3rd June 2017

Raise your hand if you forgot to take swim clothes to the beach!

So we spent Saturday at Galveston Island to check out their Sandcastle competition. We were prepared for a day of lounging on the beach and playing about in the sand. We packed food, drinks, swim diapers, sunscreen, hats as well as rakes, shovels, sand bucket and the entire sand toys set. Guess what we didn’t pack, yeah, swim suits!

S-boy having a gala time playing in the sand

That didn’t deter S-boy from enjoying his day the beach. He was bored with all the fuss about sandcastles and was happy when we settled under a big beach umbrella. He munched on a sandwich and happily played in the sand. He shoveled large amounts of sand, dug deep with his rake and ended up throwing a bucketful of sand on his head.

And so, splash time! S-boy ran all the way to the Gulf; the water was just perfect and soon he was running and splashing in knee deep water. He watched the sea gulls dance on the waves and was super excited when a dog swam near us. We played tag in the water and then S-boy jumped over the waves as he held our hands. It was a hot and windy day and my baby soon had a head of beachy hair! That boy loves the beach, just like his Mommy!

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