8th September 2017

Travel to Easter Island for free? High-five!

Easter Island is the one of the most expensive destinations to travel to because of its remoteness. However S-boy has done the unthinkable and traveled there for free as a lap child! C & I were delighted to see the enchanting Easter Island without paying through the nose and happy that S-Boy enjoyed himself thoroughly.

So what does a toddler think of Easter Island? While C & I were fascinated with the mysterious Moai, S-Boy was captivated with all the animals on Easter Island. He was excited whenever the wild horses ran along our car and waved at the cows grazing happily in the fields. He imitated the crowing roosters and fed the hen and chickens at Rano Raraku. He made friends with all the dogs that frequented Tahai complex at sunset in hopes of food and fed them pretzels.

S-Boy also enjoyed traveling in a car without being restrained by his car seat. Easter Island, though a territory of Chile, is pretty lax about car seats and almost no car rentals had car seats available. So we sat him in the back of rented Suzuki Jimny and put the seat belt across our little boy. The first day he was content to sit quietly but he gradually grew bolder till he was standing and staring out the windows as we drove around the island. Fortunately the enforced speed limit is 50kmph and we were driving well below that at 20-30 kmph so it was pretty safe.

As we hiked all over the island, S-Boy loved sitting in his child carrier and liked the view from up high. The child hiking carrier that we have is really light and distributes weight exceptionally well so C could comfortably carry him throughout the week long trip. He also loved the local cuisine, ate a lot of cheese and chicken empanadas and fresh ceviches. We bought fresh juices for him wherever he went and he sipped them with gusto. S-Boy also loved to see the boats, turtles swimming at Pea Beach and children playing soccer at Hanga Roa.

S-Boy enjoyed the high winds at Orongo and looking at the spectacular blue water. And what about the Moai themselves? He liked the ones at Tahai and was really good at following the rules and not going close to the ceremonial platforms. S-Boy was especially fascinated with the 15 majestic Moai at Ahu Tongariki and spent a lot of time running in front of them. He liked to crane his neck up, up and up to see them rise high in the sky.

S-Boy admiring the Moai at Ahu Tongariki

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