What do you do when you crave Argentinean food in San Antonio? You head over to Dorrego’s on the Riverwalk. Dorrego’s is the latest entrant to the diverse San Antonio dining scene. Created by Chef Anthony Mesa, the restaurant is named after Plaza Dorrego, famous public square in historic district of Buenos Aires, Argentina. C & I were preparing for our journey to Chile next month by delving deeper into Central And South American cuisines (we mean eating – but doesn’t delving deeper sound more distinguished?) and so far we had tried the Tex-Mex at Casa Rio, Guadalajara cusine at Ro-ho Pork and bread and Mexican street corn at the Historic Square Market. We decided to try some Argentinean Pisco Sours, empanadas and dulce de leche at Dorrego’s to round off the weekend.

Dorrego’s is located on 2nd floor of Hotel Valencia Riverwalk and offers free valet parking to its guests. Seriously, free parking on the Riverwalk? That alone scores a giant point in my opinion. The place is really casual and friendly, we saw diners wearing shorts. The vibe fits in right with the casual atmosphere of the Riverwalk and I like the breezy feel that makes you think as if you just strolled in from the Riverwalk to say a quick hello. Dorrego’s is really distinctively decorated and a part of the huge renovation that Hotel Valencia just underwent earlier this year. How do you feel about a detailed ceramic bull as a table center piece? It makes me feel right at home in Argentina or Spain. Seriously, look how adorable it is!

Full Disclosure: We received lunch for two and a half as guests of Dorrego’s. All opinions are our own

Anyways, I’m jumping the ship. That beauty of a drink near the bull is C’s 2 Sixty-Three. It is Dorrego’s take on a Pisco Sour. Now this was my first time trying Pisco Sour and umm, maybe it’s an acquired taste? Anyway, C loved his and I loved my my Secreto, mango habanero infused gin cocktail! We got some bread with chimichurri sauce and it was yummy! S-boy devored the bread till his meal came. Now about his meal, I’ll say this: I love a place that offers healthy options in kids meals. We ordered him a grilled cheese sandwich with fresh fruits sides and milk. How awesome it is to get good old milk for your toddler instead of juices or colas or ice teas? Also I had expected a few pieces of fruits on the side, and this is what we got! It towered over the grilled sandwich and S-boy was happy eating his strawberries, melons and blueberries.

C ordered the beef ravioli which came highly recommended and I ordered the grilled octopus. My grilled octopus came with a side of baby potatoes and quail eggs, don’t they look delish?  C’s beef ravioli was super yummy. I had expected ground beef in ravioli but this was a huge flank wrapped in a layer of pasta. How awesome is that? It was delicately flavored with rosemary and the herb flavors hit all the right notes. The octopus was tender and tasty, and the green sauce was a great accompaniment. It was tangy and hot at the same time and reminded me of Indian chutneys. We really enjoyed our meals and S-boy gulped down all his milk and half the fruit bowl and was a very happy satisfied boy indeed. (Key to enjoying a meal with a toddler – keep him stuffed!)

Then it was desert time. I really, really wanted to have their SABA lava cake but as is the case with all chocolate lava cakes, this one too needed 15 minutes to bake. So I opted instead for the burnt apple empanadas with Dulce De Leche (DDL) icecream and  C ordered the triple sorbet dish of prickly pear, orange thyme and mango chamoy. Now just take a minute and drool over these babies with me.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the apple empanadas, but the DDL icecream was out of this world. It tasted like the most heavenly combination of caramel, butterscotch, milk and toffee! It also felt slightly cinnamon to me. In short, it tasted as good as it looks! The sorbet flavors were also delicious. I loved the prickly pear and orange a lot while C loved the pear and mango ones. And S-boy (or the one chanting ice, ice)? He loved ALL of everything!

Which would you rather order, the sorbet or the DDL empanadas? Let me know in comments!

Full Disclosure: We received lunch for two and a half as guests of Dorrego’s. All opinions are our own.

Dorrego’s | Website | Address: 150 East Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205 | Phone: (210) 230-8454

I visited Dorrego’s Restaurant on the San Antonio Riverwalk in August 2017.


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