. 

Hanga Roa Eco Village & Spa is locally known as Hotel Hangaroa and conveniently located in the main town and capital of Easter Island. It is the only luxury hotel located within the town and is popular amongst couples and families because of its location. Barbara, our hostess, welcomed us at Mataveri Airport with beautiful fragrant flower leis and then we drove to the hotel. The flight from Santiago to Easter Island is 6 hrs long and I really dislike standing at hotel check-in counters after a long-haul flight to get the room keys while keeping an eye on the luggage and an excited toddler. Hotel Hangaroa has the check-in part of your stay completely sorted. We sat in the beautiful hotel lobby and admired its traditional Rapanui boat house styled architecture while sipping on our welcome drinks as the staff acted efficiently to get us checked-in. Meanwhile our luggage was directly taken to our room by the diligent hotel staff. Ah, island life!

Our sea-view room was big and clean, the bed was made with pristine white sheets with a sofa converted into a bed for S-boy and a lovely outdoor patio overlooked the sea. C & I grabbed a few drinks from the much welcome mini-bar and eagerly went to sit on the patio to catch glimpses of life in Hanga Roa village. And that’s how I saw my first Moai. I had read a lot about how the Moai are everywhere on the island and that the entire island is an open-air museum but nothing had quite prepared me for just lounging in my hotel room and looking at a majestic Moai. The whole atmosphere was thrilling and uniquely Easter Island-ish. Hotel Hangaroa also added to the remote and mysterious vibe with its beautiful Orongo ceremonial village inspired low guest rooms that hugged the grounds.

Along with resort spa, pool and a small gym Hotel Hangaroa also offers many luxurious features in the guest rooms. C & I fell especially in love with the giant hand-made natural clay tub; it was perfect for relaxing after the tiring hikes to the volcanic crater of Rano Kau and the remote North Coast. The tub was perfectly wedged in between cypress tree trunks while the separate stone shower was big and luxurious. The sink was beautifully carved out of volcanic rock and an array of included toiletries made our stay very luxurious.

Our Dream Hangaroa package included daily buffet breakfast at Poerava Restaurant, one of the on-site restaurants on the property.  The restaurant had beautiful ocean views with charming interiors. C & I enjoyed the continental style breakfast with fresh fruit juices. S-boy loved the fresh queso cheese and the tasty deserts. As we munched on our omelets and sipped the delicious guava juice, the deep blue Pacific Ocean sparkled into the distance. Our view was obstructed by half a dozen billboards put up by protesting locals in conflict with the Chilean government regarding the land sale and Hotel Hangaroa was caught in the middle. It was a salient reminder of the many conflicts that have resulted in the toppled Moai, the dangerous cult of Birdman and the more recent struggles with the mainland– this was Easter Island; not just any other island in the Pacific.

Full Disclosure: We stayed at the luxury Hanga Roa Eco Village & Spa on Easter Island as guests of the hotel. All opinions are our own.

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Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa / Website / Address: AV. PONT S/N, ISLA DE PASCUA, CHILE / Phone: +56 (2) 2553 700 or +56 (2) 2957 0141 

I visited Hanga Roa Eco Village & Spa, Easter Island in September 2017.


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