Blairsville, GA is an Appalachian town in northern part of the state. I was in the area for Memorial Day weekend and heard about Blairsville’s annual Spring Arts and Crafts Festival held the last weekend in May. The festival is held in historic Town Square area and has arts, crafts, music and food stalls. The festival is a great place to learn about Blairsville, GA and its history.

A little history about Blairsville, GA and Union county.

Art Stalls

Many vendors, artists and their stalls were located in the Town Square. Stalls lined the grounds of the historic Courthouse of Blairsville and along the roads adjoining the Town Square. There was a cool jewelry stall where I purchased a dragonfly pendant. There was a stall selling wooden toys; they had really cool airplanes and toy trains. S now has his own ‘I love you’ bug-in-a-box and keeps opening and closing it.

There was a stall that was selling gourd drums. The drums were beautiful and made a grand thundering noise. They also had gourd drum making classes which would have been perfect if I had the time. There was a stall selling embroidered pillows. There were also many apparel and accessories stalls.


Historic Union County Courthouse’s courtroom

The historic Union County Courthouse is located in Blairsville’s Town Square and is open for tours. 

There was a lot of interesting memorabilia on display in the courthouse.

There is a military museum on the first floor. The Blairsville courtroom is now used for concerts and activities and has a beautiful ceiling.

The courtroom has a beautiful ceiling

There is a fascinating miniature dollhouse collection inside the courthouse.


I always love the food at community festivals. We ate some caramel cinnamon pecans and they were heavenly.

Warm caramel cinnamon pecans

The kettle cooked popcorn we bought was light and crunchy, and the large-sized bag was LARGE. Most of the restaurants in Blairsville, GA recommended on TripAdvisor were closed since it was a Sunday. The local diner ‘Hole in the Wall’ looked pretty delicious but it was cash only. So we trudged on to the Cabin Coffee Co and the sandwiches were delicious. S pretended he was riding a ‘horsey’ as he sat on one of their saddle-shaped stools. 

Beautiful road in the Appalachians

The road to Blairsville was beautiful and we could see the mountains of Blue Ridge along the way. Blairsville, GA made a great stop on our Memorial Day trip in northern Georgia.

I visited Blairsville GA in May 2017

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