16th July 2017

Last weekend we visited the Houston Zoo. This was our 3rd or 4th visit since we bought the Family Membership back in February. Our boy simply loves the animals. He is still not talking but can imitate about a dozen animal noises. He recognizes all the animals in his books and enjoys seeing them at the Houston Zoo.

Rescued sea turtle at Kipp Aquarium

We started this visit at the Kipp Aquarium. S-boy loves watching the different brightly colored fish swim by and the rescued sea turtle is his favorite. Then we went to the Sea Lion habitat. 3 sea lions were happily swimming around their pool. S-boy seemed rather surprised by their barking and enjoyed watching them splash around and wade in and out of the water.

New Asian Elephants Habitat at the Houston Zoo

Then we went to the brand new Asian Elephant Habitat. This habitat was under construction the last time we visited and now that it’s complete, oh boy, it is big! We saw two elephants feeding themselves close by. S-boy was completely fascinated by their trunks. We hoped to see the elephants trumpet since S-boy has his own version of it but no luck!

S-boy loves petting the goats

It was a hot day and we decided to leave but not before visiting the Children’s Zoo! S-boy likes petting and brushing the goats at the petting zoo. This time around he wanted to pet their round tummies; it was the funniest thing to watch!

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