18th June 2017

S-boy’s 2nd Father’s Day! My two boys horsed around with some caps they discovered in the closet. After refusing to wear a cap or hat of any kind since he was born, S-boy is finally in a phase where he thinks they are cool.

My mad-cap, cap-mad boys. Happy Father’s Day to all!

Then he was hungry so we went for an early lunch to this cool new restaurant, Laikh House Gourmet Café. A special dish, Gambled Eggs was ordered for S-boy and he almost finished the giant slice in no time. The restaurant also had a chalkboard wall and S-boy had fun drawing on it.

Then it was time for some deserts and we went to Bahama Buck’s for some of their yummy sno cones. S-boy enjoyed watermelon and mango flavors. He even made funny faces as he experienced the classic brain freeze after greedily eating a large bite. He was very curious about the ice shaver machine and spent some time at the counter figuring out the process.

In sync: C & S-boy taking a class in ‘How to make a sno cone?’

All in all, a day well spent!

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