In the southwestern United States lies a unique landmark that is shared by the 4 states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Four Corners Monument is the only place in United States where the boundaries of 4 states meet. The monument is located on Native American land and is maintained as a tourist attraction by Navajo Nation. Every year thousands of visitors drive to this isolated corner to simultaneously stand on territories of all 4 states and check the monument off their bucket list.

Four Corners monument

Straddling the territories of 4 states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico at Four Corners Monument

The corner is designated by a granite and brass marker which is the legal divider between the 4 states. C and I visited the Four Corners monument on a cool winter day and were surprised to find quite a few cars in the parking lot. Everyone wanted to take their picture at the marker in variety of poses and we had to wait in line for our turn; straddling the 4 states is a really popular photo opp. The monument would almost be a tourist trap if it weren’t for the geopolitical history of the 4 states. 

Local Navajo artisans sell handmade jewelry, native art, handicrafts, pottery, souvenirs, and Navajo food in flea market booths inside the monument. The handmade jewelry was pretty; I finally bought the dream-catcher necklace I had been pining for. We also ate some Navajo fry bread which sounds tastier than it actually is. Picnic tables and restrooms are present inside the monument.  

Four Corners monument

Me with my new pure silver dream-catcher necklace bought at Four Corner Monument

Four Corners Monument can be accessed by taking New Mexico State Road 597 (NM 597) from US 160. There are extremely limited food, water, gas and accommodation amenities nearby and it is essential to carry all supplies and fill up on gas on US 160. Entry fee stations and Navajo booths are cash only, so be prepared to have plenty of cash on hand. The isolated monument is a good side trip from the many national and state parks in the Four Corners area. C & I traveled to Four Corners as a part of our long South West road trip through Arizona, Nevada, Utah, California and New Mexico.

I visited Four Corners Monument in November 2012.

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